Public and Ritual Sex

Public and Ritual Sex

My first born for any public sex or ritual sex

That’s an interesting ask!  You might check out the Office Sex recs, since that is often public or semi-public.  Let’s see…


Taming the Tempest by HepG2:  Tony Stark is an absolute menace when it comes to working in a team. Has a penchant for disregarding orders, disrespecting superiors, does anything he wants. Steve will carve respect into that body, and Tony will obey.

These Roles We Play by @cptxrogers:
Steve and Tony play at reliving their early days as the reserved team benefactor and the questionably-costumed hero Nomad.

Movie Night Etiquette by @tonystarkssnipples: Clint was at a loss. Would it be worse to acknowledge
the situation or wait until it was over? Shoot an alien 100ft away with a
bow and arrow without looking? Not a problem. Handling the fact that
his two team leaders were currently wrapped up in a blanket together
and… canoodling? Time to hop on the next train out of here.-or-Clint catches Steve and Tony having sex during team movie night.

Employee of the Month by @ashes0909:
This was a stupid dare. Clint had agreed, but with Bucky egging him on… Well, now Steve was under a table.

Not that I’m Complaining by scribblywobblytimeylimey:
The next time they save the world, Steve sucks Tony off against the wall
without a word of explanation. Tony’s pretty okay with it.

Christmas Party Shenanigans by sharkie335:
Director Fury requires the team to attend a holiday party.  Steve and
Tony get up to some things that are definitely not sanctioned.

What is His is Not for Sharing by @queendophne:
Tony Stark knows exactly what would happen if you provoke the little
jealous monster that sits inside Steve and he quite enjoys it.

Door 72112 by @shetlandowl:
NSFW Monsters Inc. AU where Steve is employed to enter the world of
humans and collect highly desirable hormones and naturally produced
chemicals that fetch a handsome price among his people.

Claiming a Fallen Prince by Agent C:
Steve rises up to take the throne after winning against Stane’s Regency.
However, as custom dictates, he must claim someone of the old regime in
order to fully gain his rightful place. His eyes are set on only
one–the fallen prince, Tony.

Holy by indigostohelit:
From the kink meme: Steve is the new high priest to the cult of Stark.
As a test, he has to spend a night alone in the inner chambers of the
high temple. Completely alone. So what is that dark-haired man doing
there and why is he strutting around like he owns the place? …oh. OH.
Steve knew he was supposed to have some sort of otherworldly experience,
he just didn’t think it would involve being checked out by his god and
then fucking said god on the altar.

So Much That I Wanna Do by @chibisquirt: Steve wants Tony, but Tony has a boyfriend.  Then Tony’s boyfriend talks him into a Public Use fantasy, and it’s a little too tempting for Steve to resist.  Based on this prompt:  Tony is left out for public use, Steve takes his turn.