Horngry Fics (Food Kink)

Horngry Fics (Food Kink)

Hi Sabre! Here’s me asking for horngry fics

I took your ask to be for food kink type fics, so hopefully, that’s what you meant!  Here are some suggestions, some of which are more about food and some of which are more about kink, but lots of fun to explore.


Table Service by chubbychoco:

Steve Rogers, owner of the biggest up-and-coming restaurant in Brooklyn. Tony Stark, food critic with a chip on his shoulder. Add one badly-timed angry erection and stir well for a surprisingly happy ending for all involved.

Chocolate Bunnies and Dainty Teddies by within_a_rustic_cafe: Its Easter time and Steve persuades Tony to exchange Easter baskets. Tony decides to add some special items, which Steve is way more than excited for.ORSteve body worships Tony with chocolate sauce and Tony gets Steve some pretty lingerie.

Birthday Cake by nightwalker:

Steve is decorating a cake. Tony is all about that.

Dessert Art by @kandisheek:

Steve’s mom always used to say ‘Don’t play with your food’. She might’ve had a point.

I’ll Make You Feel Pure by @blossomsinthemist:

Steve and Tony have been trying out some more unusual sexual activities in the dom/sub and BDSM realms, but they’re still, ahem, working out the kinks. They try again, with Tony subbing, and, well, it almost goes according to plan. With only a few hiccups. Sub Tony, gentle dom Steve, lots of aftercare.

Day 21: Food Play by CrimsonBlueMoon:

In Tony’s defense, he hadn’t meant to start a food fight. But he is sure glad he did.

Taste by @ashes0909:

Tony narrowed his eyes and put the glass down. “I think you may be skeptical about the glory of chocolate syrup.” (part of Held series, but can be read alone)

Sundae by @arukou-arukou:

If it weren’t for Clint and Not Another Teen Movie Tony never would’ve developed this stupid fixation. He’s pretty sure. Probably. Maybe.

Love’s Perfect Ache by Supernova53:

Living in the Avenger’s Compound gets lonely without Tony there. Luckily he always seems to come back just at the right moment – with strawberries… And champagne..

upsetti spaghetti by snarkstack:

“It that a Foccacia loaf in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” Basically Steve tries to cook an Italian birthday dinner for Tony.

The Luckiest Popsicle in the World by AdamantSteve:  Steve eats weird. It’s hot.

Hungry? by orphan account:

On a fine Halloween morning, Steve treats Tony to the recipe of his dreams.(tw for vore)

Masterpiece by Jaune_Chat:

Steve. Tony. Chocolate body paint. I think you know where this is going…

You Taste So Sweet Babe by stony_superfam:

Stony Smut (chocolate syrup)

Caffeinated by @antigrav-vector:

Tony loves coffee. Tony loves Steve. What could be better than that? Well.

With Sweets in Every Fold by coffee_mage:

Sometimes, Tony’s ideas are amazing. Sometimes they’re not so good. And sometimes? Sometimes Steve needs to know when to say no.

Steve, Tony and the Chocolate Dick by DepressingGreenie:

Tony decides to get Steve a chocolate dick for Valentine’s Day. Partly as a joke, partly because he wants to know if Steve has any interest in him.

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