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Steve Isn’t Captain America, But Tony is Iron Man

Hi, do you have anymore fics where Steve doesn’t have his powers but tony does??? Thanks ever so much! Here are a few suggestions for you (hat tip to Discord for the help): LET’S HEAR IT FOR COMMENTS AND KUDOS! with a decent happiness by torigates:  Tony Stark is Iron Man. Steve Rogers isn’t, and

Professor and Teacher 2

Can you do and updated list of fics that are AUs where they’re both teachers/ or professors? The first list is here.  Here are some more Professor or Teacher recs. Enjoy! GET HIGH MARKS BY LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS! Pina Coladas by NotEvenClosetoStraight: Professor Steve Rogers and Grad Student Tony Stark are

Comic Storylines in MCU

I love your fic recs! Was so happy to see your asks open so I could request this. I have looked and I don’t think I’ve seen a list like this. Sorry if I’ve missed it. Do you have any recs of comic book storylines being retold in the MCU? With Stony involved in the

Athlete Steve AUs

hi!! can you rec some athlete!steve/profootballer steve fics pretty please? There is a list of Baseball AUs and Quarterback Steve/Geek Tony AUs, so check those out. There aren’t many pro-footballer AUs (assuming you mean soccer, lol, sorry, American here!). There are a couple, and a lot of American football player Steve AUs, some of which

Animal Transformation 2

Do you have any recs where Steve/Tony turn into animals or have animal traits? Like shifters and/or because magic is used on them? Here is the first list of Animal Transformation fics.  There are ton of these, so if you enjoy them, be sure to use the Ao3 search feature. Below are some more that

Supermodels/Fashion AUs

Hello 🙂 Thank for opening asks and doing this! Can I request for Supermodel AU/ Fashion AU fics? Steve or Tony are supermodels or just work in the fashion industry like photographers, fashion designers, or anything fashion related. Once again, thank you so much for the lists you compile, they are life savers :))) That’s

Small Towns

Hey!l just wanted to ask if you can recommend any small town fics?(like tony coming to town to get away from the city for some reason and meets Steve there-this is just an example because I’m not sure my wording is very good it can be different) and Thank you so much for all the

5-Year Endgame Gap

Please can you rec some Stony fics that take place in the 5 year gap in Endgame. Thanks These were really hard to find and I had to enlist some Discord help. If anyone knows of more, please post them in the replies! DON’T SHUT YOUR AUTHORS OUT AND GO COMPOSTING, TELL THEM YOU LOVE

Steve and Tony with Animals

Hello Sabre! I really love your fic rec masterposts, and I was wondering if I could ask for Tony and Steve with animals. Maybe one of them is a vet? Thank you! I only know a couple of veterinarian fics, but here are some suggestions for you! LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS AND SPAY AND NEUTER

SIM!Tony and Hydra!Cap

hii, first of all, i love your blog so much!!! so, you know any fics with SIM Tony and Cap Hydra? I mean, both being villians and being a couple or something like that? again, ilysm, thank u ❤️ Glad you are enjoying the blog! Here are some fics featuring their evil counterparts for you:

Tony’s PTSD from Afghanistan

Do you know any Stony fics that deal with Tony being tortured in Afghanistan, e.g. PTSD or Steve finding out how bad it was or anything else like that. Thanks You should check out the Tony’s Water Issues recs and the Nightmares/Panic Attack recs, but here are some other suggestions for you: NOT GETTING COMMENTS


hi i was hoping u knew of some fics with ghosts. in any capacity. like either ghost hunting or they encounter ghosts/haunting or one or both are ghosts? either a full au or even just being a small part of the fic. With Halloween coming up, this seemed like a good one to do.  Some

Frat Boy AUs

any frat boy aus? A couple for you.  Most really just feature a frat party, but that’s the best I can do.  Enjoy! HOUSE RULES SAY LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS! house rules by delightfulalot: “The point of the game is to get the balls into your opponents’ cups.” “Oh, I know how it works,” Steve

Criminal, Lawyer, and Courthouse AUs

Hey! I love your rec lists! There is always a tab open for it, I read the fics listed in them every single day! Also, I was wondering, do you know any criminal/lawyer AUs?? Or where they meet at a courthouse?!? Thank you!❤ Not many like that, but here are some suggestions for you: The

Endgame 1970s (Captain Stevens and Dr. Potts)

Do you have any fics where some stony smut or fluff happens during the time travel heist in endgame?? Like when they go back to 1970? I am living for the Captain Stevens/Doctor Potts AUs.  Here are some suggestions for you, some in canon, some AUs.  Enjoy! DON’T KEEP COMMENTS AND KUDOS UNDERCOVER! A Coincidence

The Winter Soldier/ Steve Tells the Truth

hello!! thank you very much for this wonderful blog. i’ve read all the fics in the Stony in The Winter Soldier tag and was wondering if you know any more of the same type? or any other canon divergent fics where Steve actually discusses with tony about what happened in tws and his parents? thank

Another Kind of “Captain America”

Sorry if this is too specific, please skip over it if that’s the case! I was wondering if you know of any fics where Steve is known as Captain America or just captain but in a different context? Kinda like in your “Gift With Purpose” or itsallAvenger’s “Paved With Good Intetions” or Winterstar’s “Upon Waking.”

Steve’s Poor Health and Poverty

Hi! Thanks in advance for putting time into this. I’d love some recs where Steve’s previous poverty/poor health are discussed or explored. I feel like those two aspects of his character are sometimes overlooked. Thanks so much! Those are definitely often overlooked, and I, too, love fics that deal with them.  A lot of those

Non-Human Tony

I’ve looked through the rec posts and I’m pretty sure this isn’t on there but my dyslexia might be lying to me, so if it is there, I’m sorry and just ignore this, but if not could you do some recs with non human Tony? Either mutant or alien or just anything not human, whether

Jealousy (High School AUs)

oof s o u h are i has a big feeling that you’ve been asked this a lot but any jealous highschool tropes or somewhat hsm vibes or any post-ca:cw fix-its? There are a couple of post-CACW rec lists already, so I’ll go with high school fics with jealousy, because those are always fun.  Since

Reincarnation and Past Lives 2

Hi! Thanks for everything you do! i was wondering if you know any fics where tony and steve keep finding each other in different lifetimes? may once as friends, another time as an enemy or a lover, etc. thank you!! There are a few Reincarnation fics that I’ve already rec’d that sound like what you


hi sabre! any fbi aus out there? thank you. Only a few, but here you go! IT’S A CRIME NOT TO LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS! Confidence Trick by tsukinofaerii: FBI Agent Steve Rogers and his partner Sam Wilson have spent the last couple of years just a few steps behind the high-end art thief and

Remember to VOTE!

Here’s some Stony encouragement to get you to vote!  Elections, politics and Presidents, oh my!  IT IS YOUR CIVIC DUTY TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES WITH COMMENTS AND KUDOS! (ALSO ACTUALLY VOTE, PLEASE, THIS IS IMPORTANT) Captain America Wants You to Vote by Vedrinemagrow: It’s the 2012 presidential election, and Steve is really concerned. Presidential

Medieval & Historical AUs 2

Hi sabre! Do you have any more medieval or historical AUs? Thank you! Always one of my favorite tropes.  For the first list, check out the Medieval/Historical Stony recs.  Here are some more for you! LEAVE YOUR MARK ON FANDOM HISTORY WITH COMMENTS AND KUDOS! The Lover’s Tale by @georgygirl-247: For thirty-eight years, the House

Firefighter Steve 2

Hi! Thank you so much for all the work you put into these lists, it’s really admirable! I was nearly certain you’d done a list for firefighter!Steve AUs but I can’t find it anywhere, although I may have just missed it? Anyway, if you haven’t, I’d really appreciate that. Thanks again! There is a list

X-Files AUs

are there any x file au fics out there? thank you. Try the Horror AUs for more along those lines, but the only actual X-files AUs I know of are: THE TRUTH IS THAT LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS SHOULD NOT BE ALIEN TO YOU! Their Truth is Out There by @winterstar95: Three years ago Tony

Yinsen Lives

Know of any fics where Yinsen lives, whether he plays a decent role or not? Or in that strain of thought, one where Maria lives (and by God either leaves Howard and takes Tony with her, or survives the accident)? There are Maria Stark recs here, but here are some fics featuring some Yinsen, so


Hi Sabre!!! First of all I’d like to thank you for making all the recs!! It really makes my life easier. So I want know if there are any fics that Tony is a boss of Steve and they kinda in secret relationship because Steve scares of what ppl might think of him dating his

Tony in Heat (A/B/O)

do you have any A/B/O fics where tony is in heat? (also you’re a godsend i live for your rec’s) I still need to get around to writing this for CN. A lot of these fics tend to be Stuckony or Tony/Everyone, which is not my thing, but, there are some great Tony in Heat

Hacker Tony

Hi Sabre! Do you know any fics were Tony is a hacker? Thanks! And I love your blog. Hacker!Tony…only a couple, but here you go: DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME OF LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS? Confidence Trick by tsukinofaerii: FBI Agent Steve Rogers and his partner Sam Wilson have spent