Coming in Pants

Coming in Pants

Hi, Do you know of any fics where Steve or Tony come in their pants? Thanks!

I’m sure there are more, but it isn’t a tag that’s used very often.  If anyone has suggestions, please add them in comments.  Meanwhile, here are some you might enjoy:


Say It Twice by DictionaryWrites:
Stony, spanking. That’s… That’s pretty much it. Spanking and Tony coming in his pants. Needless to say, quite NSFW.

Write Down Every Drop by @everybodyilovedies (Amuly): Immediately upon his transformation into a super
soldier, Steve Rogers has an embarrassing reaction. In his pants. Howard
explains that he has to take note of his… involuntary
release… and reassures Steve that no one of any import will ever read
his journal. It’s only for people working directly on super soldier
research, or someone who gets the clearance to read Howard’s personal
notes long after he’s dead.Good thing Steve never runs into anyone who meets those qualifications…

Slap you on the back and say Please by scribblywobblytimeylimey: The attack comes unexpectedly, in the middle of a meeting and without his suit.He manages fine – he’s not a child – and, alright, he had a bit of help. But then the roof decides to go and collapse on him.Good thing Steve was there to jump on top of him before the ceiling did.Only
thing is: now, they’re kind of stuck. And while Steve is visibly
displeased with the situation, certain parts of him disagree with that
consensus.It’s almost impossible not to have a long, hard think
about your sexuality when you’ve got an aroused super-soldier pinned on
top of you for an indeterminate length of time. Especially if he’s
admitting his boner is not exactly coincidental.

Why Steve Rogers Should Just Stay In Bed by trill_gutterbug:
In which Steve has an erection emergency, Tony is not particularly
sympathetic, and the Mile High Club is offering trial memberships.

Exerted by orphan_account:
Unabashed, self-serving, OOC porn in which Steve humps the Mark IV armor and fun is had by all.

My Hand Slipped! by Cute_Snow_Giggles: Steve and Tony confess thier love for each other and get together. OrA super cute fluffy thing 🙂

If You Show Me Yours by @arukou-arukou:
Tony’s actually going to do it. He’s finally going to have sex with Steve Rogers. Probably. Maybe.