Masterpost 4

Fics with Sarah Rogers and/or Maria Stark

Memorial Day

Sexual Tension

Morning Sex

Arguments Lead to Revelations

The Avengers are Oblivious

Tony & Natasha Friendship

Zombie AUs

Prison AUs

Professor or Teacher AUs


Sentinel & Guide

Bucky & Tony Friendship

Blind Date AUs

Hanahaki Disease


Fics with the Howling Commandos

Winter Soldier Tony

Proposal & Wedding Fics

Serum Transference

Fics with the Hug & Fly

Minor Steggy or Steve Getting Over Peggy

Cooking and Food

Tony’s Tattoo

Rough Sex

Post Infinity War

Demigod & Ancient Greece AUs

Love Becomes an Obsession

The Bachelor: Tony Stark Edition

Fics with Cheating and Infidelity (mostly Steve or Tony with someone else and cheating on that character)

Marvel Noir recs by @sheronwrites

Cabins, Caves and Wilderness Survival

Pride Month Celebrations

Tony is Good With Kids

Time Travel to the Future

Stuck in Lost Worlds, Alien Planets & Fantasy Realms

First Dates

Competitors & Rivals

Shy Steve & Shy Tony

Fics with Tony’s Birthday

Team and/or Steve learn of Howard’s Bad Parenting

Steve’s Insomnia and Sleep Issues

Someone Forgets an Important Date

Blushing Tony

Action & Adventure

Accidental & Unintentional abuse or injury

X-Files AUs

Tony’s Insomnia & Sleep Issues

Steve’s Fake or Presumed Death

Yinsen Lives

One of them has a Stalker

Fics Featuring Edwin Jarvis

Boss/Employee and Office Romance

Non-Sexual Sub Tony

Barebacking and Bottom!Tony

Physical Sensitivities

Gay Chicken

Gentle Dom Steve

A/B/O with Tony in Heat

Coming in pants

Rape/Non-Con by Third Party

Serum Causes Pain Medication Failure

Steve Draws Tony Naked

Fics with Hallucinations

Body Hair

Honeymoon and Vacationing Together

Roommates & Neighbors

Tony is a Hacker or Fics with Hacking as a theme

Fleshlight use & Daddy Kink