Masterpost 1

Dark Tony/Villain Tony/Possessive Tony

Fluff and More Fluff

Non-Angsty AVAC

Hurt Tony and Steve taking care of him


Uniform Kink

Medieval Stony

Arranged Marriage

NSFW Possessive Tony

Angry Sex

Trashy Romance Novel-esque


Steve loves Tony’s booty

De-Serumed Steve

Filthy Stony 


AUs and More AUs

Bottom Steve


Needy Bottom Steve

Greco-Roman and Mythology AUs

Tony has a drug addiction or eating disorder


Hooker Tony



Younger Tony/Older Steve


NSFW Dom Tony/Sub Steve

Possessive Steve

Short fics with Happy Endings

Younger Steve/Older Tony

Multiverse and More Multiverse

Romantic Comedies

Long Fics 1 and Long Fics 2

Gladiator AU



Angst O’Rama

Stories that Deserve More Kudos and Love and Part II

Pining Steve and Oblivious Tony


One Doesn’t Have Powers

Sugar Daddy Tony

Hooker Steve

Feel Good Comfort Fics


Tony Likes to Spoil Steve

Touch Starvation 


Tony finds Steve in the ice

Fandom Classics

Fake Marriage or Fake Relationship

Features Depression/Suicidal Thoughts/Self-Harm

Sparring Turns Into Sex

Breaking-Up Then Making-Up

Nipple Kink

Stranded on Island/At Sea/Etc.

Multiple Steves

Inception-esque, Dreamsharing, Dreamscapes

Established Relationship Amnesia

Bodyguard!Steve and Steve to the Rescue


Steve Fucks Tony to the point of incoherence

Bottom Tony

Crack Fics

Wing Fics

Non-Powered AUs where Tony isn’t a billionaire

Firefighter AU

Slave Tony

Tony Thought He Was Straight

Snuggling and Cuddling

Secret Relationship

Tony was in a past abusive relationship

Skrull Tony

Director Stark

Blow Job Fics

Tony Stands Up to Bullies

Cyborgs, Robots and LMDs


Tony in Lingerie/Crossdressing

Tony’s Hero Worship of Captain America


Tony Raises Steve or Guardian Angel Tony looking over Steve

Tony in Glasses

Steve is a Total Sweetheart

Marvel 1872

Steve’s past abuse issues

First Impressions

Tony’s Temporary or Fake Death

Tony Messes Up

Kid Tony or De-Aged Tony

Winter Soldier Steve

Identity Porn

Tony Helps Steve Adjust to 21st Century

Sex Geek Tony Stark

Movie/Book AUs

Steve Worships Tony’s Body

Steve Defends Tony Against Howard

Animal Transformation Fics

Humor Fics

Steve woos/flirts/seduces Tony

Angels & Demons

High School or College with Bottom Tony


Fics Focusing on the Arc Reactor

Body Swap

Villain Steve

Tony with kittens

Virgin Steve (well, not so much after these fics)

Steve in Tony’s Life From a Young Age


Fics with Hard Kinks

Slow Burn-Friends to Lovers-No Powers-AUs

Kneeling Kink

Sugar Daddy Steve

Tony is Captain America

Not Trying to Hide It Established Relationship

Holiday or Vacation Romance


Height Difference

Mind Control and Brainwashing

College AUs

Bed-Sharing on the Old McBarton Farm

Time Travel Back to the 40′s

Steve’s the Popular Quarterback and Tony is the Geek

Team as Family

Long, somewhat plotty BDSM


Wanda Uses Magic

They Get High or Drunk

Tony is Hurt and the Team Takes Care of Him

Fics With Peggy’s Relationship With Steve and/or Tony Featured

Marvel 616 comics-verse

Steve is a nerd and Tony is cool kid


Breaking the 4th Wall (Actors are involved)


Doctor Roleplay


Enemies to Lovers

Armor Kink

Established Relationship

Fics with “Aunt” Peggy

Tony is Hurt and the Team Helps

Hard Kinks


Steve Can Lift Mjolnir

Stockholm Syndrome

Cock Slut Tony

Sex Toys


Ballet/Dancer AU

Post-2012 Movie

Non-A/B/O Virgin!Tony

Fics Set in Animated ‘Verses (Avengers Assemble, Heroes United, EMH)


Post-Spiderman Homecoming

Single Parent

Self-Sacrificing Tony

Identity Porn where Tony is attacked

Non-PTSD mental health issues

Superhusbands/Married/Established Couple

Burner Phone Fics and Infinity War Trailer Fics

Tony has never bottomed

Tony’s Water Issues

Spontaneous Wedding or Engagement

Memory Loss Getting Together Fics

Fics with Nicknames and Pet Names

Power bottom Tony

Post-CACW Tony Mentors Peter


Anti-Anxiety and Relaxation Fics

Heavy Heavy Angst Fics

They read Fanfic About Themselves

Porn Star AUs or Sextapes

New Year’s Eve Fics

Humiliation Kink

Space AUs

Come Inflation

Team Mom Tony Stark

Tony Doesn’t Know Steve is Captain America

Tony Riding Steve

Identity Porn Where Steve Chooses Tony Over Iron Man

Tony Didn’t Fall Back Through Portal AUs

Someone Plays Matchmaker for Steve and Tony

Misunderstandings cause Angst

Tony Centric Fics

Steve and Team are involved in Iron Man 3

One of them is Trans

Language Barrier or Different Language

Artist Steve Draws Tony


Director and Actor AUs

Howard Isn’t So Bad!

The Media Plays a Big Part

Serial Killer Steve