The Bachelor AUs

The Bachelor AUs

Hey do you have any bachelors stony fanfic recs?

This did seem to be a trend for a bit, didn’t it?  All thanks to @cptxrogers for their amazing gif set. I’ll be honest, I haven’t read these, since I don’t really read a lot of Stony with other people, so I don’t know if everything is endgame Stony or not.  That being said, here you go:


The Bachelor: Tony Stark Edition by Spidey(tombrady):
One man. Nine contestants. Several weeks in paradise. All through the horrified eyes of one sticky, adopted son.

The Bachelor: Tony Stark Edition by soaracrossthesky (Fumiko):
(WiP) “Welcome to Malibu, city of the rich and beautiful. Welcome to a very
special treat, dear viewers. Welcome to this year’s incredible season of
The Bachelor, a real treat with a beloved celebrity trying to find the one person for them in our show’s one-season Tony Stark Edition!
I am Zoe Calliero and today I am granting you an exclusive first look
at the hot new location where a very special group of people will fight
for the attention and interest of the world’s most famous genius,
billionaire, playboy and philanthropist superhero. After saving the
world with the Avengers, Iron Man’s alter ego had surprised everyone
with his announcement of downshifting his participation in the
world-saving business in favor of concentrating on his private life.
Will our help be what he needs to find Mister Right? Yes, you heard
right, we have an exclusive all-male cast participating, but I am not
allowed to say more just yet. The surprise will be even bigger when the
contestants are officially announced, believe me. Now, come along for a
first view at Tony Stark’s bachelor Malibu house.”

Right Reasons by nordligste:
(WiP) Who is the next Bachelor 2018? …it’s Tony Stark! The most
dramatic conclusion ever to “The Bachelor” abruptly ended Tony’s happily
ever after with Captain Steve Rogers, but that’s just the start for
America’s sweetheart as he is named the next Bachelor for our newest,
freshest season yet – premiering TONIGHT only on ABC!

A Rose Roulette by @a-salty-alto: (WiP) It’s a special joint version of the Bachelor and the
Bachelorette! Nine men and nine women compete for the hearts of two of
America’s most famous siblings, Antonio and Natasha Stark, with their
brother Anthony acting as a special guest judge! Our contestants include
spies, aliens, kings, wizards, and the triplets’ own body guard Iron
Man!It’s sure to be an exciting time, so don’t miss a second of it!

tell me (’bout the man I need to be) by barbiewrites:
(WiP) The Bachelor AU, featuring Sam as the host, Tony as the Bachelor, and everyone else vying for his love.

Unintended Consequences by Shi_Toyu: Tony only agreed to be on this stupid show because of Rhodey. He never
expected anything to come of it… He certainly hadn’t expected this.

i really hate group dates by tonystxnks: (WiP)
yes this is another bachelor alt universe i’m not sorry.

It was always you by Missy_dee811 @laexploradoraaa: Tony’s sitting by the poolside, contemplating some things, when he’s joined by someone. [The Bachelor: Tony Stark Edition]