Frat Boy AUs

Frat Boy AUs

any frat boy aus?

A couple for you.  Most really just feature a frat party, but that’s the best I can do.  Enjoy!


house rules by delightfulalot: “The point of the game is to get the balls into your opponents’ cups.” “Oh,
I know how it works,” Steve says, all swag and confidence. He bounces a
ball off the table and – catches it on the back of his hand. “Shit,” Tony breathes, and then he looks up to see Steve looking at him. Steve winks.

Alpha Sigma Psi by orphan_account:
[College!AU] Alpha Sigma Psi is easily Empire State University’s most
recognizable fraternity chapters – led by the idealistic, political
Tony Stark and his second-in-commands Steve Rogers and Donald Blake, the
frat house is a tawdry den of sex, sleaze, booze, and politics.
Everybody’s got their hands in the cookie jar, and nobody is off limits.
How can a relationship survive when it has to navigate through an
environment specially designed to stimulate the body in a school meant
to stimulate the mind?

Hack Interrupted by Quaxo: This time of year there is always some punk from one of the /other/ colleges trying to make a name for themselves. Wherein Steve is a Harvard Man and Tony is a Beaver.  Hack:  MIT slang for prank.

Hold Me Tight by @potrix-the-queerschlaeger:  Rhodey doesn’t mean to adopt the drunk kid he finds in a frat house bathtub. It just sort of happens. Or; five times Rhodey and Tony (and Carol) share a bed, plus the one time they don’t, but things turn out all right anyway. (not exactly your ask, but does feature a frat party)

lighting up by rueflower: It was 4/20. The last Rhodey had seen of Tony, he was wearing nothing but an
oversized football jersey, wrapped around some blonde and completely
oblivious to the chaos of the surrounding frat party. That was four
hours ago, and he was starting to get worried.

Fucking Young/Perfect by NataliaJane:
Au: Steve Rogers is a professional football player who find himself
going to a college frat party with his friends Bucky and Sam. What
happens when he meets a gorgeous cocky boy at said party by the name of
Tony Stark? What happens when flirting turns into amazing sex? What
happens when he’s too Fucking Young? (Also I fucking suck at summaries)