Heyyyy do you know of any fics that deal with past Tony/Pepper?

I actually really enjoy fics that handle the past relationship with respect and leave them as friends, believe it or not.  Granted, some of these don’t really go deeply into that past relationship, but here are some suggestions for you!


In the Stillness of Remembering by @elise509:
Steve Rogers is a reminder of a past that Tony Stark would rather
forget.  But when Steve’s own ghosts suddenly become the present, Tony
finds he and Steve need each other to face the future.(the Pepper/Tony isn’t actually past, but it is handled really well in the fic)

Gained in Translation by @no-gorms (Annie D):Steve returns to New York and meets Tony for the first
time since they’d parted ways after the Chitauri incident. It’s a little
awkward at first, but they gain a new rhythm, which is mainly based on
their ability to surprise each other and prove those first impressions
inaccurate.Set between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The Trial Run by @no-gorms (Annie D):
Tony and Steve pretend to date, and enjoy it far more than they should.

Carry Me by LadyCailin:  Steve carries Tony to bed one night and sets off a chain reaction in Tony’s brain. OrTony’s emotional walls have walls, and possibly sharks with lasers patrolling the moats.

Old Time Romance for the New Millenium by tzzz:
Steve writes letters (among other things), Tony gets over his breakup
with Pepper, JARVIS keeps secrets and Gary Busey does not appreciate
living down the road from Tony Stark.

The Star Spangled Man with a Plan by cleo4u2, xantissa:
Written for Tony’s birthday: Tony finds Steve drunk and ends up confessing his feelings. It ends surprisingly well.

Wishful Thinking by @blossomsinthemist:
Things have been building between Steve and Tony for a while, but after a
battle where Tony is injured, they come to a head in an unexpected way.
Was originally envisioned as a post-credits scene for Age of Ultron,
but probably won’t end up fitting the movie well, so feel free to
envision it differently.

love and blood (both are red) by Liliace:
In which Pepper likes a certain redhead and Tony tries to help. Or,
rather, in which Pepper gets together with Natasha and observes the
progress of Tony’s crush.

(this is really Nat/Pepper with a side of Stony)

Rush Over Me by @musicalluna:
Steve falls in love, which is a terrible thing to do.

The Plot Twist by @alexcat45
: Steve fixes things.

No Surprises by @dirigibleplumbing:
Tony (and Nebula) crash-land on the lawn of Avenger’s compound. The
first person Tony sees when he steps out of the wreckage is Steve. He
doesn’t know if he’s relieved or furious that Steve has survived, too.
Somehow, the world keeps going. Tony mostly keeps going too—and figures
out how to feel about Steve.

I like me better (when I’m with you) by i_write_things_sometimes:
If you ask either of them how they got together, they’d go back to an
unremarkable night filled with expensive food, rich donors, and lots of
schmoozing. And, of course, the anxiety attack that started it all.

Pepper Potts: Counselor and Matchmaker Extraordinaire by RedHeadedWoman: Pepper Potts had been many things her life. She’d
become an art and wine connoisseur, a fashion expert, an expert in first
aid. She had knowledge of computer and weapons systems, some
engineering knowledge.Mainly thanks to Tony fucking Stark.But in all the years she’d been dealing with the man, she’d never had to deal with anything like this. (part of series but can be read alone)

If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now by @the-vorkosigan: “Hold that thought,” Tony said into his phone. “I apparently just got hit by a hitchhiker.”
“You hit a hitchhiker?” Happy sounded horrified.
“What? Am I talking to a wall? I got hit by a hitchhiker.”Having
just broken up with Pepper, Tony is driving to California on Christmas
Eve. When he picks up a hitchhiker, he hardly expects him to be the
former Captain America, defrosted and on the run from SHIELD.

The Long Road by @weethreequarter: The changeover between COs was always a period of
uncertainty for any unit. Wondering what the new guy would be like, and
hoping they wouldn’t be some fresh out of basic Lieutenant who thought
they knew it all. But when your previous CO left after getting shot
while on the toilet, the only way was up, right?At least, that
was what the members of 1st Battalion, 107th Regiment – nicknamed the
Howling Commandos – hoped when they lined up to meet Captain Steven G
Rogers for the first time.

Kidnapping Day by @navaanwrites:
Tony goes out for a jog and he doesn’t expect anyone to make a move on him

For a Certain Definition of Happiness by @captainneverever: Steve Rogers should be happy – he has a job leading the
new team of Avengers, friends, and a steady girlfriend.  He works well
with Tony Stark, who has retired as Iron Man and provides financial
backing and technical support for the team. Steve’s life becomes
complicated when the Avengers encounter a mysterious supervillain
crimewave, Helmut Zemo wants to legislate the Avengers out of existence,
and his relationship with Sharon begins to fall apart. Then, after the
death of a close friend, Steve begins to question if he is truly happy.And, worse, why can’t he get Tony off his mind?

Previously Thought to be Impossible by Impala_Chick:
In 1970, SHIELD HQ was working on a powerful aphrodisiac prototype. Tony
Stark from 2023 happens to cut open the wrong box at the wrong time,
and Steve Rogers from 2023 doesn’t know how to feel about it.

Flicking a Switch by @51st:
He looks at footage of Howard Stark and of himself with Peggy’s picture
in his compass, reads over her file again, and he feels…he’s not sure
what he feels, exactly. He cared about them, once. He knows that’s true.