Can I please request for fics with discipline and punishment themes? Could be a/b/o, BDSM relationship or anything else! (This may or may not have been directly inspired by The Prize :P) Thank you for all the work you put in!

Punishment!  I kind of love that trope, especially when it’s a bit creative.  You might check the spanking recs, but here are some additional suggestions (please heed the tags, of course):


Gallery Piece by Leafling:   Whenever spanking occurs, other kinky things are sure to follow. Steve and Tony find that out first-hand, when the super-soldier sets out to punish Tony for his snarky attitude.

Carrot and Stick by @kandisheek-art:  Tony has never done well with being denied anything. So Steve takes it upon himself to teach him some restraint.

Dark Paradise by Kittyswriting:   Tony and Steve have been dating for over a year, Steve is Tony’s Dom, Tony breaks the rules when Steve’s away. When Steve comes back he has to punish his boy. D/S Stony.

WHAP! by orphan_account:   Tony stays up past his bedtime. Steve is not pleased.

Run by @ashes0909:  “So insubordinate this morning. And you still have your collar on.” Tony narrowed his eyes, let his smirk spread wide. “I think I should punish you.” (part of Held series, can be read alone)

Adaptablility by @everybodyilovedies (Amuly):   After the events of 1×06 and the debacle with Hammer, Steve decides Tony needs to learn to listen to him… or else.

every now and then i fall apart by orphan_account:  While the Avengers are recuperating at Clint’s “safe-house,” Steve gives in to his dark side and punishes Tony for creating Ultron.

Taken in Hand by torianmist:  Sometimes the man carrying out the consequence feels the pain as much or more than the man who created the cause.

Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law by torianmist:   Steve doesn’t share his toys well

Taken in Hand by SecretSmutSquirrel:  Steve misbehaves and Tony takes him in hand.

Nice, France by @athletiger: One year after Siberia, Tony sends a text.

Broadcast Yourself by orphan_account:  After Tony does something stupid – again – Steve takes his time in coming up with a suitable punishment for him. In the meantime he takes up some new hobbies..

Taming the Tempest by HepG2: Tony Stark is an absolute menace when it comes to working in a team. Has a penchant for disregarding orders, disrespecting superiors, does anything he wants. Steve will carve respect into that body, and Tony will obey.

Please You by brofancy:   …It was belittling when it came down to it. That was the ultimate punishment. It was degrading for him to walk around in these clothes, servicing Steve whenever he saw fit—and it gnawed at him deep in the pit of his stomach—but he loved it. That was the sick part. (part of a series, but can be read alone)

Paging Dr. Rogers by orphan_account:  In order to be forgiven, Tony must submit to Steve’s “medical expertise.”

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