Steve Isn’t Captain America, But Tony is Iron Man

Steve Isn’t Captain America, But Tony is Iron Man

Hi, do you have anymore fics where Steve doesn’t have his powers but tony does??? Thanks ever so much!

Here are a few suggestions for you (hat tip to Discord for the help):


with a decent happiness by torigates:  Tony Stark is Iron Man. Steve Rogers isn’t, and never was Captain America. Or, the one where everything is the same except Steve is a kindergarten teacher.

Coffee and Company, or Fate by kiminsocks: Tony ditches his New Year’s party and stops for coffee, makes a friend, and thinks maybe he wants to take him home, just this once.

Throw a Little Hot Rod Red in There (series) by @festiveferret, @sirsapling: Tony Stark was pretty sure that the absolute worst time to get asked out by an incredibly talented, good-looking artist, who likes to paint – and defend – Iron Man, is when he’s dying of palladium poisoning.

Two-Point Perspective by @festiveferret:  Dear omega,  Congratulations! You’ve been selected. Alpha #95847872 has been assigned as your pre-bondee. A group bonding ceremony will take place on the 14th, unless other arrangements have been made by your alpha or their family. A valid bonding license must be submitted to Omega Services within 45 days of this letter or all services will be cancelled and any transferable benefits will not be applied to your alpha’s package.  If there is some reason why you cannot be bonded on this date, please apply for an extension by calling 1-800-555-6827 within 7 days of receiving this letter.  Sincerely,
National Omega Services

Someone Reaching Back for Me by @festiveferret​: Steve is sickly, unemployed, broke, and homeless. All he has left is a business card with a rather hard to get phone number on it.

Blind Side Tackle by Longhornletters: Steve Rogers wants two things – for a team (preferably not Dallas) to draft him and to not make an absolute fool of himself on an NFL field.  He’s trying to find his own way in a complicated system, but through the ups and downs of transitioning to the pros, he’s got more help than he realizes.  Tony Stark wants two things also – a face of the franchise-quality quarterback and a bit of that “little life” he’s always just kind of ignored up to now.  He’s trying to find the work-life balance everyone keeps telling him he needs, but the things he wants can sometimes come from unexpected places.Slow-burn friends to lovers.Alternate Universe – Sports/Professional American Football

it takes a village (or so the saying goes) by soniclipstick: “Did… did you just hit on my mother and me at the same time?” Steve doesn’t know whether to be embarrassed or flattered. By the way his ears are burning, the latter seems more likely.“Yeah. Increases my chances of getting a date, don’t you think?” Tony replies with a conspiratorial wink.

Drawn Together by Lacerta: ‘why America?’Steve was actually proud of the pseudonym’s meaning, but whenever he tried to explain it out loud, it sounded infantile.’You’re gonna laugh.’ The response came faster than Steve managed to type his next message.’promise im not’’It’s because whole America, if not the world, should thank Tony Stark for what he did, and my graffiti is a way of showing him that America really is grateful.’

Not Trying to Make Headlines by RurouniHime: It’s just an art show. No big deal if the rich and totally-out-of-his-league guy Steve slept with once a year ago shows up or not. Really.

We’re On the Edge Right Now by MassiveSpaceWren, Nixie_DeAngel: “Steve Rogers, at your service, Mister Stark.”Tony’s lips quirked up into a bright, almost teasing like grin, “I’m sure you are, Rogers, I’m sure you are.”Steve could feel a blush work its way up his neck to his face, but before he could even open his mouth to retort, Pepper jumped in, easily redirecting the conversation before insisting on escorting Steve back down to drop him off at HR.

Unwind by Corsets and Cardigans: He could see the dip of his husband’s bare back, the sway of his spine and curve of his rear, laid out across his desk. It was Tony’s favorite way to unwind, to get away from all the stress and reconnect with his husband.

Wildfire by weethreequarter: When his friends sign him up for a dating app, Tony promises Pepper that he won’t even open it. A promise he fully intends to keep, until curiosity gets the better of him.

Altruistic by JuniperLemon:  Tony crash lands on Steve’s roof. It’s only polite for him to take care of the genius but neither were expecting it to turn into something more.

A Hero to a Fish by DepressingGreenie:  Tony was trying to destroy weapons of his that a weapons dealer has in their possession, and he finds him. A merman. Tony decided to free him and take him home.

What Could’ve Been by @itsallavengers: So. Tony’s dying. Palladium poisoning is a shitty, painful way to go, but hey: at least it’s his birthday party, right? A cool send off. Lots of alcohol and fun and girls and-…And all Tony wants is Steve Rogers, the stupid Art Professor who used Tony for a booty call now and again and whom Tony had stupidly decided to start falling in love with. Whilst in the middle of getting slowly poisoned to death. God, he wished his life was easier.

Last Stop Before Malibu by justanotherrollyingstony: Steve stands under the hot sun, hoping that the next trucker to roll in will bring him enough money to eat tonight, enough to save a little, to get out of this place and go somewhere new. What he doesn’t expect, is to meet a man who changes everything. (pre-IM 1)