Under 500 Kudos

Under 500 Kudos

Do you have any favorite fics under 500 kudos? Thanks!

So many wonderful fics out there, and I hope that you go back through the Steve/Tony tag and find some more, because there are a ton. I picked out a few that I enjoy, but there are so many more. Here are some suggestions for you:


Recent fics:

So Little Left to Give by @sineala:
Steve’s alive again… but Tony isn’t anywhere to be found. Steve knows
what to do about that. His quest to find Tony takes him to the frozen
depths of Russia, to rescue Tony from one of his greatest foes. But
that’s not all he has to contend with. Tony’s in the process of deleting
his own brain, and Steve doesn’t know if the man he finds will still
remember him.

Give Me Just a Little More Time by @robintcj:
Spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. A full summary will live in the author’s
notes, so you have to click to read it, but the premise is that this is
technically canon divergent in the sense that I’m treating it as… a few
deleted scenes in the middle, there. It’ll only make sense if you’ve
seen the movie, and if you haven’t seen the movie it will definitely
spoil you for it. Written in kind of a sketchy,
lots-of-really-short-scenes style.

I could like tangent in your curves by RurouniHime:
Steve is bodyguard to a prominent young socialite with too much genius
on his hands… and who has taken an unfortunate shine to him.

Mister Fixit and the Mechanic by Mizzy: An Iron Man 3 AU, wherein Steve was defrosted too
early, and after a couple of lonely decades working for SHIELD, decides
to retire and run a hardware store called Mister Fixit’s in suburban
Miami. Tony Stark, presumed dead, presumed not-Iron Man, needs to
make some weapons to take on the Mandarin’s mansion. A non-chain store
that takes cash and doesn’t ask questions is just what Tony needs. Steve
becomes intrigued by the mysterious mechanic that keeps buying things
from his store, but when he becomes more aware of what Tony the Mechanic
is up to, is Steve ready to be this close to the world of superheroes

A Snowball’s Case in Hell by @shetlandowl:
This is a story about Steve Rogers, who puts his preferred world of
fashion and modeling behind to enroll in Harvard Law School to show a
former boyfriend (and prospective fiancé) that he is capable of being

Pyriscence by @nostalgicatsea:
In the wake of the Decimation, there’s nothing but total destruction,
death and chaos that spread like wildfire, uncontained. All Natasha can
do is hold fast to her hope in the aftermath—hope that there’s a way
out. Hope that Tony will come back to them. To Steve.

And Time Can Do So Much by JenTheSweetie:
“I really shouldn’t be talking to a figment of my imagination,”
Steve said.  “Sam would be reading me the riot act.  I can hear him now.
Therapy works wonders, you know.

“Sounds like Wilson,” Tony agreed.  “And therapy does work wonders.
You might want to look into it, once it becomes a thing in a couple of

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Steve said.
A few years after Steve moved permanently back in time, he started having conversations with Tony again.

what you like times two by @gottalovev: To Tony’s delight, Steve Rogers is a lot kinkier than the WWII newsreels had led him to believe.(written for the alphabet challenge, letter “F”  *eyes the tags*  Plot? What plot?)

Bridge Over Troubled Waters by @the-vorkosigan:
After Thanos is defeated, Tony throws a party, like one does. Steve is
there, and Tony thinks it’s an awesome idea to seduce him, for old
times’ sake. Things get… complicated.

To Cross the Red Line (WIP) by @the-vorkosigan:
In the heat of battle, a small flotilla jumped away to an unknown sector
of space to avoid destruction. They don’t know where they are or how to
get home. They don’t even know if there is a home to get back to. The
surviving ships are a ragtag band of soldiers and civilians and
civilians that became soldiers out of need. The trouble is, most of the
fighter pilots are dead or wounded. Captain Rogers has to train a batch
of newly drafted cadets and turn them into decent pilots in no time. And
his star pupil is Tony Stark – a famous industrialist and billionaire
in his old life. Steve’s problem is, Stark is insufferable.

Personal Loyalty and Disregard for Protocol by @chibisquirt:
King Tony woke up the morning after the concubine came at actually the same time as he usually did.

Take My Body Home by @kiyaar: After the events of Superior Iron Man, Tony sells Extremis to the
highest bidder and finds himself living as an expatriate in Russia.Steve’s never been good at letting go.

You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) by @kiyaar: “Why don’t you take that off,” Tony whispers back, and
he tugs at the guy’s mask. He tries an arm around his waist, firm,
solid, hot. Tony is hard and it’s obvious. He thinks he’d be more of a
gentleman about it under normal circumstances, but in this place, it’s
like a handshake.He shudders and his back muscles move beneath
Tony’s hand. Tony’s pants grow tighter. He smells like Barbasol. A
well-respected man. Tony wants to disrespect him.(an AU where Steve never gave up the Nomad mantle, Tony has a coke habit, and they meet on the dance floor at Studio 54.)

All That’s Left by @winterstar95:
In the midst of the civil war, Steve meets Tony at an abandoned hotel.

Oldies but Goodies:

Dying for a Drink by tsukinofaerii:
Tony takes up an offer that has tragic effects, and Steve is forced to
handle the outcome. But Tony’s business isn’t done yet, and so Steve
finds himself struggling with vampire politics and his own sexuality.

Attack/Retreat by schmevil:
Steve and Tony work out some relationship problems.

Plunge by @kiyaar:
How the Illuminati ruined everything and no one was able to pick up the pieces.

For Best Effect, Apply Liberally and Thoroughly by Nix (CrimsonQuills):
A day at the beach.

No. 1 With a Bullet by @51st: “Rock and roll…it’s rebellion against the status quo. You kinda skipped the rebellious decades.” “Sounds angry,” Steve almost shouts.“One man’s rage is another man’s passion, Ripped Van Winkle.”

Lookalike by lackluster_lexicon:
Tony takes Steve to meet the Fantastic Four, only to find that Steve and Johnny look alike. As in, a LOT alike.

Mirror Mirror by ashinan:
Tony Stark is not getting old, no matter what anyone says.

you don’t need me (but you won’t leave me) by @brandnewfashion: It was a gradual thing.There was no shock of lightning, no epiphany or choir of angels.There was no particular moment where Tony was struck with the realization that he was in love with Steve Rogers.

I Didn’t Recognize You Without the Handcuffs by shinkonokokoro:
Avengers AU where Steve is a New York cop and Tony’s rich and bored. Solution? Get arrested.

Apparently Only One Meal Away from Barbarism by valtyr:
The Savage Land: “All kinds of mutates and dinosaurs and big cheetahs
and a surprising amount of acceptable nudity.” – Spider-Man  (honestly, one of my favorites…I find it hot and hilarious)

Darling (I’ve Been Flickering) by captainshellhead:
Tony comes down with something after getting thrown into the harbor during a mission. Steve takes care of him.

A Kiss is Still a Kiss by @ms-meredith-milton: mini-fill for this kinkmeme prompt:“Steve pulls the yawn & stretch move”

One Hell of a Ride by @missbeckywrites:
A recon mission turns into something a little more than Steve and Tony bargained for. Good thing Tony’s got a fast car.

Watch Your Light Go Out by @elise509:
The incident in Washington D.C. is not the first time The Winter Soldier has tracked Steve Rogers.  Nor will it be the last.

Genuflect (WIP) by @some-blue-jack:
“You called for me, Your Majesty,” Steve said, leather creaking as he
adjusted his sword and shield in order to go down to one knee. He waited
for Tony’s permission to rise.