Steve is Jealous of Stephen Strange

Steve is Jealous of Stephen Strange

Hi! Do you know any fanfics where both Steve and Stephen are fighting for Tony?? And in the end steve ends up with Tony? Thanks! 🙂

I only know of a handful that don’t end in IronStrange (seems to have been a post-CACW thing), but here you go:


Hold Fast, Dear Captain by RoseGoldAmpersand: Tony remembered Doctor Stephen Strange from the more wild nights of his youth, but he was pretty sure Strange hadn’t worn a cape back then. At an Avenger’s gala, Tony reunites with his ex-lover and a jealous Captain America sets out to remind his partner exactly who it is he belongs to.

On Installments by Winnetou: Stephen flirts, Steve is jealous, Buck does not know whether to laugh or cry, and Tony once again goes to the covers, but this time not through his own fault.

i think i’ll go to boston by elsanoelle: Steve is territorial over Tony when it comes to Dr. Strange, even when the Sorcerer Supreme has zero interest in his husband.

Next to You by @avengersnewb (WIP): It’s been seven years since CACW, seven years since Tony has seen Steve. Tony’s been trying to move on, well sorta, but the moment has never been right.  Then one night, out of the blue, the phone rings and Steve wants to catch up. Tony doesn’t really need that right? What is there to catch up about? This might be a sign, he thinks, to finally move on. The universe has a different plan though.With a bit of Strange’s magic, Tony wakes up in a slightly shifted reality, next to Steve Rogers who is a bit smaller than Tony remembers him to be and … a couple of kids. Suburban life, no money, no powers and baggage that follows him around, literally everywhere.

The Competition Never Stops by MiniRaven: Steve’s been watching Tony for awhile, but holds himself back from acting on his feelings. Too late does Steve realize that he’s in love with the brilliant young man when an array of attractive individuals come by and try to steal Tony’s attention. Steve may be late to the party, but that doesn’t mean he won’t put up a fight.

to burn it like cedar by frostfall: He drops in around midnight again.Tony almost sighs at the sight of him bleeding all over his floor. There are many words on the tip of his tongue, words that should be said now. Later. Before.But like he always does, Tony swallows them down and shuffles into his bathroom.After all, it’s Steve Rogers. Tony could never deny Steve Rogers.(Or after radio silence, Steve turns to Tony for help. Tony does. It should be the end of it.And just like all those times before, it isn’t.)

Little Heroes Kindergarten by peppypear:  “Dad, I don’t like Mr Thanos. He’s an alien.” Peter insisted. “He’s not an alien.” Tony sighed, turning the car into the road leading to Little Heroes Kindergarten. “I know what you’re trying to say, but you can’t keep shouting things like that in public, especially in this political climate-”

A collection of oneshots and short arcs in an AU where Thanos is Peter’s kindergarten teacher. 75% crack, 25% plot. Betcha never read a Stony CACW Fixit fic like this one before! !!MAIN PLOT IS COMPLETE!! Anything after Chapter 26 is a Bonus Scene, which will be posted as and when I feel like it.–
Ch 28 – Special chapter for Tony’s birthday (29/5)  “Where did your clothes go?”  Steve steeled his jaw with the air of a man about to jump on a grenade. “You see, Pete, when two people, um, love each other very much-”  “A monster did it. A monster stole our clothes.” Tony added helpfully.  

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