Professor and Teacher 2

Professor and Teacher 2

Can you do and updated list of fics that are AUs where they’re both teachers/ or professors?

The first list is here.  Here are some more Professor or Teacher recs. Enjoy!


Pina Coladas by NotEvenClosetoStraight: Professor Steve Rogers and Grad Student Tony Stark are opposite as can be. Steve’s steady and quiet, Tony’s flighty and loud. Steve has wine occasionally, Tony can out drink a frat house. Steve struggles with public speaking, Tony considers the world his stage. Steve wears tweed and it’s a good day if Tony wears pants.When Tony’s Visa expires before a job opens at the University, the least likely person in the world suddenly holds the solution to his problem. What’s a green card marriage between soon-to-be coworkers, right?Steve and Tony mix like oil and water, like encyclopedias and nudie mags, like tweed jackets and neon pants. Therapy doesn’t help, living together through arguments suck, and faking it long enough for a green card to come seems impossible. Then one day Steve finds out Tony likes Pina Coladas, Tony realizes Steve loves getting caught in the rain, and like an old familiar song, life falls into place bit by bit. But after a dance that ends with a kiss, Tony abruptly vacates the city and Steve has to wonder if Tony really was only in it for the green card… …or if the brilliant brunette had fallen for Steve, like Steve had inexplicably fallen for him.

What Could’ve Been by @itsallavengers: So. Tony’s dying. Palladium poisoning is a shitty, painful way to go, but hey: at least it’s his birthday party, right? A cool send off. Lots of alcohol and fun and girls and-…And all Tony wants is Steve Rogers, the stupid Art Professor who used Tony for a booty call now and again and whom Tony had stupidly decided to start falling in love with. Whilst in the middle of getting slowly poisoned to death. God, he wished his life was easier.

So Nice (I Get to Meet You Twice) by Heartithateyou: Tony meets a handsome blonde stranger and can’t stop thinking about him.Peter has his dad come to the school to meet with his new teacher.Could this be coincidence or fate trying to get Tony a date?

Covered in Lines by @royal-chandler: He can’t lose sight of pale, deft hands that gesture on transitive verbs, an ink-stained thumb edging underneath Tony’s ribcage with an affection that can only be called dangerous.

Excuses, excuses by @s-horne: “It was just that last lecture, the one on Wednesday,” Steve started, plucking his notebook off the top of his book pile and flicking through it. “I left feeling a little confused. I understood it all, but it wasn’t my favourite one. Do we have to write the paper on that topic, or can I focus on something else?”Tony laughed as he pushed his chair backwards and stood. “That,” he said as he rounded the desk, “has got to be the worst excuse you’ve come up with yet. And I’m including the time that you came to tell me that the lights had been left on in my classroom.”

Do you hear my heartbeat? by @s-horne:  There were a lot of rules for being a teacher. Steve knew that and he knew the rules themselves. He wasn’t allowed to get too close to the kids in his class, wasn’t allowed to make it personal. He wasn’t allowed to hug the children or even give them bandaids anymore. But there were some days when Steve really couldn’t care less, when those rules needed to be thrown out of the window.“Hey, Pete,” Steve whispered softly, gathering the small boy to his chest and pressing his lips to a sticky forehead. “You’re okay, sweetie, you’re okay.”Peter sniffed loudly and another few tears escaped his eyes, breath coming out in sharp pants. “Hurts, Mr. Rogers. M’hurtin’.”“Oh, I know it hurts. That was such a big fall.” Steve lifted his hand and wiped away some of the tears falling down Peter’s cheek. “But Daddy’s on his way and he’ll give you a big hug when he gets here. A nice, big cuddle, hey?”  OR National Teacher Appreciation Day

What are Friends For? by DepressingGreenie: Professor Stark has a crush on the University’s new Professor.

Taking a Chance by DepressingGreenie: Steve likes the Science Professor who lives across the hall.

Earning the Grade by FreyaS: After missing one too many days of class, Steve Rogers is in danger of losing his good grade. Luckily, Professor Stark offers an extra credit opportunity.

professor hard-ass by mvrcredi: As there was in almost every post-secondary institute, ShieldU had a Professor Brick Wall (occasionally nicknamed “Professor Hard-Ass”), and a Professor Overshare.Based on the tweet from @verysmallriver that started the tumblr post: half of college professors are like “you can know nothing about me except my name” and the other half are like “and that’s why my wife left me! anyway what’s up with y’all”

Hot Professors and Underwear Models by @meshkol:  Darcy Lewis is a simple gal, and by simple gal, she means unapologetically thirsty.Nothing wrong with some eye-candy mixed in with classes, anyway.

The Ring of Fire by @serinah80:  Steve is 19 and has only had one girlfriend. He doesn’t like men, never has, so why the hell does Professor Stark make him feel this way? A story with a ridiculous amount of anger, internalized homophobia, sexual exploration, self-discovery and pining. In short: it’s about how student Steve tries, fails and then tries again to understand what is going on with him while dealing with his crush on a professor.

Charcoal Dust in my Eyes by @betheflame, Nixie De_Angel: Dr. Tony Stark teaches engineering at Stonybrook University, so he assumed his son would attend there. Instead, Peter chooses nearby Fallwell State and gets assigned Art Professor Steve Rogers as an interdisciplinary advisor. If that wasn’t annoying enough, Rogers’ best friend Bucky happens to be the guy who Tony and his best friend Pepper have a bit of a history with and NO ONE holds a grudge like Tony Stark. But then… Pepper tells him to stand down and so does Peter and what if Bucky isn’t the enemy… does that mean he can do something about this crush on Steve?

Lost My Mind in a Coffee Shop by @betheflame:  “Boyo,” Bucky muttered to his best friend. “I swear to God that if you don’t ask that man for his number soon, I will create a Grindr profile for you and you will not like it.”Steve rolled his eyes. “I am here to finish grading, not hit on men.”“Can you not do both?” Natasha smirked. “Nearly tenured, historical genius, feels like something you should be able to multitask.”&&&In which Steve is a history professor and Tony’s an engineering one and Bucky owns the joint where they have their meet cute.

Hot for Teacher by ceealaina: Tony is the established physics teacher, Steve is the truly terrible new guidance counsellor. It’s not quite love at first sight (but it’s a pretty close thing).

Parent/Teacher Night by @capnshellhead: When Steve’s best friend James Barnes died overseas, his son James was given to Steve to raise. Steve did the best he could, throwing himself into being a parent with the same focus he did everything else. So, when he showed up to Parent/Teacher night, he was determined to make a good impression on James’ favorite teacher. Of course, like everything else in Steve’s life, things didn’t go according to plan.

boy next door by snarkstack: The room next door to Tony’s classroom has been empty for the last fourteen years. And suddenly the day before the first day of school Tony has a new neighbour.

In Other Words: I Love You by fiftyshadesofstony: Steve Rogers was happy enough to have found his first big boy job after the Army: working as a P.E. teaching assistant at Midtown High School. The first person he meets on his first day ends up leading him to a robotics team assistant coach position, and the most unexpected love story of Steve’s life.

In the midst of a heavy rain by @bladeofthenebula27:  “Do you know where Mr Rogers is?”  Peter hummed. “He took his refreshment with him. He said he was going for a walk and would return for our next lesson.”  That was very strange. If Peter was correct, then Mr Rogers had been on his walk for more than two hours. Tony couldn’t for the life of him work out why he would plan such a long constitutional when he knew Peter would be waiting for his afternoon lesson. He strode across to the window and looked out over the grounds. It looked like it might rain. Or Steve takes a walk that ends nearly in disaster and absolutely in a confession.

Waiting in the Wings by @bladeofthenebula27: Steve is excited when he finds out the school he teaches at is getting a million dollar upgrade to their theatre. Finally, he can put on the shows he wants – even if the whole thing is just some pompous alpha’s vanity project. But when the alpha takes his side in a meeting, Steve is left a bit off balance and as the play progresses, it only gets worse. Or better, if you believe in happily ever afters.

pure of heart, dumb of ass by ohjustpeachy: Mr. Stark thinks pretending to hate his fellow teacher, Mr. Rogers, is a smart way to keep their relationship under wraps. What he didn’t account for was Peter Parker.

Steve/Tony Teacher AU (series) by Mireille: The art room next to the auto shop has been empty since Tony started teaching here. That’s about to change.