Memorial Day

Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day to all those celebrating and a paricular thank you to those who served or have family members serving.  Here are some fics that  I thought you might enjoy for the occasion.


Memorial by ani_bester: 

Tony takes Steve to see the WWII Monument in Washington

Memorial by hanyou_elf: Here rests in honored glory an American Soldier known but to God.Steve visits Arlington’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in lieu of visting the tombs of those he’s lost.

Remembrance by Sonora: 

Each member of the team honors Memorial Day in a slightly different way.

One Nation Indivisible by theladyscribe: 

They ask Steve to lead the Pledge at the memorial service for the Battle of Manhattan, and of course he agrees.

Pro Patria by Sarah K: 

Tony visits Arlington and finds that he’s not the only Avenger there.

Concerto Memorial by TariCalmcacil: Steve just wanted to spend Memorial Day thinking about his friends. He didn’t realize that Tony had the same idea when he dragged him to DC for the National Memorial Day Concert.Or: how Steve stopped seeing Tony as an annoying acquaintance whom wasn’t quite as awful as he originally thought and started seeing him as a friend.

Armistice Day by @wordsplat

Steve’s been reclusive, and Tony finally figures out why.