Artistic Writing

Artistic Writing

Do you know any fics that are written very artistic. I love when the writing style is unique and like beautiful. I love you and your work so much, and thank you for taking the time to create all these Masterpost.

This was an interesting ask, and I’ve tried to include a lot of different styles that are a bit out of the ordinary, so hopefully, you will find something you like.

this is how by Areiton: This is how the world ends: Gaps in the code.

In a Color Unseen by @ayapandagirl: Steve knows a king’s attention is fleeting, but there are some things he can’t see.

a sacrament that should be taken by hiyah: Steve, to untold devastation, explores Tony’s body and his relationship simultaneously.  And Tony? Tony knew first.  He trails his fingers down Tony’s cheek, tracing the curves he can draw in his sleep (he’s seen Tony’s face in his dreams, in his nightmares, in the mirror on a lonely Wakandan morning) and then he remembers, this time he’s allowed to look.

Are we satellites? by starvels: In between sunrises on the road, Steve is speaking, eating, stepping into diners to save people like coming back to his childhood home. And Tony, Tony is watching him. Tony is relearning being awake.-A cross country roadtrip where Steve and Tony find the typical American town, a fuckton of trees and finally, finally, find the right questions to ask each other.

Across the Sea of Stars by justanotherrollingstony (adoctoraday) @crownofstardustandbone: His heart pounding in his chest, Tony looks around wildly for Steve and sees his husband standing tall at the helm, muscles quivering as he forces the ship to stay on course. He always knew they’d go down together.

The Sea is Calling by justanotherrollingstony (adoctoraday) @crownofstardustandbone: The storm took everything from Steve and left him empty and alone. Tony has been swept away on the rough tides, taken from everything and everyone he loves. The sea takes and takes and takes and gives nothing back.

Sing Another Charlie Boy by justanotherrollingstony (adoctoraday) @crownofstardustandbone: A brief respite from the horrors of war leads to a song, a hope, a memory.

Multitude of One by @nostalgicatsea: “So was I,” his soulmate would tell him one day, and what it would mean was that they loved him.

Make Believe by CAPSING: Tony deals with his problems by making them go away, as he sinks into the realities he creates using B.A.R.F.

The Iron Cardinal by dracusfyre: Steve, as a Knight of Solomon’s Temple, considers himself a pious man of God. Antoine Stark, on the other hand, despite his position as the Cardinal of Paris, is the most  impious  man Steve has ever met, to Steve’s eternal irritation. But when Steve’s carefully ordered life as a Templar comes crashing down and his brother in arms Bucky vanishes, he is forced to turn to Cardinal Stark for help. To his surprise, he slowly learns that there is much more to Stark than he realized; to his dismay, he also learns that the plot against the Templars is more insidious than he imagined, and that the fate of the world may lie in them finding Bucky in time.

Cincinnatus by @laudatenium: Behind the counter were mirror-backed shelves filled with black-and-white photographs and a folded flag in a frame.  One of the most prominently displayed was one of Steve, in the ridiculous uniform he had worn during the USO tour.  He had the cowl off, and looked exceptionally uncomfortable as he posed with what looked like several railway officials, a couple of the Star-Spangled Singers sitting smirking around spoons in the booth behind them.“Sorry – I gotta –“ Tony motioned outside.

Ashes and Silver by Corsets_and_Cardigans: “Sorry, but you can’t speak with her.” He looked apologetic, shaking his head at Steve.“Please, I’ve been looking for her for so long.” Steve put his hands together in front of his chest, praying to a God that had long forsaken him. “I just need five minutes of her time.” “Well, unless you packed a ouija board on your Harley, I can’t help you. She’s been dead for almost thirty years.” Steve’s heart dropped to the floor. “Dead.”
Steve is looking for something special and Tony’s mother. He finds so much more.

As Sharp as Any Thorn by RurouniHime: It’s four days to Christmas, there’s a city in shambles, and the nation is in mourning because of the actions of a single man.