Top Pre-Serum!Steve

Top Pre-Serum!Steve

Hello! Do you know of any other top pre-serum!Steve fics?

I do have a few suggestions for you.  Enjoy!

Pre-Serumed Top Steve:

Love Showed Up at My Door by @tonystarkssnipples: Tonight, Steve was going to fuck Tony with no barrier
between them. They’d gone to the doctor together, nervous excitement
surging between them. Yesterday the results came in the mail. They were
both clean. Neither had ever had sex without a condom before and Steve
was intoxicated with the anticipation; eager and hesitant at the same
time.-or-A sequel to the pizza delivery-boy smut in which
six months have passed, they are in a relationship, and are now having
emotional, condomless sex.

any way you want it (that’s the way you need it) by goodmorningbeloved: But the truth is, the truth that Steve knows, is that
Tony has always been soft—soft to suggestion, soft for love, soft at
heart; it’s everyone else who put the world on his shoulders, who took
one look at Stark and Howard’s son and alpha and
told him he couldn’t be. Couldn’t bow when pushed, couldn’t bend under
the gentlest of touches, couldn’t accept pleasure any other way than
what was proper and normal.–Or: good alphas fuck and good omegas are fucked, but Steve has never cared about good unless it’s about making Tony feel so. (this is a bit different and kind of switching-ish, but it’s really good)

you’re the universe i’m helpless in by deathsweetqueen: He lands in some dark, dirty alley, on his back, with a grunt of pain. “Jesus,” he moans. “I’m getting too fucking old for this.”He
climbs to his feet, rubbing his back. He stumbles out of the alley,
running his knuckles over the bond bite on his neck, which throbs
insistently.He finally comes upon two women, chatting on the corner of one of the streets.“Excuse me?” he calls out.The girls turn to him and give him identical looks of disdain. “Yes?” one of them says, with a raised eyebrows that speaks volumes as to how much she doesn’t want to be talking to him.  In
her defence, though, he imagines he doesn’t look like much, with his
dirty workshop clothes, messy hair and bond bite in full view.Vulgar, his mother would have said. “Where am I?” he demands.“Brooklyn,” she replies, coldly. He hates the next question. “What year?”She eyes him like he’s a complete and utter lunatic. “1938.”

In Dreams by sabrecmc: Steve enters Tony’s dreamscape to save him and finds a lot more than he ever expected. From
the kink meme: Tony and Steve ending up in some dreamscape where they
can see each other’s fantasies as a distraction technique from some
villain (I don’t care which). Steve opens the door to Tony’s dream and
sees 3 Steves (I’m not picky which) topping Tony. Up to author how Steve
reacts and if this is a established relationship or not. (all versions of Steve top Tony).

De-Serumed Top Steve:

It’s Not the Size of the Boat (It’s the Motion of the Ocean) by Renai_Chan:
Steve gets temporarily de-serumed, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still top the heck out of his boyfriend.

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