Criminal, Lawyer, and Courthouse AUs

Criminal, Lawyer, and Courthouse AUs

Hey! I love your rec lists! There is always a tab open for it, I read the fics listed in them every single day! Also, I was wondering, do you know any criminal/lawyer AUs?? Or where they meet at a courthouse?!? Thank you!❤

Not many like that, but here are some suggestions for you:

The Defender of the Innocent and the Defender of the Guilty by @tonystarkssnipples: Bruce and Betty are the adoptive parents of Tony, Natasha, Thor, and Clint, all of whom are cops, save for Tony.Tony is a defense lawyer and Steve is a DA when they meet. Continues in Parts 2 and 3 of the Lawyer AU series.

I’ll Be Here All Week by pamelarosee:
The one where Steve Rogers volunteers at a puppy shelter and Tony Stark
does everything to be close to him (except for ask for his number).

(Tony is a lawyer)

String Theory by GracelingwithPoiseWithoutGrace:
Tony Stark is a lawyer who’s haunted by recurring dreams of another life- Flying, a man’s body touching his, dying?- Steve
Rogers is a drunk, washed-up cop desperate to resolve the trauma from
his last failed case, the kidnapping of Mariya Stressman. While under
hypnosis with his therapist Natalie, Steve begins to recall memories
from another life. Then they meet- And everything they thought they knew about themselves and each other changes.

The Right Side (of the Law) by Pearl_Unplanned:
And so there Officer Rogers found himself, tied up by a street gang
called Hydra, hand-cuffed to a notorious ex-criminal Tony Stark who
insists that he wasn’t the one trying to set off a bomb. Right. How did
Steve’s life come to this?

Jus ad Bellum by AHumanFemale; Robin Hood (kjack89): “Whatcha doing?”Steve jerked upright, glancing guiltily at the doorway. “Oh, hey Buck,” he said, fumbling for the remote.He
didn’t get there in time. Bucky perched on the edge of his desk,
crossing his arms in front of his chest as he looked at the TV.
“Slacking on the job, huh?” he said with a grin. “What’re you watching
that’s so important?”“Oh, nothing,” Steve said with forced
casualness. “The Rumlow verdict is due back today, and the local news is
doing its usual Tony Stark love fest.”“Funny,” Bucky said, his grin widening. “I thought that was your job.” (Law & Order AU with DA Tony and Police Captain Steve)

Challenge by JuniperLemon:
Steve is a genius and needs something to occupy his mind so he turns to
hacking and setting challenges for The Avengers. Iron man is out to stop