Alpha Steve and Omega Tony

Alpha Steve and Omega Tony

Abo stony with alpha Steve and omega Tony.

Check the previous lists, but here are some recent A/B/O fics with Alpha Steve and Omega Tony that you might enjoy. Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of fics in this category, so check the author’s other works and go through the tag b/c I can’t even really begin to touch on all the great fics out there.


As Hoarded as Gold by @festiveferret: Steve wakes up in a new world, in 2008, and joins the Avengers where he finally gets to meet the man whose name has been imprinted on his skin since birth. But Tony Stark is closed-off, distant, and disinterested. While Steve is trying to come to grips with finding out his soulmate doesn’t want him, he can’t help but notice the decline of Tony’s health. Worried about his heart after the arc reactor, Steve steps up to help him, but when Tony confesses what’s really wrong, it’s not at all what Steve expected.

Ginger by @festiveferret: Steve is resigned to being alone; he’s not exactly anyone’s ideal alpha, but he doesn’t mind. He has a job he believes in, an apartment he loves, and a comfortable routine. That is, until the smells from his cooking draw a hungry, extremely pregnant omega to his door, and he finds himself falling in love. But Tony belongs to someone else, and no amount of ginger can change that.

Restless Gravity by @avengersnewb: Omega Tony Stark gets bonded to a human-hating space warlord, to get his people a new home after the destruction of their planet.Warlord – Arranged marriage AU, with a bit of a twist.

Braid by @avengersnewb: Viking Arranged Marriage AU – Young omega Tony is traded to the Vikings by Stane, for safe passage and gets married to alpha Steve Rogers the captain of the chiefly vessel.

Dark Matter by RurouniHime @thegertie: A mission goes wrong with troubling consequences for Steve. (Based in the world of sabrecmc’s Celestial Navigation and its sequel Orbital Mechanics)

The Strongest Here Tonight by @kandisheek-art: Tonton knows his duty to the clan and when his father commands it he knows that he will have to choose a mate.As an omega, guided by the blessing of the Mother, he can smell the strongest alpha in the crowd, the one who will be the most suited for Tonton, the clan leader’s son. Nobody expects Tonton’s choice to be the sickly, frail alpha in the corner.Needless to say Tonton’s father isn’t happy but Tonton has always been stubborn. And this alpha’s heart is stronger than anyone he has ever seen. Tonton will make them see it too.

Stories We Never Tell by @ashes0909: One could argue, it was none of Steve’s business. The omega was obviously bonded to the alpha, even if the bond was one-way. That bite was all society needed to overlook the transgressions that Steve had witnessed on the sidewalk. But Steve wasn’t society, and waking up decades in the future, he’d been disappointed by what had changed and what had very much stayed the same.

the stark-tangled man with a crappy plan by @serinah80: *At first, it seemed to be an easy job: find the O, secure the O, and hand him over to his guardian and the fiance. Simple. Unfortunately, the omega wasn’t onboard. At all.*OR:Steve has to return a runaway omega to his guardian Mr. Stane.

Bewitched, Body and Soul by @iam93percentstardust: Almost ten years after joining the British Army, Steve Rogers returns to his childhood home after his mother’s death. The house seems quiet in a way that it’s rarely been. But the peace is shattered when his oldest friend stumbles into his home and into his life, seeking an escape from an arranged marriage to a cruel lord. Steve provides that escape but finds himself engaged to be married instead. This wouldn’t be a problem – except that Steve is, always has been, and always will be deeply in love with Tony Stark.

The Courtship Series by jannony:  Steve had been thinking — that was all he was doing, thinking, not moping, as Bucky described it — about the best way to make his feelings clear to Tony. He wanted it to be perfect. He needed it to be the best demonstration of sincere interest that Tony had ever received.  Bucky called it procrastinating, but Steve called it strategizing.  And this Courting Ceremony? It was perfect.  Now he just needed to figure out what to get Tony as a Courting gift. And what to wear. And what to say. And what to do. -Or the story where Tony, an Omega, holds a much belated Courting Ceremony. Steve joins up and loses his mind a little.

Take a Number by jellybeanforest: Since an unforgettable one-night stand a few years prior, alpha Steve Rogers has pined after infamously-promiscuous omega Tony Stark. He may not have much money, but he has scrimped and saved for the past couple years, determined to declare his intentions by getting the man the best courting gift he can afford, something to distinguish himself from the dozens of more well-heeled suitors gunning for the heart of the elusive billionaire.

Stuck (series) by Annie D @no-gorms: Steve gets into a serum-enhanced rut. Tony figures that there’d be a long list of people who’d volunteer to help Steve out, but there’s only one person Steve wants.

Knot Likely (series) by Annie D @no-gorms: Steve’s heightened senses means that he always knows when Tony’s in heat. One night, he finally does something about it.

Pillow Talk by @jehbeeeh: Steve comes home to a sleeping Tony after a short mission.

Wicked Heart by Anonymous: Tony Stark, omega son of a nobleman, is hiding in a monastery when his heat arrives. Left little choice in the matter, he’s thoroughly deflowered by a knight who happens to be passing through.

A Rumor by TiBun: Tony Stark never claimed to be an Alpha, he just never felt the need to correct people’s assumptions of him.

Unclaimed for too long by Priestesskiataness:  In a world where alpha’s hunt down Omega’s as mates. tony has made it unclaimed his whole life until he meets a certain alpha by the name Steve

Treasured by caffeine-vaccine (HashtagLEH) @hashtagleh : No one in Manhattan spoke their language – or at least, no one fessed up to it – and so all of the negotiating was done with Natasha acting as translator. Steve didn’t think it mattered, because he had told the ones who would leave the ship earlier that day that he had no intention of accepting any treaty, that they would lay siege to this city before the week was out.But then Natasha stilled beside him at something that Stane had said to them, and Steve focused in, more alert. Something was wrong, he could feel it, but he didn’t know what with everyone speaking what may as well be gibberish all around him.“He offers an unmated, untouched Omega,” she told him, not taking her eyes from the bald man at the other end of the table.An unmated – what? He wanted to trade an Omega? Did he not have any idea of an Omega’s value? Surely his resources would be better spent whisking the Omega away to safety before the city was set to waste.Natasha was looking to him for direction, confirmation, he didn’t know. So he told her, his voice placid and even and giving nothing away. “Accept the negotiations. Don’t let on that I want that Omega the most.“

Buried in Rubble by fundamentalBlue: Tony was in an untenable position. He could feel Steve at his back, pin pricks of awareness stinging his glands. Suppressants lasted twelve hours before they wore off. And while Tony was a reckless workaholic, he always made sure to take his pills on time.

Cavemen AU by sabrecmc: They’re cavemen.

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