Protective Steve

Protective Steve

hey sabre!!!! thank you so much for opening asks again 🙂 I know there’s already a protective steve rec list by the incredible @ishipallthings but could we get one from you? appreciate it and everything you do

Always happy to talk about protective Steve, one of my favorite things!  Definitely check out the list by @ishipallthings if you haven’t, but here are some suggestions for you. I’ll try to suggest some different ones.


You’ll Have to Go Through Me by @festiveferret:
“Don’t I get a phone call?” Steve yelled at the deputy’s retreating back.

In Trouble Deep by @festiveferret and @sirsapling:
“Whoever did this has a reason, and Stark needs to be with someone who
can protect him. He won’t exactly be able to protect himself like this.”
Fury looked at the baby consideringly. “No, it’s you, Steve. Besides,
he likes you. Suck it up, soldier, you’re stuck with him.”

In Your Warmth I Forget How Cold It Can Be by @izazov:
Tony’s relationship with Steve Rogers was complicated at best, volatile
at worst. It didn’t change the fact that they kept ending up sharing a
bed. And not in the fun way.

Helpless by Crematosis: When Tony is attacked by voodoo spells, Steve wishes he could do more to protect him.Written for an avengerkink prompt.

Have I Told You (That I’m Glad You’re Here) by DigitalSunburn:
“What the hell was that Stark?” Steve barked, storming into Tony’s
workshop. The blond was still in his Captain America outfit, shield
strapped to his back. Tony also still had his suit on. Face-plate up and
Steve took in the pained expression on the Brunets face. And maybe
giving the situation he should be gentle, but he was simple too furious.

(mind the tags)

Looking for You (I’m Lost) in the Desert by @veldeia:
Tony is missing, and Steve is not having a good day, either.

Trigger by romanoff:
It’s one of those days. Tony can’t keep the memories out of his head.

(part of held series, but can be read alone; heed the warnings)

three weeks by CapnShellhead:
Tony Stark is missing and he’s pretty sure no one’s coming for him.

Breaking Point by @itsallavengers:
They torture Tony to try and get information out of Steve

An Extraordinary Delight (A Tiny Heist Story) by @navaanwrites;
Tony is to be sold as a human pleasure slave. Steve can’t let that happen.

Serve and Protect by gryvon:
Steve is sent to investigate a traitor at Stark Industries, Tony Stark
is way too young for Steve to be having improper thoughts about, and
everything is not fine.

Flying Colors by @musicalluna:
Steve really likes Tony and Tony’s an affectionate drunk, which makes Steve’s life difficult. Really, really difficult.

To Break Him by Darling_Pandora:Hope… one of the most addictive and powerful forces,
it can be a cruel mistress, it’s that feeling of hope- even the
slightest and most unlikely chances of it that can keep you sane, keep
you going, but it can also keep you from the truth and keep you from
accepting the inevitable. The second the rising water reached Tony’s
chin was the second he accepted his inevitable, this was it, this was
how he was going to die…Tony is taken captive and Steve must do everything he can to get him back.

Let Yourself by @blossomsinthemist:
Shortly after Tony gets Extremis, he and Steve end up stranded in the
Savage Land, with Extremis mysteriously not functioning and Tony barely
functioning, either.  Established relationship, set early in the first
New Avengers run.  This was inspired by a piece of art by Shaliara.

lie next to me (blood on  your shirt) by theappleppielifestyle: “I’ll take care of it,” Steve promises, squeezing Tony’s hand, and then, at Tony’s look: “We’ll take care of it.” (Mafia!AU where Steve never wanted Tony to get involved in his mob
business- he wants to keep Tony safe, no matter the cost, even if it
means letting Tony forge himself into something just as terrifying as

Loving Tony Stark by Gothic_Lolita:
Tony doubts himself, and Steve is determined to make sure Tony knows how
perfect he is, and that he will always be there for Tony.

Hold me, Kiss me, never leave me by @silverinstars:
Prompt: An accident during a mission causes Steve to go feral. He
growls, doesn’t seem to understand anyone, and has little concept of
personal space. He’s also bossy, possessive, and oddly protective of

Don’t Judge a Book by @s-horne; “What?”“Over there,” Chad said, pointing to the other side of the gym. “Oh, what was his name?”“Nerd?” Steve resisted rolling his eyes. The others around him all laughed as
though that was the funniest joke they’d ever heard. Adam threw his arm
over Steve’s shoulders and Steve resisted the urge to shrug him off.“You remember him, right? God, he used to have such a crush on you. He’d follow you round after practice like a lost dog.”/Steve goes to his high-school reunion and has to manfully resist the urge to throat-punch a thousand people.

How To Date a Superhero Without Even Trying by sabrecmc:Based on a prompt from a Tumblr Anon, it’s 2am and Tony drunk dials his ex.  He gets Captain America instead.Warning for attempted non-con that is most definitely interrupted.