Steve Goes to Prison Post-CW

Steve Goes to Prison Post-CW

Im so happy asks are opdn again! Do you have any fic recs where Steve goes to prison after CW instead and Tony visits him? It’s kinda specific but i can’t find any. I’d write it myself if i wasn’t so busy with other fics

I don’t know many like that, but here are a few. Some are comics, some are MCU.


Worthless by Amuly @everybodyilovedies:
Tony visits Steve one more time, in between his jail cell on the
helicarrier and his assassination on the court house steps. Missing
scene set between the two scenes in “The Confession”.

Only Human by giraffewrites:  When Flash takes things too far – pushes Peter too far by mentioning his fathers and what happened, Peter can’t take it anymore. Or, an au where after civil war, Steve was put in prison, Tony has a hard time facing his feelings, and Peter just wants to see his pops.

Conjugal Visits by xtricks:
AU: Steve Rogers gets captured fairly soon after Civil War and sent to
the Raft.  Tony discovers that trying to appease your enemies doesn’t
work and ends up a prisoner too.

Five Times Steve and Tony (Tried To) Bail Each Other Out of Jail by Teyke:
Twice before Civil War, twice after, and once during. For very loose definitions of both ‘bail’ and ‘jail’.

the valley of the shadow of death by Accidie:
Steve is captured after breaking his allies out of the Raft. Sent to the
Avengers Tower as a prisoner he suffers at the hands of his former

Judgement (series) by YourFadedGlory: Steve took the perfunctory steps backward until his shoulder blades were pressed to the cold concrete while the tray was slid in. A styrofoam bowl filled with pale brown mush that looked a whole lot like oatmeal and tasted a whole lot like nothing, a styrofoam cup filled with lukewarm water, two green pills the size of paperclips, and a chocolate bar? Or, the one where Steve’s been missing for years but the whole world just assumes he’s been on the run.

Honest Surrender by AshPotter, CrazyEyesChick:
Straight after Captain America Civil War, Tony announces what fate might
fall the captured Avengers. Tony is still very much angry with Steve
and has his feelings all mixed up. He wants something from Steve and
still hasn’t forgotten about the man lying to him. After being extended
the proverbial olive branch by Stark, Steve joins him to discuss the
fate of their friends. Steve is still remorseful and still cares deeply
about Tony. When Tony offers his conditions for the freedom of their
friends,  but Steve is afraid that the Tony he grew to know and care for
has been destroyed by his own selfishness and his blind need to take
responsibility for Bucky. Will Steve lay on the wire for his team? Will
Tony ever regret what is to come? Who knows, read to find out!*** Can be
seen as dark Tony, or mean Tony, and will only spiral further, but
there will be a possible future story arc*** read the tags carefully, if
you don’t like don’t read**Part of a series for future character
development and darker Tony and hurt Steve***

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