Boytoy Steve

Boytoy Steve

Yo, u got some boytoy!Steve? Thank you so much for everything you do for the stony community!!!

Boytoy!Steve….ooooh, you know, there aren’t really that many tagged that, but you might like the ones in younger Steve/Older Tony and Sugar Daddy Tony recs.  Here are a couple of others:

Too Darn Hot by BelleLorage:

“Get on your knees, sweetheart.” The billionaire requested with his most seductive drawl. His hot lips pressed against the pulse point on the soldier’s neck. “I want to see my goods.”

On Camera by @festiveferret:

Steve’s heart skipped a beat. It was beyond ridiculous to get attached to one of his regular clients but somehow, over the last six months, he had. StarkNakedGenius wasn’t logged on for every show, far from it, but he was on for a lot of them, and whenever he was, he tipped like mad.

Camera Ready by @tonystarkssnipples: Tony was freaking out. He’d kissed a guy last night. A cute guy. And he liked it. He liked it a lot. But he also knew he liked kissing girls. Could it have been a fluke? He’d never thought about guys like that. It was undeniable, though, that he enjoyed the kiss. That much was evident when he went home and touched himself, replaying the kiss until he came.His roommate was out. He had the room to himself. He could do this. It wasn’t illegal. People did it all the time. And it wasn’t a bad thing. He’d watched porn countless times.ORSteve is a camboy and Tony is having a sexual identity crisis.

Save Me From Me by Sarkasticfics:Written for this prompt on the Avengers Kinkmeme:So, basically, I’d love to see a story that deals with Tony’s response to Steve’s perfect body. If we’re going by the movieverse, Steve looks like he’s in his late twenties and Tony in his early to mid-40’s. So, Tony’s not only a normal human, he’s a good 10 years older, AND has to deal with the arc reactor. Does Steve figure out what’s going on? Does he succeed in putting Tony at ease or does Tony drive him away in a fit of self-sabotage? What does Steve think of the arc reactor? Does it actually gross him out at first, because it’s so alien, even though he’s grateful that it’s keeping Tony alive and it’s a sign of his genius?More or less, it’s that. Just, cuter.

Defrost Cycle by fiasco_sauce:  (WiP)Stark’s posture was casual, but his eyes were sharp and intent on Steve. “It doesn’t bother you that Fury’s whoring you out?”The phrasing felt like a test. Tony Stark’s public appearances were more meticulously calculated than Steve had expected; Stark had a range of personas, and he deployed or discarded them at will to suit the situation.If he was being crude, it was on purpose. Stark was trying to shock or offend him.Steve wasn’t offended, and he sure as hell wasn’t shocked, but he did have an urge to pay back the attempt in kind, to try to get a rise out of Stark. In the blandest voice possible, Steve said, “I’m just glad to be doing my part.”That got an actual laugh, a startled bark that made Stark–wake up, somehow. Now when he looked at Steve, he seemed to actually see him. “Always the good little soldier?”“What else?”“I don’t know,” Stark said, hands in his pockets and elbows jutting out as he looked Steve up and down. “You’d make a pretty good rent boy.“

What the History Books Don’t Teach You by @captainneverever:

Tony might destroy his friendship with Steve when he has a strong reaction to Steve’s undercover costume as a booth babe representing Stark Industries. He really does love Steve for his mind, not just the booty shorts.

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