Thank you for doing these fic recs sabre! The lists are so helpful and really awesome for getting the creative juices flowing 🙂 do you know of any fics where Tony makes Steve finger himself, or just Tony fingering Steve in general?

There aren’t many that really feature that as well as I’d like, but here are some suggestions that you might enjoy.


Dirty Talk by KandiSheek:

Steve’s away on a mission and Tony misses him. He finds a solution to the problem.

Exposure by @neverthelessthesun:

Tony pretends to be a doctor, sneaks into SHIELD medical, and gives our newly-awakened supersoldier the orgasm of his life.

Day 12: Fingering by radicallyred: (no summary)

A Proposal by @starspangledsprocket:

A proposal is made. Sexy times ensue.

Suited Up by queerlyobscure:

Once upon a time, Steve – perhaps unwisely – told Tony about a fantasy he had related to the Iron Man suit. Today’s the day he gets his wish.

Give and Then Receive by torianmist:

Porn and nothing but. It is what it is.

Good, Better, Best by @msermesth:

Steve has a little alone time.

We’ll Go a Few Rounds by @chibisquirt:

Steve and Tony were planning to play tonight anyway, but then Tony showed up in his Halloween costume.

Come on Mess Me Up by @cptxrogers: Being president isn’t easy, especially when you’ve got a civil war to deal with and your staff keeps sending you to PR events. Steve’s had just about enough of the office, the deferential staffers, and the stuffy shirts that Carol makes him wear.What he really wants is for someone to come along and make a mess of him.

Kink Meme Fics Chapter 2 by @cptxrogers: For the prompt:The serum brought Steve’s body to the peak of human perfection, and one of the things that was enhanced was his prostate’s sensitivity (possible comic book science reason: it made his semen more viable and thus made him more virile). Steve either has never had anal sex or hasn’t had it since before he took the serum, so he’s completely unaware that this is the case. But when Tony gets his fingers or his cock up there for the first time, it’s pretty hard to ignore how unbelievably good it feels. Cue Steve being completely overwhelmed with the pleasure and aching for more.

Lesser Beings by kehinki:Tony had always wanted Steve to like him.Now he kind of wanted to kill him. (mind the tags)

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