Emotional Hurt/Comfort (Hurt Tony)

Emotional Hurt/Comfort (Hurt Tony)

Hey do you have any fics where Tony is hurting emotionally (maybe the team hurt him or smth) and Cap or bucky comfort him? I love these fics so much thank you!

Hi, Anon. That’s a little too specific to make for a good list, but here are some fics featuring Emotional Hurt/Comfort where Tony is the one needing comfort that might be sort of along the lines of what you are wanting.  Hope you enjoy.


Nothing Left But Scars by SailorChibi:Steve wakes up to the fact that no one ever compliments or even says thank you to Tony, and that he has fallen into the same trap of painting Tony with a specific paintbrush.This is how he showers a very confused Tony with praise to make up for it.

Expendable by Kelady:Tony’s expendable and he knows it.  So why is the whole team in his hospital room, worried?orTony gets stabbed by Loki and he learns exactly how much they care. Hint. It’s a lot.

Take a Sharp Right at the Bottom of the Bottle by @festiveferret:

“I’m off the team, right? Just say it. Please.”

A Narrow Way by @finely-honed:

There was an old saying about letting something go if you love it, and then when it comes back, you know it was meant to be. And if it doesn’t, then letting go was probably for the best, right? Well, whatever idiot said that never met Tony Stark. He isn’t like normal people. No matter how much he wanted to, Tony wouldn’t come back. Steve learned the hard way that there is a secret, twisted language that Tony speaks with himself. To himself. He would have translated Steve’s acquiescence about his departure as, “I don’t want you here. You are not important.”

Tony Stark Defense Squad (Steve’s Had Enough) by @orbingarrow: The Avengers are called in by the government to “discuss” recent events, but it turns into a game of Let’s Bash Tony and Steve is so not cool with that.Or, the one where Steve Rogers makes himself the President of the Tony Stark Defense Squad. Matching t-shirts to come later.

Autumn People by @everybodyilovedies (Amuly): Tony knew since he was seven years old that he’s rotten on the inside. He was born rotten, and he’ll die rotten. By the time he forms the Avengers, he thinks maybe that’s okay: maybe everyone’s kind of rotten, and what matters isn’t who they are, but what they do.And then he meets Steve. And Steve’s not rotten. Not even a little bit.

The Rubble or Our Sins by EllOnWheels: From the Tumblr prompt: “Imagine Tony finally telling Steve the whole story about Afghanistan.” http://imaginestony.tumblr.com/post/124782271519Steve gets a call from FRIDAY to visit Tony on an important anniversary. Set post Age of Ultron, pre Civil War. Pre-slash. Warnings for descriptions of battlefield violence, meatball surgery and torture, and a canonical character death.

sit with me (and look up at the stars) by @musicalluna:

Natasha wants to protect her friends from the things that haunt them–that can be difficult when they decide to face their demons head-on.

Making a Bad Day Better by @musicalluna: At seven-thirty when Steve had gotten back from his morning run, JARVIS had notified him he had a text from Pepper.He’d read it aloud while Steve guzzled water in the kitchen.“Red alert. Today is a trainwreck.”“Uh oh,” Steve had said, still breathing heavily. “It’s early for that.”

patchwork people by @itsallavengers: It was a pretty well-known fact that Tony Stark had control issues.It was far less well-known why, though.

In Deep Water by @itsallavengers: The Avengers want a pool. Tony can arrange that for them. He can. The thought doesn’t fill him with horrible, daunting dread and crippling fear. Not at all.(Or maybe denial does more harm than good)

Put to Right by nightwalker: Tony’s had a rough day. Steve knows how to make things right again.

Bullying by xMarrvelx:

Steve finds out that Tony has been a victim of bullying for ages…so, naturally, he wants to help.

Blue Shadows by romanoff:

Tony panics; Steve helps.

Slander by orphan_account: Slander: The action and/or crime of making a false spoken statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation.Tony Stark had a lot of ex’s.Alright maybe not ex’s, per say, but there were most definitely people who used to like him that now don’t. It doesn’t really effect anything regularly, so he just faces the fact that he was an idiot and tries to move on.ORHow one said ex’s appearance on national TV sparked a relationship between a genius billionaire philanthropist and the Star-Spangled Man With a Plan.

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