1.  How do I request a fic rec list?

First, please use search or look through the master categories linked on the sidebar. If you’re used to the old masterposts, they’re linked at the bottom of the sidebar. Chances are pretty good that something similar has already been requested and filled.  REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED.

2.   What types of rec lists can I ask for?

Pretty much anything Stony related, with a few notable exceptions.  Please don’t ask for rec lists of:

  • Non-Stony pairings
  • Poly ships
  • Superfamily (I’ve already done a list and that’s all I’ve got!)
  • Cheating
  • Genderswitch

Definitely not saying anything is wrong with those, they just aren’t my cup of tea.  Other than that, as you can probably tell from the rec lists, I’m open to most anything.  If you want something that I don’t have recs for, @ishipallthings does rec lists, too, and they are great lists, so consider hitting them up.

3.  Okay, great, I know exactly what I want!

Wait…the thing is, if you want something fairly specific, that is hard to find.  Summaries and tagging being what it is, if you want a fic where Tony or Steve says or does this one thing, it is probably next to impossible to find unless I just happen to remember a particular fic with that. So, look at how the masterposts are organized and try to send requests that sort of resemble those types of asks.  More generalized asks are a LOT easier to answer. 

If you’ve searched, used the categories, and checked the old masterposts and still did not see anything that is similar to what you want, please follow the submission guidelines, once requests are opened.  It’s shocking, but there are still tropes we haven’t done, and I’m really happy to do them, but please do make an effort to look through the existing rec lists.

If you want a specific fic you remember reading, @findingstony is a great resource for that!

4.  Great, Sabre, that’s so awesome of you to do.  How can I possibly ever thank you for all this time and effort just for me???


Also, reblogs of the rec lists help your authors find more readers for their works, so that is greatly appreciated, too.  And, of course, thank you for following and supporting the blog.

5.  What are some other resources for Stony stuff?

Discord Channels:

Cap-Ironman Dreamwidth

Cap-Ironman Twitter

Cap-Ironman Storyfinders on Livejournal

@stonyficrecs; @stonylibrary; @stevetonyfic; @stevetonyficrecs; @fuckyeahstevetonyfics; @a-stonylibrary

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@mushroomhobbit‘s Stony Recs

@wingheadshellhead‘s Fic Rec tag

@stevetonyfeels fic rec list

@whiterabbitreviews Stony Starter List

@ichorbird Stony Starter List

@icecapsicle Stony Fic Recs 1

@tehladyb Identity Porn Rec List

@lokidokeyartichoki‘s Stony Fic Rec List 1 and Part 2

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