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Steve is Jealous of Stephen Strange

Hi! Do you know any fanfics where both Steve and Stephen are fighting for Tony?? And in the end steve ends up with Tony? Thanks! 🙂 I only know of a handful that don’t end in IronStrange (seems to have been a post-CACW thing), but here you go: VERY STRANGE NOT TO LEAVE COMMENTS AND

Alpha Steve and Omega Tony

Abo stony with alpha Steve and omega Tony. Check the previous lists, but here are some recent A/B/O fics with Alpha Steve and Omega Tony that you might enjoy. Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of fics in this category, so check the author’s other works and go through the tag b/c

Armor Kink 2

About time for an updated list!  The first Armor Kink list is here.  Here are some other suggestions for you: RUN PROGRAM: COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS! Automated Fucking (series) by IOnlyWriteWhenCarmelyzed: Steve gets bent over by one of Tony’s Iron Man suits Knot Me Not by Bill_Longbow:  When their omega is away on

Long A/B/O Fics

Hello! Can you recommend some A/B/O long fics? It doesn’t matter whether the Alpha is Tony or Steve. Thank you! Long A/B/O fics!  Yes, some of my favorites to read. Here are some that are all more than 20K in length. LONG OR SHORT, ALL NICE COMMENTS ARE AWESOME! Alpha Steve Stetsons and Schoolteachers by

Dom!Pre-Serum!Steve and sub!Tony

Hi! Do you have any fics where it’s sub tony and dom skinny Steve? Thank you so much! Only a few, but here you go! COMMENTS OF ANY SIZE ARE GREAT! Tiny Dom Steve (series) by RoseRose: Tiny Dom Steve with his sub and boyfriend Tony Yes, Sir by mortenavida: Tony Stark’s biggest secret is

Unrequited/Bittersweet/Unhappy Endings

Do you know of any fics that center Stony, but the feelings are either unrequited, or one party can’t/won’t act on them? Almost everything I’ve found is either a twist happy ending (I think you’ve covered that from a few angles), it makes one of them the emotional villain, or it heavily involves another ship,

Tony’s PTSD from Afghanistan

Do you know any Stony fics that deal with Tony being tortured in Afghanistan, e.g. PTSD or Steve finding out how bad it was or anything else like that. Thanks You should check out the Tony’s Water Issues recs and the Nightmares/Panic Attack recs, but here are some other suggestions for you: NOT GETTING COMMENTS


Heyyyy do you know of any fics that deal with past Tony/Pepper? I actually really enjoy fics that handle the past relationship with respect and leave them as friends, believe it or not.  Granted, some of these don’t really go deeply into that past relationship, but here are some suggestions for you! LOOK BACK AT

Tony & Rhodey Friendship

Do you have any recs that involve Tony/Rhodey being friends? Rhodey being a really awesome wing man, confidant, or just getting frustrated with Steve and Tony’s flirting and long looks and decided to help out. (thank you so much for all your awesome recs) sabrecmcstonyficrecs-archive: There are a lot of Tony & Rhodey friendship fics,

Public and Ritual Sex

My first born for any public sex or ritual sex That’s an interesting ask!  You might check out the Office Sex recs, since that is often public or semi-public.  Let’s see… LET YOUR COMMENTS AND KUDOS BE SEEN IN PUBLIC! Taming the Tempest by HepG2:  Tony Stark is an absolute menace when it comes to

The Winter Soldier/ Steve Tells the Truth

hello!! thank you very much for this wonderful blog. i’ve read all the fics in the Stony in The Winter Soldier tag and was wondering if you know any more of the same type? or any other canon divergent fics where Steve actually discusses with tony about what happened in tws and his parents? thank

Confident in Bed Steve

Can you rec fics where Steve is more “confident” while courting or in bed? Sure thing, Anon! Who doesn’t love confident Steve? Check out the Steve Woos/Courts/Flirts With Tony list and the Sex God Steve list.  Here are some more suggestions for you: HELP YOUR AUTHORS’ CONFIDENCE BY LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS! Relax, Darling by

Gentle Dom!Steve 2

I hope I didn’t just miss it, but if this is a re-ask of course ignore! Do you know of many gentle/caretaker dom!Steve fics? The always excellent blossomsinthemist has a few I think, but I don’t know of many others! Thanks so much for all your recs! There is a Gentle Dom Steve list here,


Do you have any fics where Steve was attracted to Howard? Like Steve has a type and it’s Stark men but the main ship is still Steve/Tony, as in Coming Home by Sonora. I don’t know of many like that, but here are some that you might enjoy.  Some of these are not necessarily happy

Bucky Comes Back 2

Omg I got so happy to see that you opened the asks again but got even happier when I scrolled down and saw that there’s a Masterpost 5! I’m really grateful for your page and that I get to discover more Stony stories because of you!! I was wondering if you could do an updated

Protective Steve

hey sabre!!!! thank you so much for opening asks again 🙂 I know there’s already a protective steve rec list by the incredible @ishipallthings but could we get one from you? appreciate it and everything you do Always happy to talk about protective Steve, one of my favorite things!  Definitely check out the list by

Jealousy (High School AUs)

oof s o u h are i has a big feeling that you’ve been asked this a lot but any jealous highschool tropes or somewhat hsm vibes or any post-ca:cw fix-its? There are a couple of post-CACW rec lists already, so I’ll go with high school fics with jealousy, because those are always fun.  Since

Can’t Keep Their Hands to Themselves

Hello! Do you know any fics where Steve and Tony just can’t keep their hands to themselves? Like getting handsy during movie night, playing footsie during dinner, making out at every chance? Thanks I do have a few suggestions for you.  There are probably plenty of others with a scene like that, so if anyone

Steve Prefers Iron Man or Tony ID Porn

Do you have any identity porn where specifically Steve likes Iron Man but doesn’t like Tony? Ahhhh, identity porn!  Who doesn’t love those.  Especially with the added angst, amirite?  Not all of these are where Steve like hates Tony or IM, just where he’s way more into the alter ego, let’s say, but hopefully you

Boytoy Steve

Yo, u got some boytoy!Steve? Thank you so much for everything you do for the stony community!!! Boytoy!Steve….ooooh, you know, there aren’t really that many tagged that, but you might like the ones in younger Steve/Older Tony and Sugar Daddy Tony recs.  Here are a couple of others: Too Darn Hot by BelleLorage: “Get on


Thanks for these recs mom! Do you have anymore pining fics? either Steve or Tony. You’re awesome! We all love pining, don’t we?  Okay, so there are a ton of pining fics, of course. You should check out the Steve Pining and Oblivious Tony recs and the Slow Burn Mutual Pining recs.  Here are some

Office Sex

Dirty office? Check out the Boss/Employee and Office Romance recs, but here are some great office sex (Many desks were sacrified for this ask). COMMENTS AND KUDOS KEEP YOUR AUTHORS WORKING HARD! City View by valtyr: Tony stays late at the office. Steve stops by. They have sex. That’s pretty much the whole thing. Late

Height Difference 2

Can you please give me any fic recs highlighting the height difference between Tiny and Steve? I read the ones you said. Do you have any more? Here are a few more with height difference. The first Height Difference list is here. Enjoy! DON’T LOOK DOWN ON LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS! Remote Access by Professor_Fluffy:

Reincarnation and Past Lives 2

Hi! Thanks for everything you do! i was wondering if you know any fics where tony and steve keep finding each other in different lifetimes? may once as friends, another time as an enemy or a lover, etc. thank you!! There are a few Reincarnation fics that I’ve already rec’d that sound like what you

Rhodey is Team Stony

Hi, thanks so much for your recs, you are amazing! I saw you have a ‘Bucky is team Stony’ rec list, I wondered if you have any ‘Rhodey is team Stony’ recs? Thanks! You should try the Rhodey is a Good Bro recs and the Pep Talk, Shovel Talk and Blessing Request list. Here are

Non-Explicit Crossdressing

hi sabre, do you have any non-pornographic cross dressing steve or tony recs? I already checked out the steve cross dressing rec and it was great but I’m looking for something less porn-y. thank you !! Those are hard to come by–er, wait.  Um, okay, so yes, there are actually a few, so here are

Arguing with a Happy Ending

Do you know any recs where Steve and Tony are arguing and it’s a bit angsty? But with a happy ending? Try the Arguments Lead to Revelations recs, which probably has most of what you are looking for, but here are a few recent ones you might enjoy: DON’T ARGUE WITH ME, JUST LEAVE COMMENTS

Forgetting Important Dates

Hey there! First I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work with the fic recs, you are awesome! Second, I was wondering if you have any fics in which Steve forgets the anniversary marking some huge sort of his relationship with Tony? I only know a couple kind of like that, but


Hi Sabre!!! First of all I’d like to thank you for making all the recs!! It really makes my life easier. So I want know if there are any fics that Tony is a boss of Steve and they kinda in secret relationship because Steve scares of what ppl might think of him dating his

Non-Sexual sub!Tony

Hi! Could you give me some recommendations of dom!Steve and sub!Tony? Not only about sex stuff, but also Tony doing something submissive to Steve? I hope I don’t confuse you! Thank you for your wonderful blog, it keeps my fangirling side alive. Interesting!  First, try the Gentle Dom Steve recs. Okay, so I admit that