Fluff 3

Fluff 3

any more fluff/feel good fics??

There are two Masterlists, Fluff and More Fluff, but with Endgame now behind us, I guess we can always use some more, right?  Good news is that there are almost 6000 works in the Stony tag that are tagged for fluff, so plenty to choose from!  Here are a few that you might enjoy:


if I time it right, the thunder breaks (when I open my mouth) by nanasekei: “You know,” Tony mumbles, because Tony never stops
talking. “When you say shit like – like that, it’s… It’s hard.” His
voice is slurred now, his eyes closed, as if he’s not even sure he’s
still saying anything aloud. “Because I know I should believe you, but I
– I wanna believe it so bad, so fucking much, that it feels like I
shouldn’t. Like, the second I believe it, the other shoe’s gonna drop,
and you’re gonna find out you don’t mean it.”-Or: Five Times Steve told Tony he loved him, and one time he didn’t need to.

no matchmaking before breakfast by nanasekei:
“I don’t even find Steve attractive.” Natasha says, eyes following
greedily every drop of coffee the machine pours, for once in her life
genuinely unaware of the impact her words are about to cause.

My New Year’s Resolution is You by @izazov:
Steve, Tony, and New Year’s Eve in Venice.

Three Little Words by @izazov:
As it turned out, making the first Iron Man suit in a cave out of a box of scraps was less challenging than saying ‘I love you’.

Casually in Love by @starkpad:
“You’ve been in a not-relationship and you make it official by saying
‘Why not?’” Bucky practically shrieked, throwing his hands up in

Insanity (Clarity) by @neverthelessthesun: Clint is having a bad weekend. He’s stuck reading the
minds of everyone near him until Thor gets back from Asgard with the
cure. He really, really hates magic. Prompt fill for the prompt: Either Steve or a third party gains mind reading powers, is shocked
when Tony’s thoughts about Steve are the most schmoopy romantic PG
things, even when what comes out of his mouth is super suggestive.

The Babysitter Experiment by @onemuseleft (nightwalker):
Steve and Tony volunteer to babysit. Fluff ensues.

The Newlywed Exercise by @avengersasssemble:
Fury orders the team to play The Newlywed Game to test their knowledge
of their teammates, with Natasha playing the hostess. May the best
couple win?

Fire Alarm by @kurowrites: The fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night. Tony is ‘saved’ by an attractive neighbour in underwear. Also featuring a very grumpy little robot.

Double Exposure by @shetlandowl:  After a brief stint in the third installment of the
Captain America franchise, Tony Stark was brought back to reprise his
role as Iron Man in the fourth Captain America movie, Avengers Assemble. Tony had spent most of his twenties becoming a household name as a rising star in Mexican telenovelas, and Avengers Assemble is his breakout role on the big screen – and, more importantly, his introduction to the mainstream US audience. Even
after the movie is completed, Steve and Tony’s friendship remains a
source of support that they instinctively rely on for encouragement and
guidance. Tony’s fearless approach helps Steve break out of his comfort
zone, and Steve’s solid grounding helps Tony focus on what matters. This
promotional tour is a new experience for Tony, but with Steve’s help,
his learning curve isn’t so steep. Steve’s learning curve, on the other
hand, is life changing.

My Heart is Yours by @starspangledsprocket:
Steve is determined, above all else, to win Tony’s heart. Even if it means using old fashioned methods.

Up All Night by @imafriendlydalek: There’s a group of idiots at his bar, and Steve is trying real hard to stay friendly. Until he can’t anymore.Tony never could resist a hot bartender, especially not one so beautifully opinionated.

With You Around by @pensversusswords: “I’d like to know you.” Tony works in a coffee
shop where Steve spends a lot of his time, because it’s the perfect
place to draw. Then, he starts to talk to Tony, and he finds himself
coming in for a different reason.

The Counselors Are In by @cptxrogers:
Steve and Tony from Avengers Assemble open a counseling service for all
the other Steves and Tonys from across the multiverse. God knows they
need it.

Earth’s Cuddliest Heroes by @laireshi:
This is not how Tony imagined his first cuddle session with Captain America would go.

to hold you in my arms by @laireshi:
Steve keeps telling himself that Tony is just a friend. It’s better this way. Apparently, Tony has other plans.

Keep on Falling by @musicalluna:
Steve doesn’t like PDA. At least, that’s what Tony thought.

In the sun by @blossomsinthemist:
Steve wakes up in bed with Tony.  When he remembers why, he’s in no hurry to leave.

Pillow Talk by @festiveferret: It took Steve a while to realize how often it happened.
How many missions or adventures ended with them forced to take refuge
for the night in one bed. Sometimes, it was a luxurious king in a fancy
hotel room. Sometimes, it was a tiny pup tent in the middle of the
woods.But he and Tony always seemed to end up sharing.

Strangers Now by @festiveferret: Back in elementary school, Tony Stark was Steve’s whole
world school until Tony’s parents packed up and moved him to LA. Steve
hasn’t seen him in ten years, and then he bumps into the kid living in
the dorm room across the hall – and it’s Tony.But Tony doesn’t remember Steve.

Universal Constant by @wordsplat:
Some things are the same in every universe.

Mission SteveTony by @itsallavengers:
If the entire team of Avengers could please stop trying to get it on with Tony when Steve is right there, he would really appreciate that, thank you

Hold Me, I’m Yours by @itsallavengers:
Steve is a little touch starved, and Tony is more than happy to satiate
him in any way that he can- much to the despair of the rest of the
Avengers, who would just like to eat their cereal without having to
watch mom and dad make out on the tabletop, thank you very much.
(7k of pure, ridiculous fluff)

If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now by @the-vorkosigan: “Hold that thought,” Tony said into his phone. “I apparently just got hit by a hitchhiker.”
“You hit a hitchhiker?” Happy sounded horrified.
“What? Am I talking to a wall? I got hit by a hitchhiker.”Having
just broken up with Pepper, Tony is driving to California on Christmas
Eve. When he picks up a hitchhiker, he hardly expects him to be the
former Captain America, defrosted and on the run from SHIELD.

Bros Before by tsukinofaerii:
For a year, Steve and Tony have had a bromance of epic proportions,
bonding over cheesy movies and long, dateless nights where they
reminisce over love lost. But now something threatens to interfere with
their precious Thursday Night Movies: a woman. Dun dun duuuuun.

snow.txt by @sineala:
When Tony was a kid, he wrote massive self-insert Invaders hurt/comfort
epics in which Captain America rescued him a lot. And cuddled him. He
wasn’t expecting that Steve would ever, ever read them.

Man Behind the Mouth Slit by @everybodyilovedies:
Tony Stark is dating the amazing, wonderful, attentive Steve Rogers, AKA
Captain America. Only problem is, Tony Stark is AKA Iron Man, AKA
crime-fighting partner of Steve Rogers AKA Captain America… and Steve
doesn’t know it. Tony Stark thinks it’s for the best: Steve likes
knowing his boyfriend is out of harm’s way. Janet van Dyne, on the other
hand, has a wholly different opinion on the matter. And the
determination and strength of will to make her opinion the right one.

We Can (Work From Home) by Eggums: Some domestic fluff inspired by Celestial Navigation by sabrecmc Steve’s gotta work but Tony doesn’t have to like it.

Blind Date AU Double Identity Porn by sabrecmc:
This Thank You Fic request was for a blind date AU where Pepper and
Natasha set them up.  I went with the premise that Tony never revealed
himself as Iron Man and no one knows Captain America’s true identity, so
double identity porn, whee!!!

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