Fluff 4

Fluff 4

We could all use some fluff right now, couldn’t we?  Be sure to check out the Fluff and More Fluff and Fluff Part 3 lists. There is also Fluff and Smut.  Here are some recent recs you might enjoy.  Everyone hang in there!

Playtime Romance by @jehbeeeh: “Daddy, come ON,” the little voice squealed as he tried to pull his dad with both hands away from the play structure.But his dad was frozen in place. His eyes trained on the monkey bars, and specifically the blond athletic man that was using them to do pull ups.

routine maintenance by @bardingbeedle:

Or, Tony tries to get the kids in the tub. Steve’s a little nervous about it for…reasons.

If the Water’s Still Flowing by @sineala:

When a flight test of Tony’s new Iron Man suit model sends him plunging into the depths of the Atlantic, rescue comes from the most unlikely of sources. Tony had thought mermaids were fictional, but this man is very, very real. And Tony certainly never expected the merman to be handsome… and the attraction to be mutual.

Wrecking Ball by @sineala:

Steve is in a wonderful relationship with his teammate Iron Man, adored by the public. Steve and Avengers benefactor Tony Stark are just very good friends. It should be easy to remember that.

alla vodka by mistymountainking: Carbone. 1800. Wear the blue shirt.***written as a prompt fill for omg-its-peachy on tumblr, who asked for a Steve/Tony Blind Date AU.

The Stolen Shirt by RiotFalling:

Tony steals Steve’s shirt. It has an effect.

Drawn to Be Something More by MiniRaven:

Morgan Stark shows off a picture to Steve Rogers, daddy’s special friend. Tooth rotting adorableness ensues.

Playing the Part Remix by @nanasekei: “We have five days of this ahead of us, Cap. Call me crazy, but I think if we don’t spend the entire time fighting over every little thing, we might have a chance of actually pulling this off.”-Tony tells a joke, that turns into a lie, that turns into him having to pretend to Steve Rogers’ husband for five days. Just his luck.

kiss me, kiss me, kiss me by @onlymorelove: Tony wakes after spending his first night with Steve.

Media Blitz by @nixie-deangel: “Well, if I hadn’t, Pep pot, we wouldn’t we be reliving the weirdest two weeks of my life. Again,” Tony points out. “And really, that’s saying something considering last year you, Nat, and I got sent to that pleasure planet with bird boys one and two.”“We agreed that would never be spoken of again,” she cuts in, eyes sharpening into a fierce glare.
Or, reason number 3 on why Pepper Potts shoulder never be allowed to have a vacation that allows for a media black out while she lounges on a beach by herself.

if this was a movie by ohjustpeachy: “One of our seniors is being generous with his time this year—by force of his own actions, but generous none the less—and he’d be happy to help you, I’m sure. Tony Stark? I’ll set something up for later this week. I think between the two of you you’ll be able to pull your average up enough to make it through to playoffs,” Coulson said, with that ever-hopeful lilt in his voice. Or, Steve needs a calculus tutor, Tony is available, but how is Steve ever supposed to focus when he’s been in love with Tony for … his entire school life?

Where the Sea Meets the Sky by @awesomelifechoices (janonny): Steve is recuperating in a seaside town when he meets a merman. Or rather, a merman finds him and asks — demands, really — to be taken home with him to learn about the human world. And that isn’t even the strangest part…-“I don’t know what the whole immortal soul and seafoam bits were about. Why would we turn into seafoam? It shows a real lack of understanding about biology, science and magic.”

given you a number, taken away your name by @awesomelifechoices (janonny): As Tony behaves more erratically, S.H.I.E.L.D. sends in Steve as an undercover agent in S.I. to be Natasha’s back-up. Except Steve is really, really not cut out for this undercover business.-Before the lift’s doors closed, Stark suddenly grinned and said, “Call me Tony. Have a better rest of the day, big guy.”Awkwardly, Steve lifted his free hand and waved as the doors slid shut between them.What…what was he doing? Why was he waving? Steve hurriedly put his hand down and turned around sharply.

Dreamboat to the Rescue by @shetlandowl:

When the last single person in Tony’s close friend-group finds her special someone, said person makes it her personal mission to make sure Tony doesn’t die alone. Getting her off his case will take a miracle, so Tony tries to fabricate one. It doesn’t go according to plan.

Second Opinion by @no-gorms (Annie D): Written for an anon on tumblr, who requested “short domesticity fic where you can tell that Steve and Tony have been together for THAT long”.I kinda failed at at the domesticity portion, but this Steve and Tony are very, VERY together.

Hair Time Floof by @no-gorms (Annie D): Written for an anon on tumblr who requested: “Something with Tony’s hair? It’s really floofy.”While watching TV together, Steve plays with Tony’s hair.

Tonight’s the night by tonystarklovesyou3000:

Tony Stark is ready to propose. The problem is, Steve is, too.

Who Wouldn’t Go? by @isozyme: “But it’ll help you?” Steve asks.“Yes,” Tony replies, even as he knows this is going to break his fragile, smitten heart. Steve, on his arm, coming up with some sweet story of how they met, having to pretend to Steve afterwards that it had all been an act on Tony’s part as well, cock-blocked Tantalus hoist on his own petard.“Then I’ll do it,” Steve says. “Anything for – for a friend.”

Touchy-Feely by @musicalluna:

After an encounter with Justin Hammer, Tony starts to feel—and act—strangely.

Good Luck Charm by @blossomsinthemist:

Steve’s been reckless on the battlefield lately, and gets himself hurt. Tony worries over him. Steve pines over Tony. Things go unspoken, but they still manage to be there for each other all the same. Maybe what they’ve always had is still as strong as it always was, after all.

Earth Laughs in Flowers by @starksnack:

A secret admirer has been sending Tony flowers and confessions of love.

Inside Man by Mizzy:

Steve realizes that Iron Man is a great source of inside-knowledge for his first date with Tony Stark!

A Little Pick You Up by @festiveferret:

Tony needs his midday hit of caffeine, but when he finds himself alone in the cafe with an unfairly handsome, blue-eyed artist, he gets a midday hit on, instead.

Braid by @avengersnewb:

Viking Arranged Marriage AU – Young omega Tony is traded to the Vikings by Stane, for safe passage and gets married to alpha Steve Rogers the captain of the chiefly vessel.

April’s Fool by @avengersnewb:

Steve asks Tony out on April Fools’ Day, not realizing what day it is. Tony gets upset and rejects him. Tony can’t believe Steve would mock him like this. Steve can’t believe Tony would reject him like that.
There is a bit of a twist though, and Steve might need to take matters in his own hands.

Coffee and a Date by ABrighterDarkness:

Nat said he’d be here, so where was–ah, that’s gotta be him. Tony checked his phone again, rereading Natasha’s message for the fifth or sixth time. “His name is Steve. Big guy. Trust me, you’ll know him when you see him.”

Love in the Time of Corona by sabrecmc:

Based on a Twitter post, Tony is sheltering in place at Rhodey’s during the Coronavirus outbreak and spots a super hot guy workong out on a rooftop in Brooklyn. He builds a drone to meet him the social-distancing way.