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Happy International Ass Day!

Yes, that’s a thing. The Furries said so.  Anyway, in celebration, here are some fics that appreciate the glory that is Steve Rogers’ ass. LOVE AN ASS, DON’T BE AN ASS!  LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS! Hammer Dat Ass by @everybodyilovedies (Amuly): When hacking into Tony Stark’s satellites, Justin Hammer makes an interesting

Coming on Command

Cumming on command? 👀 Just a few (and thanks to the Stony discord for the help), but here you go! I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS! I am Two by @nvrthlessthsun: Tony designs and builds an Iron Man armor that can join him and Steve in the bedroom. Steve is


hi! thanks so much for running this blog it’s invaluable! i was wondering, do you know any fics with overstimulation? or something similar? Overstimulation!  That’s always a good one. Here are some suggestions for you: COMMENTS AND KUDOS STIMULATE YOUR AUTHORS! Day Fifteen: Overstimulation by CrimsonBlueMoon: Sometimes, Tony needs Steve to give him the extra

Tony Riding Steve 2

Do you have any fics where Tony wakes up Steve by riding him? I’m not sure about anything that specific.  There are Tony riding Steve recs here, but here are a few more: COMMENTS AND KUDOS ARE THE MOST THRILLING RIDES YOU CAN GO ON! Riding Hard by neverthelessthesun, superhusbands4ever and XxWanderlusxX: Tony dresses up for

Public and Ritual Sex

My first born for any public sex or ritual sex That’s an interesting ask!  You might check out the Office Sex recs, since that is often public or semi-public.  Let’s see… LET YOUR COMMENTS AND KUDOS BE SEEN IN PUBLIC! Taming the Tempest by HepG2:  Tony Stark is an absolute menace when it comes to

Confident in Bed Steve

Can you rec fics where Steve is more “confident” while courting or in bed? Sure thing, Anon! Who doesn’t love confident Steve? Check out the Steve Woos/Courts/Flirts With Tony list and the Sex God Steve list.  Here are some more suggestions for you: HELP YOUR AUTHORS’ CONFIDENCE BY LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS! Relax, Darling by

Gentle Dom!Steve 2

I hope I didn’t just miss it, but if this is a re-ask of course ignore! Do you know of many gentle/caretaker dom!Steve fics? The always excellent blossomsinthemist has a few I think, but I don’t know of many others! Thanks so much for all your recs! There is a Gentle Dom Steve list here,


Thank you for doing these fic recs sabre! The lists are so helpful and really awesome for getting the creative juices flowing 🙂 do you know of any fics where Tony makes Steve finger himself, or just Tony fingering Steve in general? There aren’t many that really feature that as well as I’d like, but

Orgasm Delay/Denial

Hi Sabre! Do you know of any fics with orgasm delay (especially delay) or denial? Everyone loves their smut with a bit of edging, right?? Thank you 😀 An Anon after my heart.  Here are some suggestions for you: DON’T DELAY LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS! Patience by Dienaziscum: After a night out

Top Pre-Serum!Steve

Hello! Do you know of any other top pre-serum!Steve fics? I do have a few suggestions for you.  Enjoy! Pre-Serumed Top Steve: Love Showed Up at My Door by @tonystarkssnipples: Tonight, Steve was going to fuck Tony with no barrier between them. They’d gone to the doctor together, nervous excitement surging between them. Yesterday the

Shameless Steve

Do you have any shameless Steve fics? Thank you 🙂 @savedbythenotepad has some great shameless!Steve ficlets on their tumblr, so check them out. Also, the Sex God Steve Rogers rec list is a good one for those kinds of fics. As for other fics, here are a few: SHAME ON YOU IF YOU DON’T LEAVE

Office Sex

Dirty office? Check out the Boss/Employee and Office Romance recs, but here are some great office sex (Many desks were sacrified for this ask). COMMENTS AND KUDOS KEEP YOUR AUTHORS WORKING HARD! City View by valtyr: Tony stays late at the office. Steve stops by. They have sex. That’s pretty much the whole thing. Late

Sex Pollen

any fic recs for sex pollen? couldn’t find it in your masterlists, so i’m sorry if you do! I WAS WONDERING WHEN SOMEONE WOULD ASK FOR THIS!  How can we have rec lists without sex pollen?  Honestly.  Mind the tags since obviously with this trope there are consent issues. LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS IS SUCH

Steve Riding Tony

Can we please get some of Big Ol’ Steve riding Tony like a prize stallion? Everyone could use some more bottom Steve (on top hehe) willidothefandango: sabrecmcstonyficrecs-archive: You know, I actually don’t know many of those that are standalones.  I know that has been featured in some fics (like The Prize), but it isn’t really


Hi sabre! Do u happen to have any more watersports fics like the ones in ur hard kinks 2 list? Thanks! The only ones I’ve tried were on the hard kinks list, but here are some others that you might enjoy: DON’T HOLD IN YOUR COMMENTS AND KUDOS! Wet by cruisedirector: He couldn’t deny that

Finger Sucking/Gagging

Yass! Anon is back! I was wondering if you know any fics with finger gagging? Preferably with Steve gagging Tony. Sorry for the specificity of this! These have…let’s say finger sucking of varying intensity?  Best I can do since there isn’t a tag for that.  If anyone has other suggestions, please add them in the

Shameless Steve

Do you have any shameless!steve? ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º ) Check out @savedbythenotepad‘s shameless!steve tag for sure, but here are some fic suggestions.  Also try the Steve Loves Sex list.  Anyone have others, please add in the replies. DON’T BE ASHAMED TO LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS! Buried by @not-close-to-straight: When Howard Stark demands Tony work

Non-Sexual sub!Tony

Hi! Could you give me some recommendations of dom!Steve and sub!Tony? Not only about sex stuff, but also Tony doing something submissive to Steve? I hope I don’t confuse you! Thank you for your wonderful blog, it keeps my fangirling side alive. Interesting!  First, try the Gentle Dom Steve recs. Okay, so I admit that


Omg I love your blog! it’s literally the holy grail for stony lovers thank you so much for all your hard work 👏🏻 Also I was wondering if you know of any fics were Steve and tony have sex for the first time without protection? Preferably bottom tony thank you! Glad you are enjoying the


Hello! Do you have any smut where steve or tony are sensitive? I’m assuming you mean physically sensitive, so here are some suggestions for you: SENSITIVE SOULS LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS! Nipped in the Bud by ScarlettsLetters: Tony keeps secret how sensitive his nipples are. When Steve finds out, he decides to train Tony to

Gentle/Caring Dom Steve

Oooh boy, ok this is sort of embarrassing. I have a thing for sub Tony and Steve taking care of him. Do you have any like that? Sort of needy bottom Tony and caring steve? I recently read From You I Cannot Hide by SailorChibi and really enjoyed it. I can think of a few

Tony in Heat (A/B/O)

do you have any A/B/O fics where tony is in heat? (also you’re a godsend i live for your rec’s) I still need to get around to writing this for CN. A lot of these fics tend to be Stuckony or Tony/Everyone, which is not my thing, but, there are some great Tony in Heat

Coming in Pants

Hi, Do you know of any fics where Steve or Tony come in their pants? Thanks! I’m sure there are more, but it isn’t a tag that’s used very often.  If anyone has suggestions, please add them in comments.  Meanwhile, here are some you might enjoy: DON’T MAKE A MESS OF THINGS, LEAVE COMMENTS AND

Rape/Non-Con by a Third Party

Feel free not to answer this if you don’t want to. Do you have any angsty non-con recs? Not between Steve and Tony but maybe where one of them is kidnapped? Indeed I do, Anon.  This is a no shame blog, and it happens that I enjoy those kinds of darker fics at times, so

Public Use

I’m feeling dirty asking this 🙈 I haven’t seen this in the rec list, is there any glory holes? or Tony/Steve left for public use? thanks, and thank you for this blog, it’s amazing. We don’t kink shame here!  No worries. The only one I know of is: So Much That I Wanna Do by

Fleshlights & Daddy Kink

I always feel shy and awkward when asking for smut fic recs •\\• ~ but do you have any smut fic recs that have to do with a fleshlight? If not how about fics with a daddy kink? I actually love when Anon is on b/c I get asks like this.  This is a No

Cheating & Infidelity

Hi Sabre! Do you have any fic recs about infidelity but not between Steve and Tony. Like they cheat another person (Sharon for example). Loving your work! :’) I honestly don’t read a lot of fics with cheating or infidelity, but here are a few that you might like. They’re more like “cheating but not

Sexual Tension

Sexual Tension fics! The one reason I like MCU stony is the sexual tension 😛 Please suggest fics which have heavy sexual tension which even the rest of the avengers can feel! Sexual Tension…well, we know they have it in SPADES, no matter the universe. Here are some suggestions for you: GIVE IN TO YOUR

Morning Sex

fics with sleeping/morning sex bottom!tony please??? I love this page so much ❤❤ Morning sex, huh?  What a way to wake up!  Here are some suggestions: WAKING UP TO COMMENTS AND KUDOS IS THE BEST FEELING EVER! the horizon tries but it’s just not as kind on the eyes by Colorblind: Tony woke him up

Steve’s Had Enough and This Means Wall Sex

Hellooo! Do you know any fics where Tony is being all sexy and provocative and Steve’s tries his best to not fall for it but he does anyway? Just Tony pushing cap buttons until he snaps and pins him to a wall lol Thank youuuu Try the Seduction and Wooing recs and Rough Sex recs.