Marriage of Convenience/Arranged Marriage

Marriage of Convenience/Arranged Marriage

thank you so much for doing this! it’s always exciting to discover new fics that i’ve missed out along the way. i was wondering if you have anything on the topic of “marriage of convenience”? or an updated version of the arranged marriage tag?

I was hoping someone would ask for an updated arranged marriage list!  One of my favorite tropes.  The original rec list is here, but here are some more:


Fealty by @robintcj, Lasenby_Heathcote:
Steve Rogers is Lord of America, and was gifted his corner of the
kingdom of Starkland after amazing acts of heroism in the war against
Hydra. A long, brutal winter forces Steve to go to King Howard for aid,
and Howard agrees – under the condition that Steve bond with his Omega
son, Tony. Steve agrees, of course, for the good of his people. Prince
Tony is a trained Omega Consort – an Omega of status sent to a
prestigious academy to become the perfect Consort Mate to high-status
Alphas throughout the kingdom. At this academy they learn diplomacy,
negotiation, proper manners, and, of course, the various ways to
pleasure their Alphas.

Arranged Marriage by endof_theline:
Tony’s never met many people before so what happens when he has had marry a total stranger?

To Liars and Saving the World by @magicasen:
When Tony’s life is in danger, Steve does the only thing he can do to
save his teammate: he makes an honest man out of him. Steve and Tony’s
sham marriage is only supposed to be a blip in their history that no one
has to know about. But when they’re outed to the press, and with ghosts
from his past coming to haunt him, Steve must come to terms with the
idea that his own feelings for Tony might not be a lie.

Laced by somethingclever: Steve is a poor kid from Brooklyn, making his living
scrubbing floors and living on the Barnes’ couch.  Signing up for a
mail-order-bride service gets him a few bucks, and he doesn’t expect
anything to come of it… until a handsome entrepenuer from California
sends a telegram, indicating that they could achieve a mutually
beneficial partnership.Steve agrees.Mail-order Bride AU

Seeking Kindness by somethingclever: Medieval au.Steven, son of Roger, lately wed to a
Lord of the realm, is sent to King Anthony Stark’s court to present
himself as a newly minted Lord-by-unhappy-marriage. Tony might be a little in love.Steve might be in a little trouble.

Yours, As Always by j_gabrielle:
Yours, as always. Nothing else but that. Completely and utterly
impersonal, devoid of any and all emotional connotations. In a way,
Anthony admires that of his husband.

Fate is a Funny Thing by idiotwithdreams:
Pushed into an arranged marriage with a dumb, military Captain, Tony
Stark walks into a bar hoping to have one last hurrah, the night before
his wedding. Good thing a tall, blonde, dimpled, comic artist named Grant, is present to keep him company through his last night.

Procrastinate Your Divorces by BromocresolGreen:
“I mean, yeah, but after a while it was just easier to be married,
‘cause like, the financial aid to start with, and now my insurance
covers his psychologists, and he’s been filing our taxes together since
then— alright, laugh it up, Tony. My life is a comedy,”

Ride With the Moon in the Dead of Night by iam93percentstardust:
The wards protecting the Upper New York pack are failing. When the pack
alpha, Nick Fury, calls for aid, only one person answers: the vampire
Howard Stark, promising the aid of his son. In return, he asks that his
son be accepted into the pack. Fury promises that his strongest alpha
will be given to Stark’s son in marriage. Neither Steve nor Tony are
initially pleased about this turn of events but they find themselves
quickly falling in love. But not everyone is happy to allow a vampire
into the pack and there is a traitor lurking in their midst.

Three Challenges by @captainneverever:
King Steve is offered a marriage alliance with the mysterious Prince
Tony which will help his small country greatly. Except that there is a
twist. There always is.

The Billionaire and the Army Captain by @captainneverever: Facing finanical ruin and needing to care for his sick
daughter, Steve Rogers agrees to marry Tony Stark, who needs to get
married by his 30th birthday to inherit. It’s just a job for Steve until
he starts to fall for the enigmatic billionaire.Written for the MCU Harlequin Challenge.

If Through a Door by jibrailis:
Tony is accused of murder on an alien planet; Steve marries him to bring him home.

The Sound of the Bells by SarkaS:
Gift for lovely teaberryblue who wished for Steve/Tony Regency AU. I’ve done my very best and hope you’ll enjoy your gift!

Capitoline Wolf by JarvisUandDUMEtoo:
After the tragic loss of most of his pack, Steve Rogers is now in charge
and must figure out a way to save what remains of his ranch and family
from crippling debt. He makes an agreement with the Stark pack, and
finds himself with a new fiancé, complete with a hefty dowry. After
spending less than thirty seconds with this Tony guy, Steve is already
regretting everything. As problems continue to arise, can they band
together long enough to save the pack?

Willed Engagements by DepressingGreenie:
When Steve wakes in the 21st century he finds out that Howard had left him his son in his will… as his bondmate.

Arranged Marriage ABO AU by romanoff:
Tony and Steve make a marriage of convenience. Naturally, they end up catching feelings along the way.

(this is a snippet/WIP)

stiofan by mvrcredi: The Elven King is hosting a dinner in the hopes to marry off his son, Prince Stíofán, for the sake of an alliance.It’s too bad he would rather be anywhere else – however, things seem a
little less dismal after talking with one Prince Anthony out on the

And Let Me Kiss You by allourheroes:
The picture is in the paper, big and bold and in everyone’s face.

Iron Man. Captain America. In suits and locking lips under a white arch, an officiant behind them.

It’s official, then: The world has gone crazy.

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