Hurt Steve 2

Hurt Steve 2

Hello!!<3 ur blog is everything. Can u rec any more hurt!steve fics?? Either emotionally or physically, thank you!!!!!:)

Of course!  I love some whump on Steve, gotta admit.  The first list of Hurt Steve recs is here, but here are some others to check out.  Lots of different kinds of hurt for our dear Steve and hopefully a good variety of authors and fic lengths and types to check out. Enjoy!


Below the cut for length

As  You Wish by Winter_Writer:
Tony was a step away from tying Steve down. The stubborn super soldier
had no business being up and walking around on a broken leg. That wasn’t
even getting into all of the other injuries he was still healing from two days after using himself as a human shield.

Looking After America by @copperbadge:
Steve tries to shake off a bullet, but Tony takes charge.

To Hold Your Hand by @festiveferret: Somewhere along the line, Tony had gotten it into his
head that Captain America was invincible. Maybe it was the propaganda
from when he was younger – comics and clips from the war – or maybe it
was the unbelievable things he’d seen Cap make it through in the time
they’d been working together. But either way, it had always seemed
impossible to Tony that the Star Spangled Man with a Plan could be truly
hurt.So this man – hooked up to lines and sensors, surrounded by
beeping things, eyes refusing to open – this man isn’t Cap, he’s just
Steve. And Steve is broken.

Catch and Fall by AloneShadow:
A normal mission can end to be pretty dangerous.

Dear Lacquer by pawsdash:“What you need to do is to get your spicy, all-American
ass back to bed before your husband makes your stab wound look like a
paper cut.”In which Steve is injured and Tony is more than a bit worried.

Someone Come (And Save My Life) by OnTheTurningAway: Tony doesn’t react well (at first) when he finds out Steve is injured during a mission.(Or, Tony really loves Steve, and Steve’s glorious tits. And then feelings leaked all over my porn.)

Just Like an Action Movie by @captainneverever:
Tony’s armor malfunctions, then he argues with Steve. But the Avengejet
crashes in the Savage Land. Steve is badly injured and things get worse
from there.

Fix You by @thegraytigress: The awful script, the play by play and scene by scene…
Tony isn’t going to let it happen this time.  He isn’t going to let
Steve leave again.  He can fix this.  They can talk and not fight.
He’ll have to find a way to make that happen because this has to stop.
It has to.He has to make Steve better again.

Whatever Sorrow Shakes From Your Heart by @blossomsinthemist:
Steve gets hurt, and the team bands together to make him feel better.
Set in the early classic days of 616 canon, not long after Steve joined
the Avengers; written for Project Happy Steve.

Morpheus Bound by @winterstar95; Steve slept for 70 years, what would happen if he couldn’t sleep again.“No,
no, it’s not too much. It’s all there, and I’m here and I’m not
supposed to be, I cannot sleep. Do you get it? I can’t sleep. I slept
for seventy years, and I can’t sleep now. I can’t sleep.” Steve trembles
and sways on the dock.

Next of Kin by @winterstar95:
When in a relationship does your significant other become your next of kin? Tony and Steve are about to find out.

Rescuing Arms by MoriartyIsSmart: “His hands began to tremble. His mind flickered, terror
striking him, as flashing images of combat and loss blared like sirens
in his head.”As Steve recollects his nightmares whilst flying the team over the ocean, someone has to rescue him from his own mind.

Emergency Call by Kat_Greenleaf:
Steve is being reckless again, so Sam calls in Tony.

it’s the little things by ohmyloki:
Steve is injured and he’s not healing the way he should. It’s up to the
team to figure out why and it’s time for Tony to face a few demons.

Fallen by Southern_Comfort:
When Steve is critically injured, Tony has to learn to hide his deep love while helping him to recover.

Damsel in Distress by starksnack:
Steve Rogers gets hurt in battle. He doesn’t want anything but Tony.

Bingo Fills: Labryrinth by MarvelousMenagerie:
Labyrinth : it takes a lot to knock Steve down, but fortunately Tony’s got him.

Unconscious Confession by JuniperLemon:
Steve’s pretty injured and unconscious when Tony starts making a confession: He loves him.

Judgement (series) by YourFadedGlory: Steve took the perfunctory steps backward until his shoulder
blades were pressed to the cold concrete while the tray was slid in. A
styrofoam bowl filled with pale brown mush that looked a whole lot like
oatmeal and tasted a whole lot like nothing, a styrofoam cup filled with
lukewarm water, two green pills the size of paperclips, and a chocolate
bar?Or, the one where Steve’s been missing for years but the whole world just assumes he’s been on the run.

Falling Into Darkness by SongsofPsyche:
After a brutal attack, Steve struggles to find his voice again,
struggles to not flinch when anybody goes near him, or touches him, or
makes an unexpected noise. He struggles to stay present but it is
exhausting when his mind keeps flashing back to that night where
everything changed.

(mind the tags)

idealism sits in prison, chivalry fell on its sword by ambrolleignsgirl: MCU AU Fest GiftPrison 42, holding his friends
captive, sits in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Steve would never
have known if it wasn’t for Tony. Maybe it can be the new start they so
desperately need.Tony gives Steve the location of Prison 42, to
try and bridge the gaping trench between them. But he never imagined his
olive branch would burn so quickly.

Beyond the Sea by Bill_Longbow: He hated this, he hated being afraid. He hated the war
and the deaths and the Nazis and the food, don’t get him started on the
food. He hated water, sea water especially. He hated the oppressive heat
of the tropics, he hated the hordes of mosquitoes, he hated the giant
bugs, but most of all he hated losing his shield. When Steve’s
first mission in the Pacific theatre goes to hell before it even starts,
he has to fight, and fight hard, to survive. His only hope lies in
goading his foe to make a mistake, but that’s discouning a certain
famous adventuring genius.

Ritual by miobambino:
“if you wanted to write a little stevetony something where an injured
tony has to rescue a totally-out-of-it steve, that would be rad. bonus
points for strategically torn clothing and/or emergency mouth-to-mouth

On the Turning Away by @thegraytigress: Tony’s new relationship with Steve is going great.
They’re a few weeks into it, and it’s utterly amazing.  He’s feeling
better and more sure of himself than he ever has before.  Honestly, he’s
flying high.But then he asks Steve a simple, logical, and
seemingly innocent question: “do you want to spend the night?”  And
everything comes crashing down. (mind the tags)

Here, Tonight by @musicalluna:
Steve’s been making plans, but after a rough battle he decides he can’t wait anymore.

Mine to Carry by @musicalluna:
Steve cuts his hands up on the Iron Man armor and being unable to take care of himself is, to say the least, a struggle.

Care and Comfort by @musicalluna: Tony offers to preen Steve’s wings.It’s been a long time since anyone did something so intimate for Steve.

Full (Care and Comfort Remix) by Withstarryeyes: (no summary–wing fic, hurt steve rogers)

The ones worth suffering for by @silverinstars:
Tony returns to earth and finds out Steve’s been severely injured after the battle with Thanos.

Taking Care by haku23:
Steve is injured. Tony uses less than honourable methods to keep him in bed.

Sleeping With You by backpackbagel:
On a routine mission, Tony and Steve have the pleasure of sharing a bed with each other.

No Idle Hands (the Bed Rest Remix) by Woad:
In which Steve learns knitting.

Killing Me Softly (With His Song) by @itsallavengers: Steve is Tony’s whole world. Tony couldn’t imagine life without him. They’ve grown up together, after all.Steve gets cancer.

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