SIM!Tony and Hydra!Cap

SIM!Tony and Hydra!Cap

hii, first of all, i love your blog so much!!! so, you know any fics with SIM Tony and Cap Hydra? I mean, both being villians and being a couple or something like that? again, ilysm, thank u ❤️

Glad you are enjoying the blog! Here are some fics featuring their evil counterparts for you:


Do You Trust Me? by orphan_account:
the multiverse is a thing, so it’s quite possible that when Tony asks
Steve if he trusts him, somewhere, Superior Iron Man is asking Captain
Hydra the very same question 🙂

a new dawn by Shippings_galore:
“You are everything the old era represents. What a better way to start this by ending everything you represent. Hope. Strength.”

Interlude with Ludes by MystikSpiral:
Tony gasps, trying to catch his breath or possibly his last shred of
dignity. Steve keeps watch of his face, the blood now creating a sleek,
red line down the side of his lip. It’s hypnotic, and in that moment
Steve realizes he wants to see Tony bleed. He’s not sure if it’s
metaphorical, but there’s a sense of submissiveness Steve’s finds in
bleeding. He feels himself get excited, so he drops him.

Turnabout is Fair Play by @laireshi:
Steve Rogers has a job that only Tony Stark can finish. Too bad his own
Tony is comatose, but that’s what he has the Cosmic Cube for: he’ll just
find another Tony to help. Or two.

Leave the War With Me by Blaithin: Steve had been shot before. But most bullets didn’t drag him back and forth through time. As
he struggles with a worsening injury and his own complicated feelings
following the SHRA, Steve realises that it isn’t his timeline he is
jumping through but Tony’s. And the time jumps seem to be leading
somewhere, to something worse than he could ever have imagined.

The Devil’s Groom by SomeA (DWM):  For a kink_meme prompt:
“So yeah, I see the Meme is awash with Steve/Tony, but I have this prompt in my head and I can barely stand myself!So,
we all remember that time where the Evil!Tony from an AU world showed
up and hated Reed and got all wibbly when he saw this world’s Cap was
alive, yes? I want Evil!Tony’s Steve from the AU to somehow come back to
life, and go looking for his vanished lover.He shows up, finds
E!Tony, busts him out, and they have wild raunchy possessive “I’m going
to fuck you so hard that you taste me” sex.Kink? Infront of some captured Avengers. Our Tony, Steve, Clint, Rhodey, hell anyone you want! Voyeurism ftw!Oh please, please Anon, you’re my only hope.“ (not SIM/HydraCap, but evil/evil)

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