hi i was hoping u knew of some fics with ghosts. in any capacity. like either ghost hunting or they encounter ghosts/haunting or one or both are ghosts? either a full au or even just being a small part of the fic.

With Halloween coming up, this seemed like a good one to do.  Some of these take a bit of liberty with the idea of a ghost, but here you go:


slipping through the years by often_adamanta:
The plane crash and subsequent ice might have killed him, but that
doesn’t mean he isn’t still around, haunting those he cares about. And
since the only person who can see him is Tony Stark, death sure isn’t
going to be boring.

Your Ghost by quandong_crumble:
Tony’s dead, but for some reason the world keeps turning. Steve has to
push past his grief and continue on. Thank goodness his team is there
for him, because he’s got a funeral to help organise and a doombot
invasion to thwart. And funny things keep happening in Avengers Tower.

Peek-a-Boo by felicitous:
When the Avengers go after their target into an abandoned house things
aren’t exactly what they seem. They aren’t alone and they’ve just walked
into a deadly game that no one’s ever walked away from before.

Ghost of Me by Pearl_Unplanned:
Steve Rogers had been a ghost for as long as he could remember, which
was admittedly not very long. Most of that memory span was spent with
the one man who could actually see him, Tony Stark.

Cold Skin, Burning Heart by @queendophne: Howard Stark was the greatest inventor, pioneer,
entrepreneur and mass murderer of his time. All his murders were like
his work, sleek, elegant and extravagant. He was smart and meticulous
that he almost never got caught but one small mistake cause his secret
to come to light shocking the world. In his suicide note, Howard proudly
boasts about his murders. He confessed to murdering his son, Anthony
Stark, as one last hurrah before he took his life. Ever since then Stark
mansion has been a dangerous and haunted place……Fast forward
a hundred years into the future there is young Steve Rogers landing the
biggest job of a lifetime: Stark Mansion. Steve has worked so hard to
prove the validity of his team, the Avengers, within the Ghost
Investigation community and now they were given one of the most coveted
job in their field. It was perfect. Especially since it allowed him to
escape the disaster that is his personal/love life.

Ghost in the Wires by sororexitium:
When Steve moves into Avengers mansion he is caught up in strange
coincidences. He walks behind an unseen ghost: a ghost who leaves empty
spaces all around the manor. It doesn’t make sense, and it sounds crazy
until he meets Anthony, a computer simulation programmed by Anthony
Stark, who died two years ago. Then it just seems even crazier.

Ghost in the Machine by @everybodyilovedies (Amuly):
Steve isn’t sleeping when the Avengers move into Tony’s mansion. Turns out, it’s haunted. Kind of.

A Long, Lonely Time by asktheravens: Steve returned from the war injured in body and mind-
and able to see the dead. At loose ends and desperate to get out of New
York City, he accepts a fellowship through the Stark Foundation and
retreats to a quiet lake house on the grounds of the Stark Mansion. He’s
supposed to be there to paint, but he quickly realizes that the house
is more than he bargained for. Anthony Stark died here a decade ago, but
was it an accident? A suicide? Or a murder? Obadiah Stane still lives
in the main house just up the hill, and the past casts a long shadow.When
Tony’s ghost begins appearing to him, Steve becomes more entwined in
the dangerous mystery surrounding his death. Even worse, he finds
himself falling for a man who died a decade ago…Features lots of ghosts, murder, secrets, and supernatural revenge. Also Thor and Rhodey.

Say Hello by AvengersTime:
Tony’s dead. Tony’s a ghost. Something’s…not right.

A Spirit’s Heart by love_in_the_stars:
Tony Stark didn’t grow up in this life, not like most of the people who called themselves hunters.

The Little Things Unknown by @coastertoaster: Tony Stark has three certainties in life: one, that
science was where his mind worked best; two, that, since ghosts had
become a science, anything was possibe; three, that he would never know
if Captain America was that much of a paragon because the man was long
dead.The subject of Certainty Three might be sitting at the foot of his bed.~Steve
is a ghost. The Avengers bust ghosts. And Tony isn’t sure what to make
of Cap here. But hey, at least his other hauntings have stopped, right?

Fixation by @kagekanecavi:
Fixation. Noun, a preoccupation with one subject, issue, etc.; obsession. Tony has a fixation on Steve.

living dead by ell(amywaited):
Okay. Tony should probably (definitely) report this to the GDA. But you
know, Steve was cute, and he wasn’t doing anything wrong. And Tony did
want a bit of company.

Misguided Ghosts by captainshellhead, vibraniumstark:
Tony dies, or so everyone thinks. Steve doesn’t take it well.

Whistling Past the Graveyard by LinneaKou (series): Tech mogul and genius Tony
Stark has a ghostly problem – his dead father isn’t leaving the mansion
Tony grew up in. Luckily for him, veteran soldier Steve Rogers, upon
returning from a tour of duty, has discovered reawakened latent psychic
powers. What should be a straightforward ghostbusting case turns into
something much more sordid, and it’s up to Steve, Tony, and their ragtag
team of ghost hunters, psychics, and tech-savvy friends to keep the
worlds of the living and the dead from clashing…

Ghosts of the Gilded Age by teaberryblue:In 1883 New York, Tony Stark, millionaire inventor, is a
man of science, reason, and a sense of humor that other people
sometimes even appreciate. That’s why he has no time for the latest
popular obsession with seances, the supernatural, and the afterlife.Until a ghost finds him.

Fighting Ghosts by copperbadge:
Tony Stark is a Seer, someone vulnerable to phantasms, malevolent
spirits of the dead. He’s meant to have a bonded Fighter, someone who
can defend him – or attack on his command. So far he’s had no luck
finding a bond, but that’s about to change…

Glass Gardens (the Witching Hour Remix) by Woad:
The year is 1883. Spiritualism is at an all-time high, “taking the
waters” is a popular cure-for-what-ails-you, and sanitariums offer
retreats to restore the health. When Tony is shipped off to one, he is
convinced his stay will be an utter waste of time. That is, until things
take a disastrous turn, and Tony begins to doubt everything about

The Peace After by BodhiTree:Tony and Natasha are now Ghosts trying to go through life watching their friends and family. Until they get a chance at happiness once again. A fix-it fic because we deserve it after the beautifully heartbreaking movie that was Avengers Endgame.

In a Land of Shadow by Bragi151, LePeru:
Steve Rogers has woken up in a post apocalyptic Earth with no memory of
how he got there. Guided by the ghost of Tony Stark, Steve finds his way
through the wasteland to try and fix his world, or at least stop other
worlds from meeting a similar fate. At least, that’s who he thinks is
guiding him and what he thinks he’s doing. Steve isn’t quite sure
himself. See End Notes for Warnings.

Interim by Del_Rion:
An explosive incident leaves Steve and Tony believing that they are
dead. However, there seems to be something holding them on Earth,
instead of allowing them to move on, and until they figure out what that
is – at least in Steve’s case, because Tony doesn’t think he deserves
anything better – they’ll have to work together. They also discover they
may have been oblivious to each others’ feelings while they were still