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Artistic Writing

Do you know any fics that are written very artistic. I love when the writing style is unique and like beautiful. I love you and your work so much, and thank you for taking the time to create all these Masterpost. This was an interesting ask, and I’ve tried to include a lot of different

Tower Break-In

Have you read any fics where the villain breaks into the tower (while the avengers are just chilling) and they get into a fight there? Idk if it’s too specific sorry! Love your fic recs!!❤️ After searching and asking for help on Discord, I wasn’t able to come up with much of anything except some

Place as a Character

hello! hi! thank you so much for creating such extensive and wonderful rec lists, i wouldn’t know how to navigate this fandom without them. anyway, i was wondering if you had read any fics that feature places as a prominent character/theme? like fics that talk about new york city/brooklyn/manhattan/other places and steve and tony’s relationship

Magic/Supernatural Rec List

Hi! Thanks for your wonderful rec lists. Would you make a list of AUs with magic and/or supernatural stuff? Magic!  I was just watching Harry Potter, so this is perfect timing for a list.  If you want HP Stony recs, check out the list @ishipallthings put together.  You might also like the Vampires and Werewolves

Fluff 4

We could all use some fluff right now, couldn’t we?  Be sure to check out the Fluff and More Fluff and Fluff Part 3 lists. There is also Fluff and Smut.  Here are some recent recs you might enjoy.  Everyone hang in there! Playtime Romance by @jehbeeeh: “Daddy, come ON,” the little voice squealed as he tried

Stony Fics for Quarantine

Hopefully, those who can are staying home.  Here are some great long fics and fics featuring quarantine that you might enjoy to help pass the time.  There are also some other lists to check out:  Long Fics 1, Long Fics 2, Long Bottom Steve Fics, Long, Somewhat Plotty BDSM, and Long, Angsty Slow Burns.  Stay

Endgame Fix-Its

endgame fixits pls? Who can resist a good fix it, right?  Here are some suggestions for you!  I would note that a lot of these seem to be tagged “fix it of sorts” so…lol, I think a lot of authors have had some things to work out! COMMENTS AND KUDOS ARE THE ONLY THINGS THAT

Fics About the 1940s

i have a bit of a odd request and i think it might be difficult to find, so sorry in advance if it’s too specific or anything. im looking for fics that talk at length about life (both good and bad) in the 40s? i know a lot of canon-based fics mention it, but i

Long A/B/O Fics

Hello! Can you recommend some A/B/O long fics? It doesn’t matter whether the Alpha is Tony or Steve. Thank you! Long A/B/O fics!  Yes, some of my favorites to read. Here are some that are all more than 20K in length. LONG OR SHORT, ALL NICE COMMENTS ARE AWESOME! Alpha Steve Stetsons and Schoolteachers by

Fairy Tale Fics 2

Hi! Can i request some fic recs for stevetony fairy tale AUs? Love you and your blog ♥️ Here is my first list of fairy tale fics, so check those out if you haven’t.  You should also check out the works labeled Stony Fairy Tale Bingo on Ao3, which is where a lot of my

Pre- and Post-Afghanistan Tony

Thanks for all your rec lists, you are so amazing putting them all together! I was wondering if you know of any Stony fics dealing with how Tony’s personality used to be different before Afghanistan and Iron Man. For example if a younger Tony time travelled, or Tony was deaged and lost his future memories,

Unrequited/Bittersweet/Unhappy Endings

Do you know of any fics that center Stony, but the feelings are either unrequited, or one party can’t/won’t act on them? Almost everything I’ve found is either a twist happy ending (I think you’ve covered that from a few angles), it makes one of them the emotional villain, or it heavily involves another ship,

Small Towns

Hey!l just wanted to ask if you can recommend any small town fics?(like tony coming to town to get away from the city for some reason and meets Steve there-this is just an example because I’m not sure my wording is very good it can be different) and Thank you so much for all the

5-Year Endgame Gap

Please can you rec some Stony fics that take place in the 5 year gap in Endgame. Thanks These were really hard to find and I had to enlist some Discord help. If anyone knows of more, please post them in the replies! DON’T SHUT YOUR AUTHORS OUT AND GO COMPOSTING, TELL THEM YOU LOVE

SIM!Tony and Hydra!Cap

hii, first of all, i love your blog so much!!! so, you know any fics with SIM Tony and Cap Hydra? I mean, both being villians and being a couple or something like that? again, ilysm, thank u ❤️ Glad you are enjoying the blog! Here are some fics featuring their evil counterparts for you:


sabrecmc: Thought I’d do some Halloween appropriate fic recs. These vary from fluff to horror, so mind the tags! LEAVE YOUR AUTHORS COMMENTS AND KUDOS OR I’LL HAUNT YOUR LAZY ASS Love a Man in Uniform by orphan_account:  Nothing but an authentic Captain America uniform will do for Tony’s Halloween costume, and luckily for Tony,


hi i was hoping u knew of some fics with ghosts. in any capacity. like either ghost hunting or they encounter ghosts/haunting or one or both are ghosts? either a full au or even just being a small part of the fic. With Halloween coming up, this seemed like a good one to do.  Some

Marriage of Convenience/Arranged Marriage

thank you so much for doing this! it’s always exciting to discover new fics that i’ve missed out along the way. i was wondering if you have anything on the topic of “marriage of convenience”? or an updated version of the arranged marriage tag? I was hoping someone would ask for an updated arranged marriage

Mystery, Thriller, and Horror

Hi! I was wondering if you could rec some mystery fics?? Like there is a murderer on the loose or stuff like that?? A thriller mystery maybe even horror fics??? Thank you 💕 There are a few with police officer Steve and there are horror recs that you might like, though not a lot with

Criminal, Lawyer, and Courthouse AUs

Hey! I love your rec lists! There is always a tab open for it, I read the fics listed in them every single day! Also, I was wondering, do you know any criminal/lawyer AUs?? Or where they meet at a courthouse?!? Thank you!❤ Not many like that, but here are some suggestions for you: The

Fluff 3

any more fluff/feel good fics?? There are two Masterlists, Fluff and More Fluff, but with Endgame now behind us, I guess we can always use some more, right?  Good news is that there are almost 6000 works in the Stony tag that are tagged for fluff, so plenty to choose from!  Here are a few

Emotional Hurt/Comfort (Hurt Tony)

Hey do you have any fics where Tony is hurting emotionally (maybe the team hurt him or smth) and Cap or bucky comfort him? I love these fics so much thank you! Hi, Anon. That’s a little too specific to make for a good list, but here are some fics featuring Emotional Hurt/Comfort where Tony

Non-Explicit AUs

love your blog, do you have any non explicit AUs? lol thanks Thanks!  First, try the G or T Rated Classics list.  Here are some other AU suggestions for you, all of which are G or T: BE EXPLICIT IN YOUR LOVE FOR YOUR AUTHORS WITH COMMENTS AND KUDOS! Soulmate AUs Visible At Last by

Steve Chooses Tony over Bucky

Hello! I can’t believe the number of great stories I’ve missed and probably would still be missing if you did not create this wonderful blog. Thank you so much! Um, I was wondering and I know this is probably a long shot since I have not really come across it, but do you know of


Thanks for these recs mom! Do you have anymore pining fics? either Steve or Tony. You’re awesome! We all love pining, don’t we?  Okay, so there are a ton of pining fics, of course. You should check out the Steve Pining and Oblivious Tony recs and the Slow Burn Mutual Pining recs.  Here are some


hi sabre! any fbi aus out there? thank you. Only a few, but here you go! IT’S A CRIME NOT TO LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS! Confidence Trick by tsukinofaerii: FBI Agent Steve Rogers and his partner Sam Wilson have spent the last couple of years just a few steps behind the high-end art thief and

Remember to VOTE!

Here’s some Stony encouragement to get you to vote!  Elections, politics and Presidents, oh my!  IT IS YOUR CIVIC DUTY TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES WITH COMMENTS AND KUDOS! (ALSO ACTUALLY VOTE, PLEASE, THIS IS IMPORTANT) Captain America Wants You to Vote by Vedrinemagrow: It’s the 2012 presidential election, and Steve is really concerned. Presidential

Medieval & Historical AUs 2

Hi sabre! Do you have any more medieval or historical AUs? Thank you! Always one of my favorite tropes.  For the first list, check out the Medieval/Historical Stony recs.  Here are some more for you! LEAVE YOUR MARK ON FANDOM HISTORY WITH COMMENTS AND KUDOS! The Lover’s Tale by @georgygirl-247: For thirty-eight years, the House

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before AUs

hi!! do you know of any stony to all the boys i’ve loved before-esque or based completely on it au fics? Since this is fairly newly popular, the only ones I know of are these: LET YOUR AUTHORS KNOW YOU LOVE THEM WITH COMMENTS AND KUDOS! To ___________, I Love You by Fangirlingmanaged (WiP): The

Hurt Steve 2

Hello!!<3 ur blog is everything. Can u rec any more hurt!steve fics?? Either emotionally or physically, thank you!!!!!:) Of course!  I love some whump on Steve, gotta admit.  The first list of Hurt Steve recs is here, but here are some others to check out.  Lots of different kinds of hurt for our dear Steve