Tony in Heat (A/B/O)

Tony in Heat (A/B/O)

do you have any A/B/O fics where tony is in heat? (also you’re a godsend i live for your rec’s)

I still need to get around to writing this for CN. A lot of these fics tend to be Stuckony or Tony/Everyone, which is not my thing, but, there are some great Tony in Heat Stony fics, so enjoy!


In Heat, In Love by My_Soul_and_Perfume:
Steve claims Tony as his Omega.

Heat Up by @rouge-winter:
“You’re going in to heat.” She said bluntly, “I know you’re on
suppressants, and although rare, it isn’t unheard of that an Omega still
experiences their heat while on it. It’s usually seen in cases when the
Omega has bonded with their Alpha.”

Temperatures Rising (series) by @robintcj:
Tony is trying to get through his heat when the batteries in his vibrator die, and he needs new ones. Who will help him?

The Rarest One of All by Ridley160:
Male Omegas are among the rarest of their kind. In nature and evolution
they serve no real purpose as they are unable to breed and possess no
ability to conceive as female omegas are built to. After breaking up a
disturbing sex trafficking ring that deals specifically in the illusion
of male omegas to clients, Steve too becomes enthralled with the idea of
mating with a male in heat. Only Steve is aware of the reality, it will
never happen as there are just too few male omegas that exist in the
population. Unknown to him and the rest of the avengers though, a
genius, billionaire has spent his life hiding the truth from the world,
and especially his team. After all what kind of respect would Tony Stark
ever hope to have if his true nature was ever discovered.

Control by StarkRogers135:
This is hardly a summary! XD I have no life so I just write smut and Omegaverse because why the fuck not! Ehehehe.

Oh Cr*p! by Agent C:
Tony Stark has a bad habit of lying about his heats–whether he has it
or doesn’t have it. He’s just trying to use his nature to his advantage.
But, what if one day, he actually needs help for it?

The Definition of Love by StarSparkle2403:
Tony’s never had a pack to call his own. No one’s ever wanted him to be part of one, so why would the Avengers be any different?

Roses and Lime Blossoms by @reioka;
Steve is a doofus but Tony loves him anyway. Steve is a caring boyfriend
and Natasha both loves him for taking care of Tony and hates him for
coming to her for help with stuff she’d rather not think about.

For You by Kca1516; “Go away,“ Tony declared, a tear sliding down his
cheek. Disbelief and devastation broke across Steve’s face. Tony knew
full well the heartbreak his mate was feeling, he was feeling it too.
The omega didn’t wait for a reply as he turned himself around in bed so
he was facing the wall instead of Steve. Yet, he found he couldn’t
ignore the sound of Steve’s chair scraping across the floor as he got
up. Or the brush of Steve’s lips across Tony’s cheek. Or the sound of
footsteps as Steve crossed the room. But, before the door creaked open,
everything stopped.”For you,” Steve whispered into the silent room. Tony’s tears flowed freely as the door closed with a soft click.

The Things We Show (the Things We Don’t) by Lumelle:
Tony’s heat comes up unexpectedly, with neither Pepper nor Rhodey near
to help. Of course, Steve is there, but turning to him would require
Tony to trust him – and Steve to want to help.

You Kiss Me So Sweetly by romanoff: The usual story: Tony’s an omega, Steve’s an alpha. Drug induced heat, and then they’re at it like rabbits.Or, the one where Tony has a fucking awful birthday, but then Steve makes it okay.

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