Welcome new members!  I suspect the recent influx is related to a certain movie that provided us with lots of wonderful, new Stony content.  I’m really happy to have you here. 

A couple of things of note:  

There are currently 5 Masterposts of Fic Recs, listed by topic.  You can find the links on the sidebar.  Some of the lists from the first Masterpost are also on the sidebar.  With all the embedded links, these sometimes don’t work well on mobile, I’ve found.  Just an FYI.

Within each list is a number of recs for that topic.  Obviously, these are my personal recs, and sometimes I miss things, haven’t had a chance to read them, or it’s just an old list that hasn’t been updated.  So, just because there is a list doesn’t mean those are the only fics on a topic. If you find a topic you like, Ao3 is great at being able to search tags.  

I will open asks again for more fic rec lists once I finish up the final 15 or so I still have to do from the prior round.  At the moment, asks are closed.  

If you are looking for a specific fic that you remember reading and can’t find…that’s not what this blog is for.  But, good news!  @findingstony is your resource for crowdsourcing fic searches, and they are great.  

Most importantly, PLEASE REMEMBER TO LEAVE A COMMENT AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS.  They work so, so hard, and that little bit of acknowledgment means so much.  I know it matters deeply to me.  

If you are new to the ship, I’d suggest starting with the fandom classics, but you know your interests best, so hey, jump right into the hard kinks if you want.  This is a judgment-free blog, since fic is meant to be a place to explore these things.  Do be mindful of tags on fics, though, which are not noted on the rec lists unless I just happened to catch something important.  

Finally, if you know of a rec for a particular list, feel free to put it in the replies so that I can add it.  

Thank you all for being here and happy fic-reading!

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