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Steve is Jealous of Stephen Strange

Hi! Do you know any fanfics where both Steve and Stephen are fighting for Tony?? And in the end steve ends up with Tony? Thanks! 🙂 I only know of a handful that don’t end in IronStrange (seems to have been a post-CACW thing), but here you go: VERY STRANGE NOT TO LEAVE COMMENTS AND

Happy International Ass Day!

Yes, that’s a thing. The Furries said so.  Anyway, in celebration, here are some fics that appreciate the glory that is Steve Rogers’ ass. LOVE AN ASS, DON’T BE AN ASS!  LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS! Hammer Dat Ass by @everybodyilovedies (Amuly): When hacking into Tony Stark’s satellites, Justin Hammer makes an interesting

Insecure Steve 2

I love it when fics deal with Steve being a bit insecure.  The first Insecure Steve list is here, but here are some more recs for you: DON’T BE INSECURE ABOUT LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS! just friends (?) by (desitonystark) @ad1thi: Tony did this, thing where he fell in love with his friends. All of

Not Really a Villain Tony 2

The first Not Really A Villain Tony list is here, but  here are a few newer ones. Enjoy! HEROES LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR THEIR AUTHORS! The Corruption of Captain America by the Villain Tony Stark by ladilin: (WIP) Iron Man paused. “Oh my god. You thought I was a robot.”“No, I—” Steve felt his

Protective JARVIS/Bots

Hello, I love your blog so much and blame you for my lack of sleep (I also love all your fics omg). I was wondering if you had any fics with protective!JARVIS/bots, sorta like In Deep Water. Especially if it’s bc Steve/the team don’t know about Tony and accidentally do something that hurts him. Thanks

Fics About the 1940s

i have a bit of a odd request and i think it might be difficult to find, so sorry in advance if it’s too specific or anything. im looking for fics that talk at length about life (both good and bad) in the 40s? i know a lot of canon-based fics mention it, but i

Steve Goes to Prison Post-CW

Im so happy asks are opdn again! Do you have any fic recs where Steve goes to prison after CW instead and Tony visits him? It’s kinda specific but i can’t find any. I’d write it myself if i wasn’t so busy with other fics I don’t know many like that, but here are a

SIM!Tony and Hydra!Cap

hii, first of all, i love your blog so much!!! so, you know any fics with SIM Tony and Cap Hydra? I mean, both being villians and being a couple or something like that? again, ilysm, thank u ❤️ Glad you are enjoying the blog! Here are some fics featuring their evil counterparts for you:


Heyyyy do you know of any fics that deal with past Tony/Pepper? I actually really enjoy fics that handle the past relationship with respect and leave them as friends, believe it or not.  Granted, some of these don’t really go deeply into that past relationship, but here are some suggestions for you! LOOK BACK AT

Tony & Rhodey Friendship

Do you have any recs that involve Tony/Rhodey being friends? Rhodey being a really awesome wing man, confidant, or just getting frustrated with Steve and Tony’s flirting and long looks and decided to help out. (thank you so much for all your awesome recs) sabrecmcstonyficrecs-archive: There are a lot of Tony & Rhodey friendship fics,

Endgame 1970s (Captain Stevens and Dr. Potts)

Do you have any fics where some stony smut or fluff happens during the time travel heist in endgame?? Like when they go back to 1970? I am living for the Captain Stevens/Doctor Potts AUs.  Here are some suggestions for you, some in canon, some AUs.  Enjoy! DON’T KEEP COMMENTS AND KUDOS UNDERCOVER! A Coincidence

Workaholic Steve

Any fics with Steve as a kind of workaholic? Not many, to be honest.  Most are (unsurprisingly) about Tony working too much. Here are a few I found that kind of/sort of have that vibe.  If anyone knows any other recs, please add them in the replies. WORK ON LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR


Do you have any fics where Steve was attracted to Howard? Like Steve has a type and it’s Stark men but the main ship is still Steve/Tony, as in Coming Home by Sonora. I don’t know of many like that, but here are some that you might enjoy.  Some of these are not necessarily happy

Protective Tony 2

Sabre do you have any more protective Tony fic recs? (If they also had identity porn with Steve hidding he is cap I would give you my firstborn, but I know that that seems a bit harder to find) Protective Tony is one of my favorite things in the whole world.  I don’t know, I

Steve’s Poor Health and Poverty

Hi! Thanks in advance for putting time into this. I’d love some recs where Steve’s previous poverty/poor health are discussed or explored. I feel like those two aspects of his character are sometimes overlooked. Thanks so much! Those are definitely often overlooked, and I, too, love fics that deal with them.  A lot of those

Bucky Comes Back 2

Omg I got so happy to see that you opened the asks again but got even happier when I scrolled down and saw that there’s a Masterpost 5! I’m really grateful for your page and that I get to discover more Stony stories because of you!! I was wondering if you could do an updated

Non-Human Tony

I’ve looked through the rec posts and I’m pretty sure this isn’t on there but my dyslexia might be lying to me, so if it is there, I’m sorry and just ignore this, but if not could you do some recs with non human Tony? Either mutant or alien or just anything not human, whether

Steve in Uniform & Tony in Lingerie

Hi! Do you have any more smuts with Steve in uniform and Tony in lingerie? Thank you💕 Two of my favorite things!  Check out the original Uniform Kink and Tony in Lingerie recs. Here are some more you might enjoy!T THE BEST LOOK IS LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS! Uniform Kink A Promise,

Steve Chooses Tony over Bucky

Hello! I can’t believe the number of great stories I’ve missed and probably would still be missing if you did not create this wonderful blog. Thank you so much! Um, I was wondering and I know this is probably a long shot since I have not really come across it, but do you know of

Tony’s Not a Billionaire

Hiii, I’ve read all the fics on your ‘AU where Tony isn’t a billionaire’ list and I just looove that trope so much! so I was wondering if you know any other fics like that? thank you sooo much xx There are a lot of AUs where they are something totally different, like Tony being

Protective Steve

hey sabre!!!! thank you so much for opening asks again 🙂 I know there’s already a protective steve rec list by the incredible @ishipallthings but could we get one from you? appreciate it and everything you do Always happy to talk about protective Steve, one of my favorite things!  Definitely check out the list by

Jealousy (High School AUs)

oof s o u h are i has a big feeling that you’ve been asked this a lot but any jealous highschool tropes or somewhat hsm vibes or any post-ca:cw fix-its? There are a couple of post-CACW rec lists already, so I’ll go with high school fics with jealousy, because those are always fun.  Since

Top Pre-Serum!Steve

Hello! Do you know of any other top pre-serum!Steve fics? I do have a few suggestions for you.  Enjoy! Pre-Serumed Top Steve: Love Showed Up at My Door by @tonystarkssnipples: Tonight, Steve was going to fuck Tony with no barrier between them. They’d gone to the doctor together, nervous excitement surging between them. Yesterday the

Boytoy Steve

Yo, u got some boytoy!Steve? Thank you so much for everything you do for the stony community!!! Boytoy!Steve….ooooh, you know, there aren’t really that many tagged that, but you might like the ones in younger Steve/Older Tony and Sugar Daddy Tony recs.  Here are a couple of others: Too Darn Hot by BelleLorage: “Get on

Shameless Steve

Do you have any shameless Steve fics? Thank you 🙂 @savedbythenotepad has some great shameless!Steve ficlets on their tumblr, so check them out. Also, the Sex God Steve Rogers rec list is a good one for those kinds of fics. As for other fics, here are a few: SHAME ON YOU IF YOU DON’T LEAVE

Smoker Steve

Hi, I was wondering if you had any recs where Steve smokes? Smoking, huh?  I think they used to suggest that as an asthma treatment, didn’t they?  Anyway, here are some suggestions for you, so puff away! COMMENTS AND KUDOS ARE ADDICTING TO YOUR AUTHORS! Smoking Buddies by morphia: It’s a common misconception, but Steve

Retirement 2

hi! i was wondering if you knew any fics where steve and/or tony retire? ever since chris tweeted about wrapping up on a4 i’ve been a wreck lol. and thank you for doing this for the fandom!! you’re very appreciated ❤️ There is a list for Retirement Fics, though it only has a few on


Do you know any fics involving Tony studying/working(mostly studying tbh) too hard? My misery wants company. Thank you! xxx Study fics!  I have a soft spot for these. Here are some suggestions (and good luck, Anon!). ACE YOUR FANDOM TEST BY LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS! Not everyone has the same way of studying by PriyaxRishabh:

Tony’s Heart Condition

Hi! Thanks for all you do! Any fics that involve Tony with a heart condition/issues caused by the reactor? There is a list of Fics Focusing on the Arc Reactor, but here are some about Tony’s heart condition.  Obviously, some of these might deal with character death, so mind the tags if that isn’t what

Italian Tony

Hello Sabre! First off I’d like to say that I love your hard work and that you’re a treasure for this fandom. Anyways! Do you know any fanfic where my boy Tony speaks italian or somehow his Italian Part is mentioned? Thanks again for everything and keep it up, lov ya I know a few