Thinking the Other Should (Or Wants to) Break Up

Thinking the Other Should (Or Wants to) Break Up

Hey! I searched in the Insecure Steve fic recs and I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so do you have any fics in which Steve assumes the worst and thinks Tony is going to break up with him?

I actually only know like one or two specifically like that, though you may like the Breaking Up & Making Up recs and Breaking Up & Making Up Part II.  Here are some suggestions for you kind of along the lines you are looking for, but if anyone knows other fics, please reply with the link or name:


Steve Thinks Tony Wants (or Should Want) to Break Up:

No Such Thing as Normal by nightwalker:
“I understand if you want to break up,” Steve said, the words spilling
out of his mouth like they were hot on his tongue. He hadn’t meant to
say it quite like that and not so early in the conversation, but it’s
out there now, loud and heavy between them and he can’t pretend he
didn’t say it.

Fake News by anythingpastorpresent:
“People magazine said you’re gonna break up with me,” Tony says with a
broken moan. “I’m offended you didn’t come to me first about this.”

Just Like Starting Over by @georgygirl-247: Seven years ago, Steve broke up with Tony because he thought it was the Right Thing to Do™ for both of them.But he never asked Tony.And now it’s seven years later, and Tony has decided to very publicly remind Steve of a promise he made to him once upon a time.Or, Steve and Tony dated in college, broke up, and now Tony wants Steve back again.

There’s No Good Reason by @s-horne: “It’s only me.” The voice was light, but there was a
definite edge as it continued, “I really, really hope you just haven’t
noticed the time and you weren’t actually in here entertaining your cold
feet.”Steve winced behind his hands and slowly pulled them away from his
face. He turned his head and his gaze fell upon his favourite sight.Tony looked gorgeous and Steve completely adored him.Which is exactly why he couldn’t do this.“So,” Tony continued, the strain to his voice stabbing Steve straight
through the chest, “which was it? Lost track of time, or…?”Steve didn’t answer and Tony deflated. “Don’t,” he said softly,
tiredly, “please don’t, Steve. Not today.” Steve stood up and Tony’s
façade completely broke.

Tony Thinks Steve Wants (or Should Want) to Break Up (the opposite of your ask, I know, but there were a few of these):

Fangirls Make Them Break Up (Or, Steve Rogers Versus the Internet) by @mushroomhobbit​:
Tony attempts to break up with Steve because of haters on the Internet. Steve is not having any of it.

Oh, Those Cold Winter’s Nights by orphan_account:
Tony must break up with Steve to protect him from Howard and the full
might of the company. What he ends up doing is exactly the opposite.

let the choir bells sing by silverfoxflower:
Tony thinks he knows what’s going on, and he’s just trying to make it easier on them both.

The Fool Proof Plan by Imagined:
Tony Stark knows he is a handful. Sometimes, he also doubts whether he is enough.

Do You Like Me? by SmileandaSong: “…Steve, do you like me?”“Tony, I’ve been dating you for three months and you’ve been my best friend for years, of course I like you.” “Yeah…but do you like me?”[AKA, Tony’s dramatic nature convinces him that Steve hates him and wants to break up with him.]

His Ring, His Heart by Kca1516: As by request: Steve wants to propose to Tony, but is afraid he wil be rejectedWhat actually was written:Steve
wants to propose to Tony, Tony thinks Steve wants to break up with him,
self doubt from both sides but you see more of it from Steve

Obliviousness by juleshale01:
Tony thinks that Steve doesn’t really care for him. Steve proves him wrong.

The One Who Ran Away by awesome_goddess_of_mischief: “Not now Tony, just… Just leave me alone alright?”Tony makes assumptions. Wrong ones.Thinking Steve dumped him he tries to change, until Steve finds out and hugs happen.

Never Gonna Happen by Annie D:
Tony Stark never really believed Steve Rogers would actually marry him,
but he’d never dreamed it would be because Bucky Barnes turned up alive
on their wedding day. Takes into account all pre-Winter Soldier movies except Tony and Pepper broke up between The Avengers and Iron Man 3 for the usual reasons.

if you gave me half a chance by SailorChibi: “In case you hadn’t noticed, Cap, the common element
here is me.” Tony pulled away, his heart racing. Why not have this
conversation now? Why not? He fought off the urge to start laughing
hysterically. “I don’t… I’m not romantically attracted to people. To
anyone. I don’t fall in love. That’s why Pepper broke up with me. She…
she didn’t believe that I could be faithful to her if I wasn’t in love
with her.”Tony’s aromantic. Steve still loves him.