Another Kind of “Captain America”

Another Kind of “Captain America”

Sorry if this is too specific, please skip over it if that’s the case! I was wondering if you know of any fics where Steve is known as Captain America or just captain but in a different context? Kinda like in your “Gift With Purpose” or itsallAvenger’s “Paved With Good Intetions” or Winterstar’s “Upon Waking.” Thanks!!

There are a number of those where Steve is a mob boss or plays football or is a soldier in some no-powers AU, so check out those lists, but here are a few more where Steve is a different kind of captain.


My Assistant, The Captain by fadedlullabyes: Steve Rogers is a legend at Stark Industries. He’s
known for getting Tony to work and getting him to sit in on board
meetings. He’s also great at juggling schedules and digging up dirt on
employees even if he can’t prove their guilt. When Tony goes missing,
Steve is beside himself and works himself into the ground. He’s
recovering when Tony is found and demands to be there when he lands on
American soil. Steve never learns what exactly happened and he won’t ask
until Tony is ready to answer him. So Steve knows that Tony is Iron Man and is eager to help. But Steve has his own secret that he doesn’t know he can share.

Problems in Relativity by Muccamukk:
Steve Rogers, captain of the spacecraft America, resents
playing Director Fury’s errand boy, and that’s before the mission to
collect a mysterious package leads to more trouble than he ever wanted.

the tower of enlightenment by shell-heads: There are many duties commanded of the Captain of
Camelot’s knights, and Steven takes them all with a firm hand, sworn to
protect and defend the citizens of Camelot with his very life. One duty,
however, he carries far above all others, and he knows this is the
reason King Howard locks Prince Anthony in the tower of the old kings
only once Steve has left the land to lead a quest for his majesty. Captain
of the knights he may be, Steve has never fooled himself or anyone else
in what is his most important mission; before his king, and before his
knights, and before anyone else, Steve fights for his prince, and it is
through no sense of responsibility or duty that he does so. Steve
fights, and laughs, and yells, and it all belongs to Prince Anthony for
the simple reason that Steve loves him, and no king or kingdom will
ever be able to change that. Consequences be damned-the day Steve leaves
Tony to King Howard’s cruel mercies will be a cold day in hell, indeed.
And so, shaking with rage, to the tower the noble knight goes.

It Started With a Kiss and Ended Like This by Publisher021:
Steve Rogers is the Captain of the football team. You’d think he’d be used to people trying to kiss him. Turns out, he’s not.

Supervillain Crush by @captainneverever:
Tony wants to find out everything he can about The Captain and finds something he wasn’t expecting.

just another (drop in the ocean) by lincesque:
Captain Steven Rogers of the Imperial Navy had one mission: to locate
the notorious pirate ship, the Ironheart, and capture her mysterious
captain, a man known only as ‘Tony’.

The Captain and the Dragon by Pandelion:
Dragon!Tony and virgin!Steve and you can guess how this one ends.

Nobody Else but Me by Amonae:
Iron Man and the Captain have been side-stepping each other at every
turn, a villain and spy locked in a constant samba. But SHIELD is
growing impatient, and Iron Man is losing face in the eyes of his
men–both Steve and Tony find themselves in too deep before even
realizing the stakes.

Adamant by whizzy:
Anthony Stark, Lord of the city of Mainhett, undertakes an expedition to recover the lost shield of a legendary paladin.

turn to dust or turn to gold by @s-hylor:
Fight after fight the Captain won, always staring defiantly up at
the Emperor as he stood over his defeated opponent. He dispatched them
all as the Emperor saw fit, and for once, sitting in the amphitheatre
Tony didn’t feel the killing blows like they were his own. All he cared
was that the Captain walked away from his fights.
Until the day that he didn’t.

Reel Me In by @imafriendlydalek & @orbingarrow: Don’t know anything about fishing or lobsters?  No worries.  Tony doesn’t either.What
he does know is that the captain of the good ship Freedom is too hot
for Maine, the captain’s best friends are the best kind of trouble, and
that any town with a watering hole called The Bearded Clam is worth a
second look.(Bucky has a hook, Rhodey’s got game, and Tony’s 2,300 miles from his happy ending.)

The Captain and the Prince by Penumbren:
Steve has had a crush on Tony for years. Captain Rogers heads up the
castle guard when Prince Anthony returns from his studies abroad. What’s
a poor captain of the guard to do when his past crashes into his

The Captain and His Courtesan by @winterstar95: A story of revolution.Captain Steve Rogers is
just trying to pay off his debt to SHIELD, carting cargo from the Rim
worlds to the Inner Belts in his bucket of bolts ship, the Howling Commando.
He keeps a low profile and makes sure his crew is safe and happy. But
the universe has a different plan for the once highly decorated Captain
of the Honor Guard. The universe drops a Courtesan by the name of Tony
Stark into his life. The Captain doesn’t like it, but Bucky convinces
him that providing transport to the most elusive Courtesan in the Guild
could be their ticket to freedom. His crew from the engineer with anger
management issues to the pilot who may be a beautiful but deadly
assassin wants him to take the commission. What ends up being a simple
commission puts his crew in jeopardy and could change all of humanity,
because the Courtesan is not really just a pretty face and the Captain
of the Honor Guard can fall in love far too easily with a man of
conviction – and Tony Stark is a man of conviction.

Upon Waking by @winterstar95:
A story of recovery. In a world without superheroes, Tony Stark, the
disinherited son of a billionaire, goes to Afghanistan as an embedded
media star, only to be held hostage for months until he’s rescued.
During his recovery, his therapist Doctor Bruce Banner prescribes an
unusual treatment; volunteer work at a rehab center. He meets an
eclectic assembled group including a vet who thinks he’s Thor, a
physical therapist who might be a spy, and an all American hero, Steve
Rogers. It is Steve Rogers, the soldier in a coma, who captures his
interest and, eventually, his heart.

Inside/Outside (the freedom remix) by @robintcj:
Tony Stark’s mentor and second-in-command, Obadiah Stane, has framed him
for international arms dealing, and Tony has wound up in prison,
sharing a cell with Steve Rogers, a Special Ops soldier who doesn’t
belong behind bars, either.

Across the States in Three Days by melissen: It’s about romance blossoming between one arrogant
billionaire, Tony Stark, and a soldier, Steve Rogers who are trying to
get from San Diego to New York. It ONLY starts like the movie Due
Date but is completely different. I liked the idea of two man who
dislike each other travelling together. TonyxSteve SLASH Male x Male

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