Happy International Ass Day!

Happy International Ass Day!

Yes, that’s a thing. The Furries said so.  Anyway, in celebration, here are some fics that appreciate the glory that is Steve Rogers’ ass.


Hammer Dat Ass by @everybodyilovedies (Amuly):
When hacking into Tony Stark’s satellites, Justin Hammer makes an
interesting discovery, or three. That is, three satellites dedicated
solely to one Steve Roger’s ass.

Finders Keepers by zams: Tony really hates football, but he really loves Steve.It’s
not all torture, though, because Steve certainly fills those tight
pants out well, and Tony never misses an opportunity to blatantly ogle
Steve’s ass when he bends over to hike the ball.

Whatever You Ask by @blossomsinthemist:
Sometimes Steve just wants to let go.  Tony’s perfectly willing to help
with that.  The two of them try something Steve’s been wanting for a
while.  Basically PWP with added feelings, established relationship.

The Double by orphan_account:
Tony’s jealous of Steve’s new dildo.

so hot (want to touch the hiney) by @onlymorelove: Tony and Steve spar; their bout has an unexpected outcome.Written as a gift for Yumi_Eleven and a fill for the Cap-IM Bingo 2020 – “Laughter” Square.Chapter title credits are as follows: one is a lyric from The
National’s “I Need My Girl,” two is a lyric from Counting Crows’ “Anna
Begins,” and three is a lyric from Andrew Belle’s “Dive Deep.”

Relax, Darling by @cptxrogers: Steve is stressed and tense after a hard mission. Luckily for him, Tony and his tongue are available to relax him in a variety of delightful ways.

where do you dare me to (draw the line) by firebrands: “Steve?” Tony asks, right before biting the apple of Steve’s ass cheek.Steve groans, already beginning to prepare himself for the sweet torture Tony’s about to inflict on him. “Yes?” he breathes out.Tony
hums in response, and Steve holds his breath, waiting. “Don’t touch
yourself,” Tony says, his breath ghosting over Steve’s hole. “Can you do
that for me?”Steve moans, because he’d do anything for Tony right now, his cock already beginning to harden. “Yes, Tony,” Steve grinds out.Steve
can barely see Tony from this angle, but he has a vague idea of what’s
going to come next, and Steve bites down hard on his lip as Tony flicks
his tongue against Steve’s hole.

Intrusive Thoughts by @jellybeanforest-a-go-go: When Steve is hit with a spell that gives him temporary telepathy,
Tony figures he can hide his mortifying crush on the good Captain by
thinking dirty thoughts featuring each of the Avengers in turn. After
all, if he’s objectifying everyone, Steve will never figure out Tony is
in love with him.That’s the theory anyway. Remix of “Before you jump, Tell me what you find (When you read my mind)” by Fluffypanda. For the 2020 Cap-IronMan Remix Madness

Skin to Skin by @crownofstardustandbone (adoctoraday/justanotherrollingstony): “Will you…”Steve hesitates and Tony brushes his hair back from his face as he lifts his chin to look up at Tony once more.“Will you stay?”Tony’s
at a loss because sure, he and Steve are friends now, really good
friends actually, and yea, he’s been helping him with the touch aversion
thing and maybe Nat had said Steve liked him, but that didn’t mean…He
waits too long to answer and Steve presses his face fully against
Tony’s stomach, breathing hot and wet and whispers out please in such a
heartbreaking way that Tony breaks instantly.“Yea, course Steve, I’ll stay.”

The Great Avengers Body Swap by storiesfortravellers:
the Avengers decide to swap costumes and pretend they’ve been body-swapped to mess with Tony’s head.

America’s Ass by Auggusst:
Tony really loves all parts of Steve, and especially his ass. He can’t
stand to let his teammate walk around in a suit that diminishes its
heavenly qualities. Tony makes him a brand new suit, and wins himself a
date in the process. It must be Tony’s lucky day.

Filling by @robintcj:
 The first time Tony Stark had seen Steve Rogers’ ass, swaddled up
in slightly-too-baggy blue uniform pants, he’d wanted to ruin it.

In the alternate 2012 timeline, Tony notices America’s Ass,
and he wants to do terrible things to it. Turns out Steve has a bit of a
sexual issue thanks to the serum, so Tony gets his chance.No plot, no redeeming qualities, just had a dirty thought and took 8k words to get to the point of it.

God, I Love Your Ass by stony_superfam:
Stony smut.

You Taste So Sweet, Babe by stony_superfam:
Stony Smut 

A Matter of Efficiency by @festiveferret:
Somehow, Steve is defying all known science about him and managing to
get drunk. Regularly. Tony is determined to figure out how.