5-Year Endgame Gap

5-Year Endgame Gap

Please can you rec some Stony fics that take place in the 5 year gap in Endgame. Thanks

These were really hard to find and I had to enlist some Discord help. If anyone knows of more, please post them in the replies!


Five Days a Week by @festiveferret:
The day after Pepper’s funeral – after Rhodey has come and gone, after
Natasha has come and gone, after Tony has forcibly sent Happy away –
Tony looks out of the front window, Morgan snoozing in the crook of one
arm, and sees a dark, heavily-tinted car in the driveway.

couldn’t whisper (when you needed it shouted) by only_more_love: Steve still can’t let go of that damned flip phone. (Really, he can’t let go of Tony.){A
response to this prompt: “how about steve/tony + phone? (I have 1000
emotions about the flip phone ahhh),” for a three-sentence fic meme on

hold your breath (now let’s go save the world) by janonny:
In between a hell lot of guilt and repression, Tony goes to ridiculous
lengths to avoid talking to Steve and Steve in turn tries to
out-stubborn Tony. Then they come up with a way to save the world
because that’s what they do.

I’ll Picture You by @royal-chandler:
Even with having no idea where he’ll land, Steve takes a jump.

Letters From the Void Redux by @therollingstonys:
I’m surprised you ever gave
me the chance to know you after the things I said when we met. But when
I saw you fly that nuke into the sky, knowing it was a one way trip, I
knew then how wrong I was. You didn’t just lie down on the wire, you
threw yourself headlong into the fray, knowing it would mean your death,
because it was the right thing to do.  You’ve
been on that wire for years Tony, protecting humanity, saving lives,
doing good. You’re a better man than I ever gave you credit for, a
better man than me because you were always a friend when I needed you.  I
understand if you never want to see me again after all the ways I’ve
let you down, I’ll understand. I’ll go away Tony, I’ll give you whatever
you want, because you’re everything to me, and I owe you that.  SteveTony
folds the letter carefully and tucks it into his pocket, stares out the
window at the stars, and proceeds to get blind drunk.

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