Remember to VOTE!

Remember to VOTE!

Here’s some Stony encouragement to get you to vote!  Elections, politics and Presidents, oh my! 



Captain America Wants You to Vote by Vedrinemagrow:
It’s the 2012 presidential election, and Steve is really concerned.

Presidential Perks by Tahlruil:Tony usually pays pretty good attention to what’s going on with Steve… but managed to miss something big.For the ‘election day’ prompt.

Anti-Establishment by antigrav_vector:
Steve gets a Twitter, and promptly starts a feud with Trump and his supporters. What could possibly go wrong here?

Promise Me Something by CatchClaw:
The leader of the free world is a terrible lay…is not something Tony can actually say.

Star-Spangled Meat in the Room by JustAWritingAmateur:
Steve decides to run for president. If it all goes wrong, they can just blame Clint.

MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN by @imafriendlydalek: “Steve, babe, if you’re trying to be inconspicuous, you brought the wrong hat.”In which Steve accidentally makes more of a political statement than
he had intended. Maybe he should have looked more carefully at which hat
he grabbed before leaving the Tower…

#SteveRogersForPresident by @imafriendlydalek:
Steve Rogers, the President America needs.

Leader of the Free World by @copperbadge:
Clint Barton’s presidential campaign started as a joke. It didn’t end that way, except for Steve.

Closing the Distance by @laireshi: “I’m not sure the public would approve, President
Stark,” Steve whispered against his mouth, and Tony just pulled him
closer, hungrily kissed back. “Screw the public,” he said.“Just me,” Steve corrected him, digging his fingers into Tony’s arms.

American Values by cassandraoftroy:Inspired by the following prompt on the LJ community avengerkink:“Some hate group like 1 million moms or AFA decide to make Captain
America their mascot, toting him as the perfect Christian American man.
They start campaigning that boys should try to be like him and then they
won’t be gay, and lesbians just need a boyfriend like him to help them
find the light.Steve is not amused.Bonus for the Avengers being freaked out to see a completely FURIOUS Steve.”Steve Rogers discovers that the American Family Association have
co-opted his Captain America image and identity to advance their hateful
agenda, and arranges to let them know exactly how he feels about their
interpretation of Christianity.

Routine by MystikSpiral:
It’s all a lie; the glamour and the swag, the bluster and the bravado.
He can’t remember when he started lying to himself along with the whole
world, but now he’s too damn scared to stop. What bothers him more is
the man who sees through him.

Come On Mess Me Up by @cptxrogers: Being president isn’t easy, especially when you’ve got a
civil war to deal with and your staff keeps sending you to PR events.
Steve’s had just about enough of the office, the deferential staffers,
and the stuffy shirts that Carol makes him wear.What he really wants is for someone to come along and make a mess of him.

We Are America by itsrachelsimpson:The avengers are already sick of the President and it’s only January so they decide to do something about it. So
I know this is a little late and a little silly but I was angry and I
wanted a way to show that. I know people will be offended and I’m ready
for that.

A Proportional Response by @msermesth: Steve doesn’t have a reason for cock-blocking Tony.No reason, whatsoever.

Mr. President by MissChelleMcCoy:
Commander Rogers is president of the United States of America. Director Stark is his VP. PWP, blowjob. Enjoy

President Rogers and Mr. Stark (2 part series) by sahiya:
There are nights when Steve really regrets deciding to run for president.

in a wasp’s nest with a short shirt-tail by malfaisant: “The point, Mr. President, is that in about ten seconds
I’m going to get on my knees and suck your cock, unless you say no,
which would break my heart, but I’m only up for it if you’re up for it.
Please be up for it?”(Or in which Tony knows what he wants, and Steve should probably get out of politics.)

Happy Birthday, Mr. President by @navaanwrites: Steve does not expect to see Tony before the
festivities begin in Washington. Of course, Tony wants the president to
open his present as early as possible….. or the flag!porn story

A More Perfect Union by @sineala:
Tony has a proposal for his president.

Endorsement by jynx:
Tony Stark endorses his “candidate.”

Amber Waves of Grain by ChemicallyYours:
Steve had hoped for his last night in office to be quiet and uneventful. Tony wants to make sure he goes out with a bang.

Tony Stark Takes a Liberty and the Universe Thanks Him by RurouniHime @thegertie:
In which people think they are entitled to Steve Roger’s face (aka,
because tomorrow is coming, and I hold out hope, Supreme Court.)

Steve Rogers for Congress by CodeGreen: “How did you even get this number, Stark?”“I didn’t,” Tony’s voice was bright, Steve could actually hear him grinning. “You just gave it to me.”“That doesn’t even make sense.”“Have dinner with me tonight,” Tony deflected. ‘We can argue whether it makes sense over sushi. Daruma-ya. Be there.“
——- OR:
City Councilman Steve Rogers launches a Congressional campaign. The CEO
of Stark Industries is determined to make a new political bedfellow.

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