Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!


Some fluff, some porn (why are my Easter recs porn?  search bunny or eggs on Ao3, and see what happens!).  Enjoy!

Easter Adventures by snarkstark:
A determined look on his face, Peter squared his little shoulders. “I’m going to find all
the eggs.” He announced firmly, stashing the two he had in his pockets
and looking at them as if his parents would dare challenge him. “Good
luck, kiddo.” The genius beamed at him, thinking how Steve-like that
determined set of the jaw was, while Steve nodded his approval and
adored how much that ‘try and stop me’ gaze was similar to Tony’s.

The Eggvengers (Egg Babies for All) by @orbingarrow: The Avengers have a competition to see who can keep a raw egg safe the longest.  Domestic fluff ensues.

Ovo Stark-Rogers by @tari-aldarion:
rouge-winter: “Steve and Tony are paired together for a school project
where they have to take care of an Egg Baby for a week. Will they, and
most importantly their baby, survive??!”

Chocolate Bunnies and Dainty Teddies by within_a_rustic_cafe: Its Easter time and Steve persuades Tony to exchange
Easter baskets. Tony decides to add some special items, which Steve is
way more than excited for.ORSteve body worships Tony with chocolate sauce and Tony gets Steve some pretty lingerie.

Playboy by @robintcj: After The Avengers but before the events of Captain
America: The Winter Soldier, Steve is living in D.C. and working for
SHIELD. Tony is still living in Malibu, but they’re making the
long-distance thing work. Tony shows up to surprise Steve on his days
off, wearing a trench coat, high heels and a pair of black rabbit ears.Steve is confused, sure, but he’s also totally on board.

Fertile Ground by Anonymous: Fill for Cap-Ironman Kink Meme prompt:
One of those
stories where Project Rebirth makes Steve not quite human. The changes
aren’t immediately obvious and were generally kept quiet, but they lead
to some interesting sexual urges down the line.orSteve lovingly fills Tony with his eggs.

Golden Rabbit by chasingnukes:
In which Tony gets a great idea and Steve gets a pleasant surprise.

Updated for 2019 with even more very loosely Easter-themed fics and many, many apologies to Jesus:

Omega in the Reeds by Dodo: 

A new omega has entered the reef of brookland he’s the talk of the town but had spurned all of the biggest and strongest of alphas. The omega in the reeds is swollen beyond belief with eggs, they all know what he’s here for. Bucky investigates and cajoles Steve to get into the reeds to see if his alpha mettle is worthy.

A Stark-Rogers Easter by @stonyinspirationwriter: 

Clint tries to stir up trouble and Steve once again demonstrates what a little shit he is. Or the one with confetti eggs and adults that never grow up.

Clint Barton’s First Easter Mission by Hutch_HawkEye: 

Clint’s never been on an Easter Egg Hunt. But this year Tony and Steve had something special planned with the help of Steve’s army buddies Thor and Phil Coulson.

Easter in Avengers Tower by ibstudent: 

Tony, Steve, and the kids are all celebrating Easter. Peter and Peggy both get up way to early and Tony goes overboard for holidays.

Rabbit Redux by theladyingrey42:

Oh, God. It was the giant freaking rabbit incident all over again.

Eggs by Skrifa: Squid!Merman Tony has a quite unusual kink. He wants to lay his eggs into Steve, but he isn’t sure how his boyfriend would react. (Steve is alright with it)((Mostly PWP with talking about it in the first chapter))

Hard Boiled by ozuma: “Is that what I think it is?”

“Not an egg,” Tony said with a smile, like he was reading Steve’s mind. “It’s what I’ve determined to be the best shape for what we’ll be doing. So it’s shaped like an egg, but it is definitely anything but.”

“I don’t have to eat one, do I?”

Tony’s expression turned downright devious. “They’re not going in that end.”

Steve could feel his eyebrows practically hit his hairline. He shouldn’t have been surprised, and, well, this was Tony. “I think I’m starting to understand this a bit better.”To satisfy Steve’s super soldier libido, Tony comes up with a new use for some experimental nanotechnology. Despite being uneasy at first, Steve eventually reaps the benefits.