Cheating & Infidelity

Cheating & Infidelity

Hi Sabre! Do you have any fic recs about infidelity but not between Steve and Tony. Like they cheat another person (Sharon for example). Loving your work! :’)

I honestly don’t read a lot of fics with cheating or infidelity, but here are a few that you might like. They’re more like “cheating but not really” or I guess I should say “cheating, but it doesn’t bug me” kind of fics.  Admittedly, that’s generally going to be either not really cheating or Tony cheating on Pepper, which I’m totally fine with and if there are more of those fics, send them my way, lol.


Nobody Panic, Everything’s Fine by @itsallavengers: Steve doesn’t get jealous. He doesn’t. Honestly. It’s
just…well- Tony’s been spending an awful lot of time with a new
employee. Who’s smarter than him. And funnier. And more interesting and
generally a better match for Tony than he ever would be. But he’s not jealous. Honestly.

love me a little, i adore you by theappleppielifestyle: Steve marries Sharon, and Tony promptly cuts all ties with him.Steve is determined to salvage their friendship and find out what’s wrong, and Tony is convinced Steve won’t like what he finds.

Episode 1: Hot Ride by @queendophne:
Steve just wanted to surprise Tony with a personally made bike. He did
not mean for it to go this far. Will Tony understand? Or will it be over
for Steven G. Rogers?

Peace and I are twain for aye by @ayapandagirl:
What if Steve kissed Tony after he fell from the portal?

Unitended by @sheronm: After the war with Thanos is over, there’s still this:
Steve is in love with Tony, but Tony is getting married to Pepper. It’s
fine. (Until it isn’t.)

Incomplete Facts by ropememory:
Written for this prompt on capkink.  Concrit more than welcome!

(heed tags)

DRAFT: Tiberius by @musicalluna (WiP): First draft.When Tony’s boyfriend Tiberius opens
their relationship, Tony agrees, because what else is he going to do?
He wants him to be happy.That’s when he meets Steve Rogers.(this isn’t cheating, but more an unhealthy open relationship, but it might be something you’d like)

Sunrise (on our sins), Just Me and You by nomadicbeard: In the quiet after, Tony watches a sunrise he thought he would never get to see. He’s not alone.  There’s
the soft rustle of sheets from behind him, the quiet snuffle of a
waking yawn. Footsteps pad across the acacia floors towards him. Arms
wrap around him from behind, a blossoming warmth across his back.
reaches up for the arms and holds on. They’re silent for a few shared
heartbeats, watching the colours spread across the horizon.

Forgive My Shattered Heart by Jenioius:
He had never cried about this since it happened and at first he was
determined not to but then Tony wrapped his arms around him, whispering,
‘I’m so sorry, Steve, God, I’m so sorry’ over and over in his ear.
Steve looked up at Tony who was still by his side, even though Steve
broke his heart, even though Steve hurt him so bad and Steve knew that
he could break with Tony, just completely fall apart and maybe his
husband will still love him enough to piece him back together.

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Tony in distress (series) by Donya:Tony trapped in an abusive relationship with Loki, trying his luck with Stevie Capsicle.

Don’t Leave Me This Way by Sir_Topas:
It’s 1977 and Thelma Houston has taken over the radio waves,
unemployment is at an all-time high, the Son of Sam is stalking the
streets of New York, and now the entire city has been plunged into
darkness after a lightning strike took out most of New York’s
electricity. As the veneer of society is stripped away, Captain America
meets Iron Man for a secret rendezvous.

You Won’t Be Alone by thugcorpseinc: “Steve,” Natasha whispered. Her voice was tentative and
wavered in the darkness of the room. He didn’t respond, but that didn’t
stop her from crossing over and sitting on the edge of the bed. As she
did she could smell him, the musk of unwashed male; unpleasant but she
had experienced far worse. They sat in silence for a long time, and
after a while she rested a hand on his shoulder, stroking over the sheet
that covered him.“Why now?” she asked. He didn’t respond for a long time.“Because it seemed like he’d be coming back those first few weeks.“

Shut Up and Dance (series) by Comedia:
Many people read Steve as a stubborn man, but more than anything, he’s
passionate. Emotions hit him so hard that he has to stay true to his
heart, because if he doesn’t he’s bound to go under. Usually he won’t be
lead astray, but recently his heart has been leading him places he
shouldn’t go.

A Sharp Left Hand Turn by elrhiarhodan:
Tony keeps trying to convince himself that everything’s all right.

Stay a Little Longer by @cnjrupasmle: He absolutely would not make eye contact with the well
dressed man in the back tinkering with his phone.  A glance at the clock
revealed that he still had three minutes before his presentation was
scheduled to begin.  He thrummed his fingers against his art briefcase
and decided that two minutes early was close enough.  “Good morning, everyone,” Steve spoke as he turned to the committee. He looked up as soon as Steve started talking, causing a legion of
butterflies to take flight within Steve’s stomach.  He never could make
things easy.  Steve took a steadying breath and plowed forward with his
presentation. The sooner finished, the faster he could get away from
No superpowers AU where everything is complicated.  Steve
came home from Afghanistan without a reason to live for.  Tony has been
though a kidnapping gand betrayal and just wants to do the right thing.
Too bad it couldn’t be that easy.  Written amidst post CA:CW feels

Freeway by et2brute: What Steve doesn’t do is wait for a phone call, day
after day. Or pay any mind to the dull ache in his chest. Or think about
what it means to want someone who’s made it clear they don’t wanna be
with you, ‘cause they’ve got a good thing going with someone else.
he’d known about Pepper, that night with Stark never would’ve happened.
He’s got more self-respect than that. He doesn’t like hurting people.
If he doesn’t believe these two things about himself, he’s lost.
which Steve is trying to find a place for himself in the twenty-first
century, Tony is appallingly unfaithful to Pepper, and Loki returns to
earth, joins the Avengers, and does not quite seek redemption or
absolution. Sex, angst, and mutant civil rights, and doing the wrong
things for the right reasons (and the right things for the wrong
reasons). (thanks to @sheronm for the suggestion!)