Steve in Uniform & Tony in Lingerie

Steve in Uniform & Tony in Lingerie

Hi! Do you have any more smuts with Steve in uniform and Tony in lingerie? Thank you💕

Two of my favorite things!  Check out the original Uniform Kink and Tony in Lingerie recs. Here are some more you might enjoy!T


Uniform Kink

A Promise, A Wish and a Party by Agent C: The prompt: Steve and Tony going to a 40’s themed club and Steve making Tony dance with him. The story: The Stark Foundation Ball is 40’s themed and Steve makes Tony dance with him. Or: a shameless ploy to make Steve and Tony dance like the people in Katy Perry’s “Thinking of You” video.

Perfection by Alannah_6:
Tony’s at a gala for some charity, he forgot the name but who cares it’s
not important. What’s important is how he can sneak out without anyone
noticing. Just as he’s about to leave, he looks up to see Steve in his
old army uniform and feels like time its self has slowed down because he
has never seen such a beautiful man in his life.

Kink Meme Fics Chapter 1 by @cptxrogers:
(Early 616) Tony owns a series of Nomad-themed porn movies

Star-Spangled by dreamkist:
Tony finds a use for Cap’s old uniform.

Fly Me Home by @blossomsinthemist:
Steve grinned, bounced on the heels of his feet a little, still
holding onto Tony.  “So, when do I get to see your sweet face, mister?”
he teased, and Tony found himself shaking his head at him, still smiling

He reached up, pulled the helmet off, and smiled at him.  “Since
you ask so nicely,” he said back in the same teasing tone, knowing
affection was bleeding out into his voice all over and not caring.
Written for prompts from Days Seventeen and Eighteen of Kinktober: Costume and Leather.

You Don’t Want to Disappoint America by grumpyphoenix:
Tony takes a few minutes in a closet with Steve to relieve some sexual tension.

Suit Yourself by LibidineTeritius:
Tony buys Steve a suit as a birthday present to himself. Steve thinks the kinks of rich people are beyond bizarre.

(actual suit kink, lol)

Bursting at the Seams by Coaster: Steve fucks Tony against a wall.~Steve is wearing his S.T.R.I.K.E. suit. Tony is wearing his birthday suit.

At My Mercy by @laireshi:
There are situations where Director Stark doesn’t have any issues with control.


When I Think About You…by Ridley160:
Tony develops an unusual infatuation after he sees Steve in the stealth
suit for the first time and spirals into a sexual crisis. After months
of a growing obsession with Steve and his uniform Tony finds himself
with a pair of Steve’s finger-less gloves, and indulges in a fantasy.

Celestial Navigation ‘verse Uniform Kink by sabrecmc: technically, it’s mostly fingerless glove kink

Tony in Lingerie

Hell in High Heels by scarynoodles: “Wha–” Steve started, but was cut off by the sound of heels clicking
against the floor. Pepper? He looked up, and his mouth went dry, arousal
shooting through his cock so quickly he got dizzy. He couldn’t even
begin to – Tony was standing there scowling, arms crossed, in bright red
heels with gold accents and dark, lacy stockings that went up to his
thighs, connected to a lace garter belt. Steve’s eyes were drawn
immediately to the red lace panties he was wearing, the slightly visible
bulge. And then up, over the matching bralette, to his face, which was
decked up in precise, stunning makeup. “I – what – what–”Luckily,
he was saved from having to speak by Natasha, who was frowning at
Clint. “This is the weirdest bet you’ve done, even for you.” Clint
opened his mouth, and she cut him off. “Not that I’m not appreciative of
it.” She ran her gaze down Tony’s body, clearly checking him out.ORTony loses a bet to Clint that only leads to good feelings for both him and Steve in the end.

Wrapping Paper by @festiveferret:
It’s Steve’s birthday, and he just knows Tony’s going to get him another over-the-top gift this year.

Day 7: Half-Dressed by starsheartsandiron:
Tony’s waiting for Steve to return from his Workout

Taking off the Suit by @robintcj:
Steve takes off Tony’s suit

With Lace on Your Skin by @robintcj: In this not-quite sequel to Monster, Steve has learned to be more
comfortable with his dominant side, and Tony is ready to work up to some
heavier kinks. He just hopes Steve is able to get on the same page.Spoiler: Steve is.

When You Don’t Answer by @robintcj: Steve’s in an important meeting. An important meeting
with SHIELD and the WSC. So why is Tony texting him? And worse, why is
Tony texting him dirty pictures?
Steve, who is not an idiot, turns off his phone.

He’ll pay for that.

In the Mood by @blossomsinthemist:
Tony reached out, picked up his lipstick again, twisted it open,
looking up at Steve through his thickly lacquered eyelashes as he did,
then applied another thick coat over his already ruby-red lips,
purposefully over-applying, then pressed them together the way he’d seen
a girlfriend do it a thousand times and closed the lipstick, putting it
back on the table on the other side of the mirror.  Steve was watching
him, breathless, his mouth hanging open, and Tony could feel the hot
hardness of his cock against his bottom through the little skirt and
garter belt, throbbing and needy.  “Can I do something for you, hot
stuff?” he murmured.  “Can I make you feel good?”
Written for Day Twenty-Six of Kinktober: Mirror Sex | Stockings/Tights/Pantyhose.

La Vie en Rose by quicksylver28:
Tony takes a day for himself. plus smut… you know how it is.

Keep Clean by @neverthelessthesun: “On your knees, soldier.”Steve has to stay clean, but Tony is making it so easy to want to be dirty. Inspired by the mental image of Dom!Tony in lingerie and leather, tilting Steve’s chin with a riding crop.

Riding Hard by @neverthelessthesun, superhusbands4ever, XxWanderlustxX: Tony dresses up for Steve and rides him hard.A night of passion, told in turns by members of the stony discord chat.

Tony in Cap’s Uniform

The Trick’s a Treat by @silverinstars:
Tony is very excited to show Steve his Halloween constume. Steve’s got a little surprise of his own planned.

Black Silk and Plastic Touches by @caped-ace: They say you should try walking a mile in someone
else’s shoes. Well, the New Avengers are more the partying than walking
kind, which leads to masquerade shenanigans and everyone dressing up in
each other’s worst costumes. Cue Tony hiding away in the workshop to
make the perfect outfit for the occasion, with its silly half-cowl and
low-cut neckline that should be illegal.Enter the long lost Nomad, the Tony Stark remix, featuring Steve with rollerblades.

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