Endgame Fix-Its

Endgame Fix-Its

endgame fixits pls?

Who can resist a good fix it, right?  Here are some suggestions for you!  I would note that a lot of these seem to be tagged “fix it of sorts” so…lol, I think a lot of authors have had some things to work out!


and so begins by romanoff:
After Tony’s death, Steve is adrift. He carries Tony’s body, and thinks: I never said thank you.

Warmer Corners by @the-vorkosigan:
It all started when Morgan decided she wanted to meet Captain America.
Or perhas it started when Steve fell into a frozen lake and Tony had to
fish him out. Or maybe when he decided it was a good idea to crawl under
the blankets and try to warm Steve up using his body heat. But, most
probably, it actually started a long time ago.

Ticking Away the Moments by @no-gorms (Annie D/scaramouche):
A regular day with the Avengers is interrupted when a space ship
belonging to the Maw, Son of Thanos, appears over New York. This kicks
off an adventure for Steve and Tony, who are separated from the rest of
the Avengers and have to work together to find out what’s going on.
Meanwhile, Steve’s sure that his crush on Tony will not at all be tested
by this turn of events.

front row seats (series) by @no-gorms:
A Steve/Tony series that follows one of the branching timelines set up by Avengers: Endgame.

Five Seconds by nanasekei:
From the moment Steve suits up, he knows what he’ll do.

Lover Come Hold Me by @thegertie (RurouniHime):
One by one, the stones must go back.

The Butterfly Effect by @itsallavengers: While fighting with Loki, Steve Rogers from 2012 hears the two simple words: “Bucky’s alive.“And the whole universe ripples with the aftershocks.

this is how it ends (and begins again) by silversoul_snow:
He’s been called a Man Out of Time, and he’s accepted the mantle. Maybe it’s time for him to live up to it.

we’ll hold each other soon by mistymountainking:
Moments after the bright blue light of Tony’s arc reactor goes dark, Steve knows what he has to do.
***written as a prompt fill for anon on tumblr, who asked for Steve/Tony post-Endgame fix-it fic.

Time After Time (I will be waiting) by @winterstar95:
Steve returns the infinity stones and someone waits for him…

Of Beards and Best Defenders by nannersmelo:
Tony finds out about when Steve had a beard once upon a time, and
outraged that he never got to see it, decides to find a way to witness
it by himself.

Mobius Strip by @dirigibleplumbing:
Steve sets off to return the Infinity Stones. It ends up not being quite as straightforward as he’d imagined.

Here’s How It Happens by @tonystarkssnipples: “I got my chance with him. Now it’s your turn.” Pepper smiles, shaking and brittle, but honest. “Go love him.”-or-The fic where Steve uses time travel to go back and relive his life with Tony.

Same old story by spqr: “We’re toasting our regrets,” Tony explains. “Your turn.“ “Oh,” Steve says. It takes him a long minute to think of something. Or, more likely, it takes him a long moment to work up the courage. But then he turns and raises his bottle to Tony. Looks him dead in the eyes, a sad, sort of
wistful smile on his face, and says, “You.”

Five Days a Week by @festiveferret:
The day after Pepper’s funeral – after Rhodey has come and gone, after
Natasha has come and gone, after Tony has forcibly sent Happy away –
Tony looks out of the front window, Morgan snoozing in the crook of one
arm, and sees a dark, heavily-tinted car in the driveway.

And Time Can Do So Much by JentheSweetie:
“I really shouldn’t be talking to a figment of my imagination,”
Steve said.  “Sam would be reading me the riot act.  I can hear him now.
Therapy works wonders, you know.

“Sounds like Wilson,” Tony agreed.  “And therapy does work wonders.
You might want to look into it, once it becomes a thing in a couple of

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Steve said.
A few years after Steve moved permanently back in time, he started having conversations with Tony again.

Another Place by JentheSweetie:
Tony’s a smart guy, and he’s pretty sure he knows how the story ends.
Tony survives the battle with Thanos, deals with fallout, and might be kinda, sorta dating Steve Rogers.

Where Our Restless Monsters Sleep by mizzy: Years after Tony Stark saved the universe, the Avengers realize there’s a major problem: his body has gone missing. And he isn’t the only one. Fallen heroes all over the galaxy have had their graves pillaged. An old foe is stealing the bodies of fallen
warriors, but for what nefarious reason? There’s only one solution. To
find out why it’s happening, Steve’s gotta die. He probably shouldn’t be so eager to do that.

No trust! Liar! by ShadowsintheClouds:
Why Steve decided to stay.

Fuse is Fireside by GottheSilver: if Tony lived post Endgame au.*
Because, here’s the thing, he loves Pepper.  He does.  He’s not so much of an asshole that he’d marry her if he didn’t.

But Steve.

Steve is like gravity.  Always has been.

hold your breath (now let’s go save the world) by janonny:
In between a hell lot of guilt and repression, Tony goes to ridiculous
lengths to avoid talking to Steve and Steve in turn tries to
out-stubborn Tony. Then they come up with a way to save the world
because that’s what they do.

Down in Lonesome Town by resurrectedhippo: Tony eyes him. “Why do I always find my way back to you?” Maybe he didn’t necessarily return to Steve, but fate is a funny little thing, and after living a life of loss, Steve wants something that’s his to keep. Tony deserves a love that’s unrestrained; Steve thinks he’ll erupt with it. Love is messy, not easy, and takes work. Maybe love feels like rage. But maybe love could just be jumping off a rocky mountain and smiling anyway. After the universe is restored, Steve is lost without any direction. Retiring from the Avengers, he moves across the country and ends up building a house by a misty blue lake. Across the bridge is Tony Stark’s new workshop.

Saving the World is a 12 Step Program by janonny: Tony and Steve fall to pieces when Thanos’ wins.Then they pick themselves up, and find a solution. They also find something infinitely more precious in the process.-
“It’s going to sound pretty outrageous,” Tony admitted, rubbing a
hand over his brow. While he had put on some weight and wasn’t as gaunt
anymore, he was still easily tired nowadays.

“More outrageous than talking racoons and a purple villain traveling through space to collect magic stones?” Steve asked drily.

Ripple Effect by sabrecmc:
After the events of Infinity War, Steve is sent back in time on a
desperate mission to find the Tesseract.  Instead, he meets up with
21-year old Tony, still reeling from his parents’ deaths.  Who,
naturally, tries to climb Steve like a tree.  Somehow, this fixes