Non-Human Tony

Non-Human Tony

I’ve looked through the rec posts and I’m pretty sure this isn’t on there but my dyslexia might be lying to me, so if it is there, I’m sorry and just ignore this, but if not could you do some recs with non human Tony? Either mutant or alien or just anything not human, whether he knows it or not, thankyou so much for doing this😊

There’s not many, but here are some suggestions for you.  Enjoy!


It’s All in the Mind (series) by @inukagome15:
The adventures of Tony as a mutant; how he learned to accept himself and his subsequent growth into his own. Hijinks ensue.

I See the Universe in Your Eyes by MiniRaven:

An alien lands on Earth and Steve is part of the military team assigned to meet them. He expects it will be either a peaceful encounter and completely uneventful, or a invitation to intergalactic war. What he doesn’t expect is to be swept away by the beauty of the universe.

The Avengers Mutant by nursal1060:

An accident has left Tony with mutant powers weeks before his wedding to Steve. Steve tries to make him comfortable, and Tony decides to ‘reward’ him for his efforts. (Fluff, angst, smut!)

Affinity for Bad Luck by PalauMaggot:Tony always had mutant powers, he was just lucky enough that they weren’t visible.Well…Maybe lucky wasn’t the correct word. If he was lucky then he wouldn’t have ever developed the powers.

Honey, you’re familiar (like my mirror years ago) by chaoticcollectorchaos_me: …That in a past life, he was a valiant and brilliant scientist who, with Captain America, managed to destroy HYDRA. It was a good fantasy to have for a lonely little boy growing up with everything and nothing he could have wanted.Too bad nobody told Tony that dreams do come true.