Masterpost 3

Kidnapped!Tony (by Steve, by Others, with Steve, as a kid)

Shower and Bathtub Sex

Camelot and Authurian

Darkfic with ambiguous endings

February and March 2018 Completed Fics Rec List

Hung Tony and Size Queen Steve

Alternate Realities or Altered Timelines

Awkward First Times, Realistic or Bad Sex

Car and Motorcycle Sex

More Mind Control and Brainwashing

Spies and Secret Agents AU

Rape Fantasy Role Play

Knotting Kink A/B/O

Slow Burn Mutual Pining (over 10K)

Sorcerer Tony


Steve Not Aging

Tony Flirts with a Bad Guy

Steve and Tony are Basically Dating but Don’t Realize It

Tony Worries About Being Kicked Off the Team

Coming Out to the Public

Nick Fury is a Major Character

Actor or Director Tony

Tony and his ‘bots

Fairytale-esque fics

Tony’s Past Child Abuse and PTSD

Steve’s Praise Kink

St. Patrick’s Day and Irish Steve

Strength Kink

5 + 1 fics


Tony has aphasia or a brain injury

Slut Shaming and Name Calling


Tony Captured by Hydra

Secretly Married

Dirty Talk


Coffee Shop AUs

Camping Fics

Laughter During Sex

Stony in The Winter Soldier

Tony’s Alcoholism

Steve is Kidnapped

Nomad Steve

Bar Meetings and One Night Stands

Steve Hurts Tony’s Feelings

Happy 4/20: Recreational Drug Use

Infinity War Pre-Movie Recs

Steve Uses Bad Language Words

Dog Tags

Serum Transference

Anastasia AUs

Seduction and Wooing

Musicals and Singing

Long Distance Relationships

Authors’ First Fics


Steve Thinks Tony is the Best

Definitely (not) Just Friends/Friendzoned

Rockstar and Band AUs

Outsider POV

JARVIS is a Good Bro

Concubine  and Sexual Slavery AUs

Post-CACW Tony Stranded in Siberia

Steve’s Brooklyn Accent

Steve is Tony’s PA


Steve is Involved in IM2/IM3

Awkward Sexual Situations

Nightmares and Comfort

Wrong Numbers and Drunk Dialing

Childhood Sweethearts

Steve in Glasses

Long, Angsty Slow Burns (over 75K)

Tony & Clint Friendship

Anal Gaping

Dinosaurs & Savage Land

Easter Themed


Blind Tony

Steve Coming Out to Tony

Harry Potter & Magical Realism recs by @ishipallthings

Blow Job Recs Part 2

Aftermath of Battle

Sorcerer Tony