Rhodey is Team Stony

Rhodey is Team Stony

Hi, thanks so much for your recs, you are amazing! I saw you have a ‘Bucky is team Stony’ rec list, I wondered if you have any ‘Rhodey is team Stony’ recs? Thanks!

You should try the Rhodey is a Good Bro recs and the Pep Talk, Shovel Talk and Blessing Request list. Here are a few others, but if anyone has suggestions to add, please feel free:


Pranksters Get it All by @xtaticpearlsblog:
…or the four times Tony got re-pranked because of Rhodey and the one time he actually didn’t mind.

Sticky Business by OftheLilies:
Steve begins to secretly write Tony sticky notes. Tony loves them… But
he also can’t figure out who they are from. The notes start innocent and
platonically enough, but begin to change as his friendship with Steve

You Make Me Strong by Addison:
Life after meeting your soulmate isn’t always happily ever after.
Especially when your soulmate struggles isn’t used to expressing

Attitude Adjustment in Love by poesparakeet:
Everyone who loves Tony Stark finally ends up in the same room. It was a long time coming.

Captain Steven Grant Perfect Hair by BleedxLikexMe:“You just gestured to all of me.” Rhodey doesn’t even try to hide his smirk.Tony
points an accusatory finger at him, “Do not go all ‘How To Train Your
Dragon’ on me, Rhodey!” He flops back against the sofa, all dramatic and
Tony Stark-like, “I’m in serious emotional discord here!”In which Tony Stark hates Captain America and Rhodey helps him sort it out.

Hold Me Tight by @potrix-the-queerschlaeger: Rhodey doesn’t mean to adopt the drunk kid he finds in a frat house bathtub. It just sort of happens. Or; five times Rhodey and Tony (and Carol) share a bed, plus the one time they don’t, but things turn out all right anyway.