Fairy Tale Fics 2

Fairy Tale Fics 2

Hi! Can i request some fic recs for stevetony fairy tale AUs? Love you and your blog ♥️

Here is my first list of fairy tale fics, so check those out if you haven’t.  You should also check out the works labeled Stony Fairy Tale Bingo on Ao3, which is where a lot of my recs came from.  Here are some more you might enjoy:


Flowers Bloom with No Regret by TheMusicManiac; [Fae/Hanahaki Disease AU. Winter King Steve Rogers and Summer King Tony Stark] “It’s
getting worse.” Sam finally comments, quiet in his despair, and neither
Natasha or Bucky voice anything in response, but their expressions say
it all. “I’m sorry.” Is all Steve can whisper, unmisted breath dispelling into the air, because it’s cold, he’s cold. It’s too late. It’s already far too late, and he wants to scream, wants to break down, wants to crack into a million shards of ice, wants it all to stop; everything he’s ever loved, shattering bit by bit. “I’m sorry.” “It’s not your fault, Steve.” “I’m sorry.” Steve watches through his own stinging eyes as Natasha goes back to staring out the window, the tears freezing on her cheeks. Steve is numbly glad
somehow, to see it, even if the sight of his friend in despair is
painful. Something is better than nothing, and soon, he knows, there won’t even be that much.

Not a Laughing Matter by Bill_Longbow: “Why is there a man on a unicycle juggling penguins in the throne room?” Tony hissed under his breath. Where King Howard had promised Tony’s hand in marriage to whoever succeeded in making him laugh.

I Know You by tinytonysnark:  Steve watches as the three magic users follow the King and Queen out of the courtroom and into the main hall, guards following in their wake. The baby gives a small cry as they disappear from sight and Steve lurches forward as if to follow like an instinct. His father places a hand on his shoulder and holds him still however. “Where he is going, you cannot follow my son,” he tells him. “Not just yet.”[A Sleeping Beauty AU]

10) Fairy Tale by endof_theline: In a world where you dream of your soulmate, Tony dreams about a wolf. This was meant to be like the ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ but I went off it a bit

A Hand of Silver and a Glove of Silk by @a-salty-alto:
Prince Steve goes searching door to door to find the mysterious man he danced with

The Captain and the Firebird by justanotherpipedream:
Captain Steve Rogers meets an intriguing dancer at a travelling carnival, the ‘Firebird’ Tony.

your lips are cold as ice by Pandemic:
There’s a story told, at campfires and at bedsides. At feasts and
celebrations. It tells the story of a man, who had a mirror who would
tell him who was the most powerful man of all, the man who would change
the world over. He’d talk to it every day, preen as it told him that man
was him. He committed bloodshed in it’s honour, destroying households
and laughing at the decay it wrought all whilst the mirror repeated his
name as a decree. Then one day the mirror changed, shifted, and it
doomed a name to death before it even begun, placing a bounty on the
head of a young inventor by the name of Tony Stark as it uttered his

Or the Snow White AU.

In Your Arms, Asleep by @dirigibleplumbing:
Tony visits Steve in a dream.
(Inspired by the ballad “Lady Margaret.”)

where the red sun rises in flame from behind the sea by @ayapandagirl:
Steve captured Tony, The Prince of the Firebirds, on the King’s orders. Too bad he fell in love along the way.

ye held me close, ye held me tight by @ayapandagirl:
Steve returns to the rocky shore where he first met Tony.

Cabin in the Snow by @navaanwrites:
After a mission goes wrong, Steve and Tony get stuck in a strange cabin
out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but snow and trees in any

Where the Sea Meets the Sky by janonny:  Steve is recuperating in a seaside town when he meets a merman. Or rather, a merman finds him and asks — demands, really — to be taken home with him to learn about the human world. And that isn’t even the strangest part…-
“I don’t know what the whole immortal soul and seafoam bits were
about. Why would we turn into seafoam? It shows a real lack of
understanding about biology, science and magic.”

of dreams, ice and scales by janonny: Tony is Iron Man. He’s also a dragon who has learned that you can’t keep everything you love.Steve is Captain America. He’s also a knight who falls into deep sleep for decades and wakes to a different world. Together, they rescue each other. –
At nine, Tony trembles when Maria comes to him and says with hushed
urgency, “Never give your scales to anyone. You’ll only regret it.”

At sixteen, Steve trembles when they lower Sarah into a hole in the ground.

Tidal Pull by sabrecmc: After the American Civil War, Union soldier Steve
Rogers takes a chance on an opportunity to sail with the Stark Trading
Company down in the Caribbean. During a terrible storm, his ship is
lost. To his surprise, he survives, and ends up stranded on an island
that isn’t quite as deserted as he first thinks.  Or, a reverse Little Mermaid tale where Steve has to fall for the fish-man.